YK 11 SARM: Benefits, Dose, Results, Where To Buy

YK 11 is often described as a SARM and the most anabolic one you can buy. But are either of those things actually true? In this YK 11 review, I’m going to tell you the truth about YK 11, and how strong it really is.

You’ll learn what the actual benefits of using it are, learn about results, dosage, the exact YK 11 cycle length you should be using, and I’ll also give you the details you’ll need to deal with YK 11 suppression problems. Plus, I’ll finish by talking through the problem of how to spot fake SARMs and tell you where you can find genuine YK 11 for sale.

Is YK 11 A SARM?

Now here’s the thing, although YK 11 is part of the group of chemicals collectively described as SARMs, surprisingly, it’s not actually the same as SARMs in terms of its mechanism of action.

SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. As the name suggests, they selectively modulate the messages on androgen receptors in the body. Basically, they target androgen receptors in muscle tissue, telling them to grow more and to cut fat.

However, YK 11 is a little different. Although it is grouped with SARMs because of its results, it’s actually a Myostatin inhibitor. By inhibiting this stuff in the body, it allows increased production of follistatin, which is linked closely to muscle growth. Studies in mice and humans have proven that these inhibitors really can produce lean muscle growth well above what could be achieved naturally.

Benefits Of Using YK 11

So the benefits of using YK-11 can be significant. I don’t want this YK 11 review to be stupidly positive, because it’s not an anabolic steroid. Anybody who claims you will pack on so much lean muscle that you look like a new person within a single cycle is lying.

But within one cycle you will notice the difference. If you do your own YK 11 before and after photos, you will definitely notice the difference in your physique, and you may even cut fat as well.

It is generally accepted to be the strongest YK11 available. Stronger even than Ostamuscle. But it’s nowhere near as strong as anabolic steroids. But then you don’t want to be going near those, because they could wreck your life.

Initially, you will not see visual results. The benefits will be physical strength gains. This will be down to your muscles growing at a faster rate, allowing you to achieve more in the gym, and therefore gain strength.

People claim that YK 11 can increase bone density as well. Now I’ve seen some studies online, and none of them conclude that bone density increases. So the benefits of YK 11 are purely about rapid muscle growth. But you will love that muscle growth. My cycles have been amazing, and I stacked it with other SARMs to target fat loss as well, specifically Ostarine.

But you can also use Cardarine to further increase your stamina and recovery time, allowing that muscle growth to be even more spectacular. In fact, your first stack using YK 11 you could do 5 mg of that, alongside 10 mg of Ostarine, and 10 mg of Cardarine. You’ll get insane muscle growth, and strip fat, while your energy levels go through the roof.

YK 11 benefits

YK 11 Dosage Instructions

The problem with all SARMs is working out how to dose them. This is because they have never been tested on humans properly. Although they have had clinical trials in animals, and a few trials in humans, they have mostly been conducted on elderly humans. Trials done in healthy adults have been very small and sporadic.

So there’s no official advice around what sort of YK 11 dosage you should be using. All you can go on is anecdotal evidence to get a ballpark figure, and then use your common sense to not push things too far, and to closely monitor yourself.

I will say that because it’s so strong, the dose you will need doesn’t have to be large. My first cycle was 5 mg of YK 11, because that’s what I’ve been advised by guys down the gym to start with to avoid muscle damage and pain, due to the rapid growth.

So my first cycle was 5 mg, and then I upped my YK 11 dosage to 10 mg in subsequent cycles, and that’s now my standard dose. But my advice is always to start at the lowest possible dose you can, and be very aware of when you are stacking SARMs because the effects add up, but so does the collective dose and side effects.

Yk11 dosage

Does YK 11 Suppression Happen?

Because people claim that YK 11 is the most anabolic SARM out there, it’s no surprise that it’s a common question that people ask: does YK 11 suppression happen?

Well, the answer is definitely it does. You cannot use this chemical without getting a reaction in your body that leads to a lowering in testosterone levels. Even at a low dose of 5 mg, you will certainly suffer some testosterone level drops.

So you’re going to need a PCT supplement  or other testosterone boosters if you use YK 11 for definite. Because YK 11 suppression is a real thing, you really need to prepare for it.

You will notice towards the end of the cycle, even at a low dose, and especially if you stack it with other SARMs, that you’ll start to feel a bit blue, a bit lethargic, and even though your gains are increasing, your energy levels will start to drop.

