Where To Buy Piracetam Online – The Grandfather of All Nootropics

Piracetam enjoys a lot of popularity in the community as it is the oldest and most reliable racetam out there. It was exactly Piracetam that allowed nootropics such as Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, and many others to be developed. Although it is not as potent as all the others, its use is at an all-time high because it is very mild on the body and patients in clinical studies tolerated it very well.

This article will aim to bring you a bit closer to this great nootropic, as well as show you where to buy Piracetam online so you don’t get scammed by some of the unscrupulous vendors out there.

What is Piracetam

Piracetam is the first racetam to be discovered and is a nootropic used for cognitive enhancement, learning deficiencies, inflammation, pain and much more. Piracetam does a lot in the brain, but it mainly inhibits oxidation, helping our body remove potentially damaging organisms from itself.

Secondly, Piracetam increases the number of acetylcholine receptors in the brain, meaning that it helps the autonomic and central nervous system perform their functions. Additionally, Piracetam boosts our metabolism which makes one expend more energy and it also bestows the user with more energy, meaning that Piracetam has mildly stimulative effects.

Lastly, Piracetam relaxes the user through GABA receptors and bestows him with a stress-free experience while the drug lasts.

As we can see, Piracetam is very beneficial for many of our brain’s main functions.

Piracetam Benefits

This Piracetam review would be nothing without listing down all the Piracetam benefits one gets when imbuing this compound.

Let’s look at them all!

  • Soothes Inflammation and Provides Pain Relief: Although Piracetam is a nootropic, it still has some unique properties which make it special. Two of those are definitely the reduced inflammation and pain relief it provides to the user. Studies seem to confirm that notion and also claim that Piracetam successfully enhances our brain’s natural defenses against degenerative diseases.
  • Increases Verbal Fluency: The most popular and widely-cited study on Piracetam showed that just fourteen days of Piracetam use led to increased verbal fluency. The next time you have a presentation coming up, dose up on some Piracetam and ace it like a rockstar!
  • Improved Focus And Faster Reaction Times: Children that imbued Piracetam for two and a half months saw their focus, concentration and reaction times massively improve according to this study. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that it also works on adults and is especially pronounced in young healthy males.
  • Increases Brain Function: If you’re wondering why Piracetam has so many cognitive benefits, you should look at this trait for an answer. Piracetam increases the communication between neurons in the brain and it also makes cell membranes a lot more fluid, which further helps with the signals sent between them. Not only that, but it also increases the amount of glucose you expend, as well as increasing blood supply into the brain, leading to better and faster memory.
  • Helps Against Myoclonic Seizures: These seizures make it hard for people to partake in day-to-day activities such as reading, writing and even eating. Studies show that women who took Piracetam at a 3,2-gram dosage every day had her myoclonic seizures disappear and it even worked after 1,5 years had passed. She experienced no side effects and tolerated the compound very well.
  • Improves Concentration and Alertness: It’s pretty hard to concentrate nowadays when there are so many things fighting for our attention. Luckily, Piracetam improves concentration and helps you focus on the task at hand. It also increases alertness which increases your overall mental performance.
  • Helps Out Against Depressive Symptoms: If you’re down in the dumps, Piracetam can help you get your life back on track. Studies have shown that Piracetam works great against depressive symptoms and that it can even aid in the fight against anxiety.

Piracetam benefits

Piracetam Dosage

Piracetam has a half life of just five hours which means that you’ll have to take it three times a day to get the full effects.

Clinical trials used dosages between 1200mgs to 4800mgs a day, which we believe is a bit too much. Still, those trials have confirmed the notion that Piracetam is a completely safe nootropic to consume as the patients in those trials didn’t experience any side effects.

With that being said, the best Piracetam dosage in 800mgs taken three times a day. That’s 2400mgs in total and is enough to experience all the benefits, without having to worry about any side effects.

Remember to only use Piracetam with water as interactions with other compounds have not been studied. We only know that alcohol should be avoided in combination with Piracetam as it can invoke side effects.

Piracetam Capsule or Piracetam Powder – Which One Is Better

 A Piracetam capsule is the recommended option as it is very easy to imbue and doesn’t cause any trouble. Newbies can use it without a problem as the process is quite simple: You pop a pill in your mouth and down it with some water. Viola, you’re done.

The Piracetam powder is a bit more complicated as you first have to measure out a correct dosage. This cannot be done with the naked eye but you have to use a precise scale for the task.

After you’re done with that, you mix the powder with some water and drink the mixture. If you’re really opting for the powder, don’t forget that you also have to drink another glass of water from the same cup, as to avoid leaving any residue behind.

As we can see, the capsules are a clear winner as they are the easiest option of taking Piracetam.

