White Sumatra Kratom: Effects& Dosage, Recommended Vendors

In this White Sumatra kratom review, I want to address some of the main claims around this strain of white kratom. For example, can white kratom with the symptoms of ADHD? Is it better than taking Adderall?

So I want to talk a bit about White Sumatra kratom effects from my own experience, the sort of dosage you’ll need, and whether the claims around white kratom are genuine. Plus, I’m going to tell you where I buy high-quality White Sumatra kratom powder at a reasonable price.

White Sumatra Kratom Effects

 So look, let’s address this ADHD thing straight away. Yes, white kratom does improve concentration and helps to channel energy in a positive way.

But it’s not like Adderall. It’s more like a huge caffeine hit, you’ll get high, the more you take, the less focused you’ll actually be, even though you have loads of energy. Think about it, if you’ve got ADHD, do you need tons more energy and less focused? Not really.

So for me, I would never recommend white kratom as something to replace ADHD medication. But in terms of the positive White Sumatra kratom effects you can benefit from, they are generally as follows:

  • Increased physical energy
  • Increased emotional energy
  • Better concentration
  • Quicker thinking
  • Removal of depression
  • The feeling of well-being and happiness
  • Pain relief and calm (at higher doses)
  • Euphoria (at higher doses)

Now the thing is, the kratom effects are different depending on the dose. So a low dose of White Sumatra will bring you increased energy, mental clarity, and lift your mood.

But as the dose increases, those positive things start to diminish and are replaced by an overwhelming sense of euphoria, happiness, and uncontrollable energy. At very high doses this then tips over into pain relief and sedation like red kratom, but that’s not in everyone.

white sumara kratom effects

White Sumatra Kratom Dosage

It’s really tough to talk about the exact White Sumatra kratom dosage you’ll need. It can make a huge difference if you have an empty stomach or full stomach, for example. Plus, who you are, your state of mind, your physical health, the time of day, the purity of the kratom, the strain of kratom, all those things come into play.

Generally, people take white kratom to boost their mood and energy levels. White Sumatra is popular because the balance of alkaloids in it tend towards boosting mood, and at higher levels producing a little pain relief as well.

But what sort of White Sumatra kratom dosage range are we talking about here?

Well, a low dose is a couple of grams. For me, a moderate dose is around four grams and a high-dose around six grams. Higher than that, and you are heading into that territory of uncontrollable energy and euphoria. But it will depend on the quality of the kratom.

If you’re starting out, I’d suggest an initial White Sumatra kratom dosage of two grams, and if you don’t feel much, then double that dose to see what happens then.

White Sumatra Kratom Side Effects

White Sumatra does have side effects, but they are the same as every other type of kratom. They are usually minor things like nausea, irritability, headaches, and muscle pain. But these are not usually pronounced, or prevalent in people unless they are taking high levels of kratom.

The only thing I will mention here is that white kratom can feel like huge caffeine hit. It can make you feel really jittery and sometimes irritable, and if you suffer from anxiety I wouldn’t really advise you boost that with white kratom.

white sumatra kratom

Where To Buy White Sumatra Kratom Powder

 One of the most difficult battles with buying kratom generally is that buying pure kratom from the actual region it claims to be from is pretty difficult.

Over the past four years, I found a handful of places that really deliver the kratom they say they are going to send you. I don’t want to go through them all here, but I will give you a couple of recommendations:

  1. TheEvregreentree is an excellent kratom retailer. They sell White Sumatra kratom in capsules. Capsules are brilliant for beginners because you get an exact dose. Each capsule is 5 mg, so four capsules give you a great 2 g starting dose. You’ll get free shipping and a moneyback guarantee as well.
  2. BuyKratom is another USA-based retailer of kratom who delivers the goods. They sell White Sumatra kratom powder that is exceptional. On top of that, if you’re just getting started with kratom they sell white, green, red, and ultra enhanced sample packs. So whatever type of kratom you are thinking of trying, you can get your hands on a small quantity of around six different types for about $50.

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