Tianeptine High: Relieve Anxiety, Boost Cognition and Enjoy The Euphoria

Tianeptine is a very popular drug that is used for a variety of reasons, mostly for treating anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and asthma.

It can also be used by opioid addicts to relieve their withdrawal symptoms as Tianeptine is known to produce opioid-like effects in the brain. Moreover, it is great when you need a cognitive boost as its also used as a nootropic.

Many people experience a Tianeptine high when they take larger doses of the drug.

In this write-up, we’ll aim to tell you all there is to know about Tianeptine and in the end, we’ll show you where to find the purest Tianeptine for sale.

What is Tianeptine

Tianeptine is an atypical antidepressant that also acts as an anxiolytic and enhances cognitive function. It belongs to a class of drugs called TCAs (tricyclic antidepressants) and they are named that way because they have three rings of atoms in their build.

Tianeptine works by increasing serotonin uptake in the brain, leading to the positive effects experienced by the user. It also reduces the degeneration of brain cells and has a soothing effect on the mood of the user.

Lastly, it makes the brain release more of the BNDF protein which is quite important for our nervous system and its health.

Studies have shown that it has a low chance of being abused, unlike other prescription medication or drugs prescribed to treat similar conditions. You will see it sold under brand names such as Stablon or Coaxial and it’s mostly prescribed to treat MDD or major depressive disorder.

what is Tianeptine

Effects of Tianeptine

  • Tianeptine Produces an Enjoyable High: Many former addicts that were hooked on nasty drugs such as heroin made the switch to Tianeptine because it produces similar effects to opioids. Tianeptine is a much safer alternative and has a low risk for addiction so it is a great substitute for opioids. The high can be described as if someone were to put a warm blanket over you, washing all of your worries away. You will also become more sociable while on the drug.
  • It Acts As An Anxiolytic: A study on 164 patients suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder as well as major depressive disorder found out that in just 12 weeks, Tianeptine was able to relieve the anxiety in those users and that these effects were long-lasting, meaning that they were present even after the drug was discontinued. These people also saw their memory and concentration massively improve.
  • Successfully Combats Panic Disorder: There seems to be a new drug for panic disorder and its name is none other than Tianeptine. A study on 20 people suffering from panic disorder showed that their worry, anxiety, stress, and overall panic was significantly reduced after Tianeptine’s use.
  • Helps Patients With PTSD: Another study indicates that Tianeptine has the ability to soothe the PTSD symptoms experienced by sufferers. The study employed two groups, one that took 75mg a day and the other took only half the dosage. Those that took only 37,5mgs a day had the best outcomes, meaning that a higher dosage doesn’t necessarily produce better results.
  • Effective Against Depression: As we already mentioned, Tianeptine is an antidepressant first and foremost, but what separates it from all the other antidepressants is the fact that it prevents the relapse of depression. The problem with most medications is that they work for some time, but when they stop working, the depression comes back, oftentimes stronger than before. With Tianeptine, the story is a bit different, as studies indicate that it successfully prevents the recurrence of depression while you’re on the drug.
  • Completely Stops Asthma Attacks: The biggest problem related to asthma is the free serotonin found in the blood. Tianeptine works by decreasing the amount of free serotonin, thereby stopping asthma attacks. A study on over 25000 people suffering from bronchial asthma has shown that Tianeptine successfully puts asthma under control and it has been proven multiple times that Tianeptine is one of the best drugs against asthma, with two double-blind placebo trials taking place and having massive results.
  • Works For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Tianeptine decreases the activity of serotonin in the body, which has been shown to have an adverse effect on the nervous system of our intestinal tract, thereby improving the quality of life of those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Acts as a Nootropic: If you’re in need of a cognitive boost, Tianeptine is there to the rescue. It improves memory, focus, concentration and increases motivation.
  • Suppresses Inflammation and Pain: Tianeptine acts as an analgesic in the body as it has anti-inflammatory effects. It helps with mild to moderate pain but it cannot be used to treat severe pain as it wasn’t made for that function.

Tianeptine Sulfate Dosage

Your Tianeptine sulfate dosage is going to largely depend on what you want to accomplish with the drug. If you just want to get a Tianeptine high, we recommend a larger dosage, 50mgs taken four times a day. The reason why you’re taking it so frequently is that Tianeptine only has a half-life of three hours, which means that you have to redose repeatedly to keep the high going.

If you want to relieve anxiety or depression, we recommend going for 25mgs taken three times a day. Lastly, if you want to use Tianeptine as a nootropic, 10mgs taken five times a day should do the trick.

 tianeptine dosage

Will I Experience Tianeptine Withdrawal

What we have to first mention is that if you take Tianeptine in our recommended dosages, you will not have to deal with Tianeptine withdrawal. The reason behind that is because you’re not taking enough of the compound to really initiate withdrawal symptoms.

However, if you take more than 300mgs a day in total, you will most likely experience Tianeptine withdrawal if you cut it off completely. We suggest that you taper off gradually and thereby reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms include nausea, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and cravings for Tianeptine.

As we can see, if we’re not careful with our Tianeptine sulfate dosage, bad things can happen.

Tianeptine Sulfate VS Sodium

Insofar, when we spoke about Tianeptine, we have only concerned ourselves with Tianeptine Sulfate. On the other hand, Tianeptine Sodium is very similar to the Sulfate but has a few drawbacks which prevent it from being used as frequently as the Sulfate.

One of them is low bioavailability, which means that not much of the Sodium gets absorbed into the body. Another one is the fact that Tianeptine Sodium tastes awful, it has a bitter taste and lingers in the mouth for too long.

