Yellow Vein Kratom: Everything You Need To Know About This Special Kratom

Very few people know about yellow kratom because all of the talk and marketing is around white, green and red kratom. So I’m writing this quick yellow kratom review to raise awareness of this wonderful strain of kratom.

Kratom veins can be different colors depending on the tree, region, cultivation method, drying method, and other things like how the kratom is made.

Oddly, there is no consensus on how yellow kratom is classed as yellow. It seems to be a local skill which nobody is quite aware of. It appears to be to do with the length of time, how, and where red kratom leaves are dried before they are ground.

But the result is a brilliantly smooth, rounded experience. Let’s take a look at yellow kratom effects, how to determine the correct yellow kratom dosage, and conclude this yellow kratom review with where to buy incredible quality yellow kratom.

Yellow Kratom Effects

The main three types of kratom, white, green and red, produce a spectrum of results.

White kratom tends to be uplifting, energizing and focusing, sometimes to the point of euphoria at higher doses.

Red kratom can also have some of those traits, but the higher the dose, the more analgesic, and sedative, calming and relaxing, it can become. Green kratom tends to be milder and in the middle of those two extremes.

Yellow kratom is usually quite close to green kratom in its effects, but tends towards the effects on the white kratom end of the scale, namely:

  • Better concentration levels
  • Better energy
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved outlook
  • Plus minor effects of pain relief, calmness, and relaxation

So yellow kratom is certainly one you could take in the morning, or before a night out. It’s not as harsh as white kratom, but it will lift you up, focus you, improve your mood, and give you more energy. But because it still retains some of the effects of green and red kratom, someone with anxiety could take it, without it raising those levels due to increased irritability.

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage

 There’s no real way you can be told the ideal yellow vein kratom dosage. There are too many variables, your weight, height, age emotional and physical makeup, whether you are eating, your tolerance, what else you are taking, it goes on, and on.

But most importantly, the quality of the kratom really matters. Poor quality kratom is cut with other herbs before its ground, making it weaker.

In terms of giving an idea around the correct yellow vein kratom dosage to consider. For your first time, I would always recommend that you start with a single gram. The second time, double it. Then the third time, try three grams.

By that point, you should be feeling the full yellow vein kratom effects. Definitely by the time you get to four grams. If you’re not, then the kratom is not of good quality.

Yellow Bali Vs Yellow Indo Kratom

In this brief yellow kratom review, it’s impossible to compare all the major strains, so I’m going to focus on two, yellow Bali Vs yellow Indo kratom.

Yellow Bali has a lot in common with green Bali kratom. It’s slightly sedative, but not as intense as red Bali is. It also has minor analgesic effects. It’s mood boosting, and energizing, but again, not half as much as it’s white Bali brother.

Yellow Indo can produce much stronger euphoria and mood-lifting effects than yellow Bali. Again, it has minor analgesic and relaxing effects.

So as you can see yellow Bali is more gentle than yellow Indo, both have a similar profile in terms of being uplifting and energizing, with minor calming and analgesic effects, but yellow Indo tends to be closer to white kratom.

yellow kratom effects

Yellow Kratom Review: Conclusion&Where To Buy

If you looking to buy high-quality yellow vein kratom, then it’s not as widely available as red, green and white kratom You’re also looking for a company that only sell kratom that’s been imported and tested for quality.

The website I would recommend for buying yellow kratom from is Theevergreentree. They sell the finest quality loose powder, plus the same powder in capsules, plus capsule and powder variety packs.

I’ll recommend to you their yellow vein capsule pack. It’s very affordable and gives you an exact dose, you can take on the move. It’s made from red Borneo kratom that goes through a different drying process.

It’s smooth, powerful but not overwhelming. Borneo kratom is basically the same as Bali, so it’s a very similar experience to the yellow Bali one I explained earlier.

I really love kratom in capsules, because you know the exact dose, and you do not have to mess around with powder. For more mild strains like yellow and green, they are perfect for taking on the move.

So if you’re looking to experiment with yellow kratom, then the conclusion of this yellow kratom review has to be to get your hands on some high-quality yellow kratom capsules.

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