How To Use &Where To Buy Unifiram

Unifiram is an experimental drug with nootropic traits. It’s tough to find places to buy unifiram to experiment with or to find information on its dosage, effects, or the overall unifiram experience and benefits because of its lack of research.

So in this quick unifiram review, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this very new and untested smart drug.

As well as telling you about dosage, effects, and problems will also compare unifiram Vs sunifiram, and tell you about one of the few places you can actually buy unifiram that’s real and pure.

What Is Unifiram?

 Unifiram, also known by the experimental development code DM-232, is a very new chemical that has been developed for non-specific purposes, but that has strong nootropic potential benefits.

As of today, not a single human study has been completed, although several animal studies have. But the conclusion based on its structure and early results, plus anecdotal human use, suggest that it is a potentially potent cognitive enhancer that is several orders of magnitude more intense than piracetam (the original racetam, developed in the 1960s).

However, unifiram is closely related to piracetam, and has many similar effects. It’s thought to work through interaction with the AMPA receptor which:

“…is an ionotropic transmembrane receptor for glutamate that mediates fast synaptic transmission in the central nervous system (CNS).”

So the bottom line here is that not a single human studies have been conducted, and nobody knows how this works in the brain. That’s exactly the same with the related research chemical sunifiram as well.

Which means, these should be treated with caution. They are very experimental drugs that have only been selected as candidates for further development, yet they are sold online without any regulation.

what is Unifiram

Unifiram Experience Explained

This complete lack of human studies, or even a basic knowledge of how it works in the brain, has not stopped people from experimenting with unifiram as a nootropic. This has led to surprisingly good results, with minimal side effects reported in most cases.

Overwhelmingly, people suggest it’s not hugely good at dealing with anxiety or depression. Because it doesn’t seem to strongly interact with neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, its main benefit is not around mood improvement.

Nor does it seem to affect physical performance. Because it doesn’t increase neurotransmitters or hormones related to physical performance, people do not report any significant physical benefits. However, where people report a strong and positive unifiram experience, is in the effects it produces for cognitive clarity and confidence.

People suggest they feel more confident, competent, with greater clarity, speed of thought, and assertiveness. But without aggression or a godlike feeling. However, a lot of that is dose-dependent. Low doses are required, and at higher doses, people do report undesired effects and long comedowns that are problematic.

But anecdotal evidence suggests that it definitely can help with focus, concentration, and clarity, and in nootropic, communities have often been compared to modafinil in its effects.

Unifiram Dosage

Unfiram is potent stuff. You will only need a dose of around 10 mg to feel strong effects. So this needs to be measured with a micro scale, and treated with great respect.

It’s important to emphasize here that it’s a research chemical, it’s not ever been passed the initial stages of research after development, so it’s very difficult to talk about specific human doses.

A 10 mg dose tends to be what is talked about online the most. People report good experiences at this level, but above this level, people increasingly report out-of-control experiences. 30 mg is usually seen as the absolute ceiling dose for unifiram.

Unifiram Vs Sunifiram

Sunifiram is a slightly more researched variant of unifiram, with more documented studies and evidence around it.

Its mechanism of action is almost identical, as is its reported positive cognitive benefits. However, it’s also thought to additionally work in the hippocampus, and have anti amnesiac properties.

There’s not really much of a battle, when it comes to unifiram Vs sunifiram. Both are research chemicals, neither have had human studies done, and even animal studies are sporadic and incomplete, plus mechanism of action is not known in either.

Both are potent, several magnitudes higher than most early development racetams (from which both are synthetic analogs), making them incomparable.

One key difference is that unifiram is thought to carry a fluorine atom, where sunifiram does not. Although it’s only in atom form, fluorine is highly toxic to humans with side effects including birth defects.

So although unifiram is tolerable and the risk is incredibly low, it would not be recommended for people who are trying for a baby. However, it’s important to emphasize that it’s only thought to contain a fluorine atom, and this has not been scientifically proven yet.

Unifiram Side Effects

 But the realistic side effects of low-dose unifiram use are very low. It’s been used for self-medication for several years without any significant side effects directly linked to its use being reported.

However, what is known is that caffeine potentiates unifiram. This is where problems have started, as many people have taken it with a dose of caffeine because they think that the stimulant effects of caffeine will balance nicely alongside the cognitive improvements offered by unifiram.

But that is not the case, especially at higher doses, with people reporting out-of-control irritability and anxiety that lasts for several days.

where to buy Unifaram

Where To Buy Unifiram

So look, unifiram is untried, apart from small groups of people in nootropic communities. Feedback is generally that it’s in line with racetams for its duration and effects, but almost entirely focused on cognitive and confidence benefits.

Unifiram dosage needs to be exact and treated with great respect. If you are hoping to have a good unifiram experience then you will definitely need to buy unifiram that is 100% pure, and sold by people who know what they are doing.

One of the few places in the USA that actually sells real unifiram, sunifiram, and nefiracetam, is

In terms of buying unifiram specifically, a 1 g container of unifiram powder with a total dose of 1000 mg, will cost just $29.99. Purity batch test reports are shown on the product page, so you at least have the reassurance that it is 100% pure unirifam that you are buying.


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