Lastly, the half life of Sodium is even lower than that of the Sulfate, meaning that you would have to dose it six or more times a day to get the desired effects, which is just too much for the average user to handle.

As we can see, when comparing these two, Tianeptine sulfate comes out as the definite winner. It’s simply the better product.


Tianeptine VS Kratom

There isn’t much difference between Tianeptine and Kratom when it comes to the effects they have on the body, but there are some dissimilarities when it comes to their strength and half life.

Tianeptine is a bit stronger than Kratom and ‘hits harder’ as users like to point out. Kratom gives you a more soothing experience while Tianeptine is known for the high it produces in larger quantities.

Another difference is the half life of the two substances. Kratom lasts a lot longer than Tianeptine and you won’t have to redose as much.

Tianeptine is a lot better for depression, while Kratom excels at alleviating pain and anxiety. With that being said, you can stack these two compounds to get the best out of both worlds.

You will feel your depression disappear, cognitive performance enhanced, anxiety and pain relieved and your overall sense of well being will improve. You should take 20mgs of Tianeptine and 5 grams of Kratom together. Down them with some water and redose when you feel the effects diminishing.

white bali kratom effects

Tianeptine Reviews Online – What Other People Say About Tianeptine

We’ll have a look at some of the Tianeptine reviews posted in online forums and discussion boards. We want to see how real users coped with the compound and if they had any problem during or post-consumption.

Our first Tianeptine experience comes from Reddit where a user compared the Sulfate and Sodium version of Tianeptine. At lower dosages, he felt a slight euphoria and his depression got a lot better. He also reported a good mood while on both of these derivatives. On higher dosages, he reported sedation and reduced anxiety. He also says that the Sulfate made him nod out and that he had vivid dreams while nodding out, a surreal experience as he puts it. He also felt that music sounded a lot better and that he was feeling content with his life. The one negative side effect he did experience was slight nausea during a higher dosage, which is to be expected and nothing to worry about.

We have another story from Chris that he posted on Quora where he says that the only thing that really worked for him was the Sodium. He also mentions trying the free acid version of Tianeptine but he didn’t really like it as he couldn’t feel the effects. He recommends taking it three times a day in 15mg increments as he found out that this was his sweet spot. Please note that your perfect dosage can vary and that you might have to experiment a little. He claims to be sad as a result of the US not appreciating Tianeptine for its wonderful effects and we share his sentiments completely.

Our last anecdote also comes from Reddit where a user took some Tianeptine recreationally to test out the waters. He doesn’t mention how much he took but judging from the experience he had, it was a moderate to high dosage. The user claims that it was a fantastic experience, with him feeling great at school, enjoying the euphoria and focus the drug bestowed him with. He says that the stimulative effects of the drug prevented him from nodding out, which he didn’t find an issue as he was in school. He used the Sulfate derivative and felt it for hours, claiming that it only got better and better as time moved on. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend the Sulfate in comparison to the Sodium, it lasts longer and feels better. This was definitely a nice Tianeptine high to behold.

As we can see, the Tianeptine reviews online are all positive and none of the users had any problems with the compound. One user did feel some nausea but that was at a very high dosage.

We can conclude that Tianeptine is a very potent yet safe drug when used in the recommended dosage.

Should I Buy Tianeptine Locally

There is zero reasons to buy Tianeptine locally when you can do it from the comforts of your home.

We once made the mistake of purchasing Tianeptine locally and got burned heavily. The Tianeptine Sulfate we bought brought us no effects and we didn’t feel anything. It was a terrible experience and something we don’t want to happen to anyone ever again. We literally wasted our money for nothing and the shop didn’t even want to refund us, what a sham!

Additionally, it’s better to buy Tianeptine online because you can always check out the shop reviews and product feedback from multiple sources. You have communities like Reddit, Quora and other forums such as Erowid where Tianeptine use is openly discussed and you’re bound to find someone talking about the vendor you’re researching.

Tianeptine For Sale – Where to Buy Tianeptine

If you’re wondering where to buy Tianeptine, we got you covered. We tested hundreds of online shops (and offline shops, as you saw from our last section), ordering small batches and trying the Tianeptine they would send us.

Out of all the shops, only two of them got through our rigorous vetting process. Others simply weren’t up to par with the quality when compared to these two.

Are you ready to meet the two shops that have the best Tianeptine for sale?

  1. Sarms-for-sale.com: (UPDATE: Now Out Of Business)

This website is owned by Umbrella Labs, a vendor from the US that became very popular as a result of selling high-quality nootropics and SARMs.

They brand Tianeptine as a nootropic and sell it in powder form. You can choose between 5 to 20 grams and the prices hover between $46.99 and $151.99, depending on how much of the powder you select during the checkout process. They only sell the Sulfate derivative which is the one we recommend.

You get free shipping with your order and they ship out very fast, we got our Tianeptine in just three days of waiting.

  1. Nootropics.com

As the name applies, Nootropics is the most popular vendor of nootropics in the US and it has been in the business for years. They sell Tianeptine Sulfate in pill form. For $69.00, you get 60 pills, with each pill containing 25mgs of the active ingredient.

You should take between one and three pills a day, depending on how long you want your Tianeptine high to last. The great thing about this shop is that they give you a full refund in store credit if you’re unsatisfied with your product. This means that you can’t go wrong with this vendor.

You will also get free shipping on all orders from the US that exceed $50 worth of goods. This essentially means that you get free shipping if you buy Tianeptine from this vendor Their shipping times are rapid, you will get your package in two to five business days.where to buy tianpentine

All in all, we have shown you all there is to know about this drug. Now you can go ahead and enjoy your Tianeptine high without any fear or worry!

Have fun with your trip!


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