Piracetam dosage

Piracetam Reviews Online – What Others Have To Say About It

 We’ve sifted through hundreds of user reviews online and have found nothing but positive words for this nootropic. It’s safe, well-tolerated and mostly side effect free. Not only that, but it also works and it does wonder even at lower dosages.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these reviews we found online.

We have our first post coming from Reddit where a user really let themselves go in their write-up. The key points from his long-winded article were that Piracetam helped him massively with creativity, he was also a lot more sociable, his willingness to learn and memory improved as well, he became a much better listener and was more interested in conversations, he also experienced improved mood, music sounding better and greater confidence. He was dosing 2,4grams a day and sometimes mixed it with alcohol, which we don’t recommend.

Our second story comes from a Forum where all types of different nootropics are discussed. The original poster talks about his Piracetam use and how safe it is. He claims that it gave him focus and put him into a relaxed state of mind where he could imbue more information. This user has taken Piracetam for ten years already and all the tests he made showed that long term Piracetam use didn’t affect his body negatively in any way.

Our last anecdote also stems from Reddit where a user praises Piracetam as his favorite nootropic. He says that out of all the other nootropics, Piracetam is the only one that gives him energy, motivation and focus for his school work. He also claims that Piracetam has no side effects on him and that he found it be completely safe. You should have seen the comments on this thread, they are all very supportive and brimming with experiences similar to the ones of the thread starter.

From what we can observe, Piracetam is one of the rare nootropics that has so much science and research backing it up, meaning that you won’t have to worry about things such as side effects as everything is well-documented and research has shown that the compound is very safe.

Noopept VS Piracetam

Piracetam was the first one to appear on the scene and it has dominated the landscape as it is the most popular nootropic on the market. On the other hand, Noopept is known as the most potent nootropic out there, being 100 times stronger than Piracetam.

Noopept also has higher bioavailability when compared to Piracetam, but it also carries more risks of side effects. When it comes to benefits, Noopept works well on memory, attention span and focus while Piracetam is better for depression, anxiety and boosting your mood.

Considering their benefits, this two stack well together and improve all facets of your life when taken in unison. One should consume no more than 10mgs of Noopept and 1600mgs of Piracetam in a day. This is the best dose for a smooth and side effect free experience.

Possible Side Effects of Taking Piracetam

When Piracetam was first studied, it was thought that its effects were nothing but a placebo because it showed zero toxicity which was thought impossible for that time.

Over 600 studies were conducted on Piracetam and there were only two side effects found, with one of them being as rare as hen’s teeth.

  • Headaches: These can occur if you don’t eat enough food that has Choline in it or if you don’t supplement with a Choline source. About 15% of users are affected by headaches and they can be mitigated by adding either a natural Choline source such as more eggs or meat into your diet or by taking something like Alpha GPC.
  • Weight Gain: Only a few studies out of the 600 that were done noted this side effect and it is so rare, that most articles don’t even list it. We still do it as we want you to be completely aware of what can happen to your body, even if the chance is only 0,01%, as it is in this case.

Considering the facts, you really don’t have to worry about side effects while taking Piracetam.

piracetam side effects

DO NOT Be Lured By Low Piracetam Prices

There are some vendors that sell the compound at really low prices. These prices can mean only one thing: The product is from China and you’re better off taking a bath in the toxic waste of Chernobyl rather than buying nootropics from such a source.

Many shops out there trying to lure you in with their low Piracetam prices, with some of them selling it as low as seven cents per pill.

Do not buy from them as their products can seriously harm your health. We didn’t experience it ourselves but we heard anecdotal evidence where people buying Piracetam from such sources were hospitalized, so you should really tread carefully.

Generally speaking, you should be careful when asking yourself the question of where to buy Piracetam online, but luckily we know a shop that has served us well over the years and that provides excellent Piracetam.

We’ll reveal its name in the next section of this article.

Piracetam For Sale – Where to Buy It

If you’re looking for the one place that has the best Piracetam for sale, you should look no further.

It is no one else but nootropics.com, the most popular vendor of nootropics in the US! Their Piracetam might cost you a bit more than usual, but you get the best quality and that is a guarantee as this shop has a reputation on the line.

Piracetam in their shop comes in capsule form, which is very convenient. You will pay $39.00 for 60 pills, each containing 800mgs worth of product. You get free domestic shipping if you order more than $70 worth of goods, meaning that just two bottles of Piracetam will bestow you with free shipping.

where to buy piracetam

This shop also has CoA’s (Certificates of Authenticity) posted publicly for all of their nootropics, so you know that you’re only getting the good stuff. Shipping times are extremely fast, with our Piracetam arriving in just three days after we placed an order!

To conclude this write-up, we now know where to buy Piracetam online that is not a sham and can safely proceed to take one of the most researched and well-documented nootropics on the market.

We wish you a lot of fun with Piracetam!


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