There’s no shame in ending the cycle early should it get chronic, but at the end of your cycle, you should definitely be using a specialist SARMs PCT supplement.


YK 11 Cycle Length Advice

I haven’t got enough time in this YK 11 review to talk in detail about stacking it with other SARMs, but I can give you some advice on the cycle length you should be considering using.

Unfortunately, as with there not being any specific dosage advice, it’s the same with trying to determine the ideal YK 11 cycle length. It’s impossible to pin down, because there are so many variables, including who you are personally, the strength of the SARM you are taking, plus other factors.

With a strong SARM like YK 11, I would keep the cycle short, especially initially. I’d also make sure the break between cycles is significant.

I see too many people out there kicking off their first cycle of something like YK 11 with no real clue, and then doing 12 weeks, with a four-week break, before hitting it again. You are asking for trouble, and in the worst-case scenario, it could permanently drop your testosterone levels.

So be sensible here guys. Keep your cycle short. My cycles eight weeks on, eight weeks off. You could cut the break to 6 weeks but you would have to make sure your testosterone levels are fully recovered. You could have blood work done before and after to see how testosterone levels compare.

So I recommend your first YK 11 cycle length is eight weeks, with 5 mg, and do it on its own. Have a break of eight weeks, and then do your second cycle of eight weeks, but up the dose to 10 mg.


Finding Pure YK 11 For Sale

I’m going to conclude this YK 11 review by telling you where you can find real YK 11 for sale. That may sound simple, but it’s actually almost as tough as completing your first cycle, sticking to a good diet and exercise, and making sure your gains are maintained.

To spot a poor SARMs seller is tough though. You’ll have to look online at reviews, see what the general consensus is, and try and spot fake reviews from pretending users.

But most importantly, you’ll want to see lab certificates. These are independent certificates awarded for purity. The SARM supplier will get the independent lab to test the purity, and award a certificate, and you can easily check out if the lab that’s done the testing is real or not.

In terms of finding high-quality YK 11 for sale, I’m going to conclude this review by telling you about two trusted SARMs companies where you can buy pure YK 11:

Swiss Chems (SARMs Capsules)

Swisschems sells high-quality SARMs capsules, as well as PCT supplements. In terms of YK-11, they sell 60 capsules @ 5 mg, so 60 doses, for $79.95. That’s really great value for capsule SARMs.

Not only do they ship globally, but they also offer free global shipping on orders above $120 (around $135). They also guarantee the purity of the SARMs they sell, with independent lab results available for every SARMs product they have on their website.

CHEMYO (Liquid & Powder SARMs)

The supply of SARMs is drying up. Swiss Chems are your best bet for capsules. But when it comes to powder and liquid, you really are going to struggle to find high quality at good prices.

Chemyo is one of the few companies left standing. I’ve used these guys regularly for a few years, and now I use them exclusively for my liquid.

But just like the other companies, they could vanish quickly. So if you are in the market for SARMs, plan your next three stacks now, and make the purchase. Do not wait.

Chemyo has the following things going for them:

  • Larger 50 ml dropper bottle size
  • High purity is guaranteed through independent lab testing
  • Good total dose per bottle
  • Free shipping over $100 in the USA
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Credit card processing
  • Powder allows you to make your own liquid SARMs

Let’s talk about the powder first. It’s affordable, and they sell two different types of suspension liquid cheaply as well. So it’s really easy to buy the powder and the suspension liquid, then mix them together yourself. You’ll save around 40% over the prepaid SARMs liquid by doing this.

Now let’s talk about the high-quality SARMs liquid they sell. Premixed, with good doses, in large 50 mL dropper bottles. Most companies sell SARMs in 30 mL dropper bottle sizes. But these guys sell 50 mL of SARMs for only a little more, with comparable total doses. So you are getting a far better deal.

YK-11 liquid right now will cost you $74.99. It’s a 50 mL bottle dosed at 10 mg/mL (so total dose of 500 mg).

They also sell teamed pairs of SARMs that complement each other. YK-11 is paired with Cardarine, and also with MK-677. Giving you a couple of great options for bulking.

1 g of YK11 powder is $89.99. So $15 more than 500 mg of liquid, which means double the amount for not a lot more outlay.

