Noopept Review: Facts, Dosage, Effects & Where To Buy

Noopept is seen as a new breed of a smart drug, which has got few side-effects, brilliant cognitive improvement potential, and is cheap to use regularly. That’s why so many people are looking where to buy Noopept, and why thought I’d write a factual Noopept review, to cut through the rubbish.

But what’s the truth? Is it actually new at all? Is it reliable, and is it better than any of the other nootropics already in existence?

Well, I know the answers. So I’m going to talk you through the ins, and outs of Noopept. I’ll talk you through what is, how it works, the positive effects you can benefit from, Noopept dosage instructions, what to watch out for, and importantly, where to get Noopept for sale, that is pure and reliable.

What Is Noopept?

Noopept was a synthetic drug that was initially developed in Russia during the 1990s. It was created to try and deal with the problem of declining cognitive abilities in the elderly. It was seen as a cheap solution to the increasing problem of social care for people in their old age.

But it quickly became obvious that it had a far more wide-ranging set of possibilities, that the general population could benefit from. People latched onto the fact that cognitive improvements, a sense of well-being, more mental, and physical energy, plus the potential for a few negative side-effects, was something that needed investigating.

Piracetam was the basis upon which scientists in Russia developed Noopept during the 1990s, having it ready for sale by 1996. That’s why the two different supplements are often talked about together and compared together.

Noopept Review

Noopept Effects

Noopept powder is really fast acting, and as soon as the active ingredients hit the brain, then it will work by improving the flow alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are central to cognitive performance.

It interacts by increasing two key brain chemicals, BDNF and NGF. These are located in the hippocampus. Although these chemicals are actually more associated with long-term memory improvements, studies have shown that they increase in activity, and amount, with short-term memory improvement using Noopept.

In addition, Noopept seems to improve the ability of receptors in the brain to interact with the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. The effect of this is that brain signals are transported faster, giving you improved mental clarity, and performance.

Which means, Noopept is basically a chemical stimulant of key brain neurotransmitters. This has the effect of improving mental functions such as memory, speed of thought, clarity, focus, enthusiasm, and positivity.

Noopept Dosage & Cycle

Because it’s often linked with Piracetam, due to their shared heritage, people think that the dosage should be similar as well. Well, let me tell you, that the dosages are completely different. Piracetam requires a dosage of several thousand milligrams, sometimes much is 5000 mg.

On the other hand, just 10 mg of Noopept powder can be enough to trigger all of the beneficial effects.

However, people find it 20 mg, and more usually, 30 mg, is the optimum amount to take.

But the effects of Noopept are rapid, and also short lasting. Onset is within 15 minutes, but a dose will only last about an hour. The more you take though, the more intense the effects will be. You can take it as loose Noopept powder, which will act faster than capsules by about 10 minutes.

So a lot of people spread out a 30 mg dose over several hours, 10 mg at a time. You could push things up to 60 mg per day very safely, but you should only do that occasionally when you need a solid day of enhanced mental processing skills.

Noopept is not something you can take on the day you want to perform and then have it last all day. You need to regularly top up the dose. In addition, most people cycle it, because taking it several times a day, weeks at a time builds up an improved performance level.

For me, the cycle I settled on was 60 days on, 30 days off. I carefully monitored myself but found that 30 mg a day, for 60 days, was the perfect Noopept dosage, to give me improved performance levels every day, for the majority of the time I needed it.

Is Noopept Legal?

 Noopept is legal. But saying it’s legal, does not mean it’s actually freely available in all countries. In some countries, it is definitely regulated.

In the USA, it is not regulated, meaning that it does not come under any laws. However, that also means that it cannot be advertised as for human consumption as a medicine, but has to be sold as a general supplement.

However, it pays to be aware of the laws in your country, as smart drugs can fall into a gray area, between legal, prescription, and illegal substances. This can mean hold-ups, or destruction, at the customs border.

Noopept Side Effects To Be Aware Of

Noopept is actually very tolerable and has minimal side-effects short-term, or long-term.

The most notable short-term side-effect is headaches. However, this is usually only initially, or with high-dose. A headache can be offset by stacking the dose of Noopept with around 300 mg of Choline.

Long-term, dependency is possible, because of the way that the neurological receptors in the brain can become dependent on its effects to function fully. Over time, they will return to normal, but this can take several weeks.

where to buy Noopept

Where To Buy Noopept That Works

The main problem of Noopept that I found, is not dosing it, benefiting from it, or worrying about side-effects. It was where to buy Noopept that was pure, good quality and fit for purpose.

Because it’s unregulated, there are too many people out there peddling rubbish, making money from nothing. It can be dangerous, and it always pays to do some research. That’s exactly what I did, and rather than put you through the pain of that as well, I’ll just tell you where I get my Noopept from. is an online supplement retailer with a fantastic range of products. They sell tons of different nootropics, as well as other supplements that can really you to lift your performance levels massively.

They sell Noopept powder and capsules. Both are a great value, and you can get a month supply for about $20, which is peanuts.

On top of that, they offer a full money back guarantee, free shipping over $75, and their customer service is responsive. For me, that sealed the deal, and I’ve never been disappointed with them.

So there you go, my informal Noopept review is that it’s very powerful, beneficial and will definitely increase your mental performance. Just make sure you’re buying real Noopept, and watch your dosage.

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