Xstream Synthetic Urine: Fetish Urine For Drug Test?

So you’ve got a drug test coming up, and your casting around the Internet looking for synthetic urine to use. You may have read and Xstream synthetic urine review already, and wondered if it’s cheap and effective?

The big question is: how good is Xstream urine nowadays? There are so many other good brands out there, so why should you put your money in this brand of urine, and risk not getting a job, or losing your job with it, if it doesn’t work?

I’m going to tell you exactly what you get with Xstream urine, what’s in it, how to use it, and crucially, I’ll tell you if Xstream synthetic urine works. Will it get you through a drug test?

Then I’ll give you some alternatives, so that you can weigh it all up, and make the best buying decision you can, to stand the best chance of passing a urine drug test.

How To Use Xstream Synthetic Urine

The instructions for using Xstream synthetic urine are pretty straightforward. There’s nothing particularly complicated about them, it’s all about the temperature.

If your synthetic urine sample isn’t kept at the right temperature, you’ll fail a drug test, simple as that. In fact, more people fail validity testing because of a fake sample at the wrong temperature, then anyone does by submitting poor quality fake urine. So it’s crucial you get the fake urine to the right temperature, and keep it there.

  • Gently shake the contents of the premixed Xstream urine, and put the plastic bottle in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Look at the temperature strip, and if it’s not between 90°F and 100°F, put it in for another 10 seconds, until it registers on the heat strip.
  • Activate the heat pad, and strap it to it with the enclosed rubber band. This should keep it warm for a couple of hours.
  • When you get to the lab, make sure that it’s at the right temperature, otherwise, it will be failed as an invalid sample.

Does Xstream Synthetic Urine Expire

Everything expires. Synthetic urine usually has at least a one-year shelf life, and published expiry date.

The problem with some brands is they use a preservative called biocide. This got so common, that the big testing labs actually now test for the presence of biocide in samples.

Xstream is, I believe, one of those brands are still using biocide, or at least the old stock definitely does, the pre-2019 formula stock. So although it might have a long shelf life, because it’s old stock it could contain the preservative biocide, which on its own is enough for you to fail using this synthetic urine.

Does Xstream Urine Work?

xstream urineXstream is primarily synthetic fetish urine. So in terms of the look and smell, and the froth, it’s pretty close to the real thing, you will really struggle to spot it’s fake.

But my concern has been about the fact that the best brands of synthetic urine update their formulas every year, to take account of the latest evidence from drug testing standards.

Xstream claims to have updated formula, so it now contains urea, uric acid, and is also now within the correct pH range for human urine. It’s also said to contain creatinine now.

That’s all brilliant, but why didn’t they have any of that stuff in it before? And if it’s only now having chemicals like that put into Xstream, how can we trust that any other of the chemical markers a lab might test for a there as well?

Plus, how do you know the balance is right when these guys couldn’t be bothered to put in basic markers present in human urine until recently?

So look, it’s not the worst synthetic urine out there. Xstream fetish urine is primarily that, but it could get you through a very basic, cheap, pre-employment drug test. But I wouldn’t really recommend it.

A couple of years ago one of my friends failed a drug test using Xstream. It was a return to work interview after an accident, and he was fired. So that is where the root of my skepticism comes from alongside the fact that this urine doesn’t seem to have everything in it that it should, despite the fact they have known for years it needs to have things like urea and uric acid in it.

Alternatives To Xstream Urine

 So the conclusion of this Xstream synthetic urine review has to be to avoid it where possible.

As I said, if you have got no other choice, then it will probably give you a better than 50-50 chance of passing a cheap pre-employment drug test.

I wouldn’t really even risk it for that unless I was desperate. Especially when there are several other much better brands of synthetic urine out there than Xstream fetish urine. That sure, if you’ve got no other choice, then the conclusion of this Xstream synthetic urine review is it’s better than water.

For just $10 more, you can get a bottle of Quick Fix 6.2. It’s got tons of positive reviews online, it’s available all over the place, and I’ve used it myself. It will be a far better option than Xstream for passing a drug test.

If you have the extra budget available, then Sub Solution or Quick Luck is my recommended brands. They have the most complex formula on the market, regularly updated, and they don’t rely on a heating pad to keep them warm.

Heat pads are notorious for being erratic. Sometimes they will fail, sometimes they will overheat, sometimes they just really struggle to keep the synthetic urine within human body temperature.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck both use heat activator powder. So you don’t even need a microwave, just the powder, and about one minute to pour in the powder, and agitate it.

You can even do that in the testing room because it will be an unobserved drug test. So you literally cannot fail using Sub Solution or Quick Luck, but you will be paying three times the price of Xstream. Quality doesn’t come cheap, but you won’t get caught out either.

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