You can then spend $20 on two bottles of suspension liquid, to create 2 x 500 mg dosed bottles. The total price $109.99, saving you $40 on the premixed liquid price. Not for everyone, but definitely an option if you are on a budget.

Any Alternatives To YK-11?

SARMs are pretty unique, which is why people are desperate to get their hands on them. The only thing that compares to SARMs is prohormones and peptides. But even these are usually not as strong as androgenic SARMs, definitely not as strong as the highly potent YK-11.

So it’s SARMs or nothing if you want potency.

However, if you want something better than natural bodybuilding alone that mimics SARMs to a certain degree, then you could look at SARMs alternatives.

Brutal Force makes a good range of them. They are structured from completely safe and natural ingredients to mimic the output of SARMs.

Now, they are not as potent as SARMs. But they don’t have side effects and they can be teamed up with SARMs.

Looking at a YK-11 alternative, they sell a supplement called YKBULK. It’s constructed from natural ingredients to mimic the effects of YK11, namely, extreme muscle growth, enhanced performance levels, and improved strength.

It works really well, but it’s not as potent as SARMs. Better than nothing, it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to use them, or you can’t get your hands on them.

However, there are a couple of other reasons to use the supplements:

  1. You can stack them with SARMs. Because they are safe and don’t increase androgenic side effects, you can use a stack of them alongside the SARMs stack to greatly enhance your overall performance and results.
  2. You can roll them into your post cycle therapy. Run them post cycle to offset some of the androgenic side effects (energy drop) and enhance cutting and strength beyond natural output levels.

Yk11 alternative

YKBULK costs $60 for a one-month supply. But if you buy two months you’ll get an additional month completely free.

As with SARMs, I’d recommend you use them as a stack; that way you enhance the potency. Both the Brutal Force strength stack and bulking stack contain YKBULK. They have different amounts of supplements in them, so let’s just talk about price.

You’ll save 40% on buying the stack deals. Then, at checkout, if you add three months’ supply to your car you will get the third month free. Along with free shipping, you are saving an absolute fortune.

So give them a try. Whether you are working out naturally, want to use something between SARMs cycles, are interested in using something during PCT, or you want to underpin a SARMs stack for even greater potency, then these natural supplements are definitely worth checking out.



Rats Army

I’m really excited about Rats Army, a SARMs company I discovered recently. It’s really tough to get good-quality SARMs right now. The Chinese SARMs ban has kicked in fully over the past year, and prices have shot up.

At the same time, quality has diminished dramatically. Only a few companies in the USA right now are selling SARMs with high purity guarantees. Rats Army is one of those companies, and you can buy nine different types of SARMs with high purity and good pricing from them.

In terms of YK-11 Myostine, a 30 mL dropper bottle, dosed at 10 mg/mL, currently costs $60. That price is unlikely to go down, and stocks are unlikely to increase, so I would urge you to grab your SARMs and now. Rats Army also sells peptides, prohormones, nootropics, and even generic Nolvadex, Clomid, and Raloxifene.


They sell pure YK 11, as well as all the other main types of SARMs. You can get your hands on a 30 mL dropper bottle of YK 11 for $69.99. The concentration is 10 mg/mL, which is perfect for the maximum dose I would ever recommend.

UPDATE: Science.bio and Rats Army have been closed down

SARMs Sellers To Avoid

I want to tell you now about three SARMs companies to avoid. I’ve used all three of these companies in the past, but in the past year supplies are dried up, and quality seems to have gone downhill fast. Umbrella Labs, and PureRawz are all companies with good reputations that simply don’t apply anymore.

I think it’s down to the difficulty of getting hold of good quality SARMs now, and despite the reputation and purity guarantees, results I’ve had, and others of talked about online, don’t back that up.

SARMs Companies That Have Closed Recently

Finally, at the end of this YK-11 review, I want to talk with sadness about the good SARMs companies that are no longer trading.

Proven Peptides was one of the best. High-quality, rapid delivery, good prices, and SARMs created in the USA. However, they stopped trading in the middle of last year.

Alongside those guys, I’ll mention SARMs 4 You. They were great for European buyers, but unfortunately, they’ve also now closed. That’s why I’m saying to get SARMs while you can. The situation is uncertain, and when you see SARMs at reasonable prices with high purity, grab them immediately.


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