Where To Buy Kratom Locally: Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart?

Because kratom is mostly legal in the USA, people often wonder the question: where to buy kratom near me? Well, it’s a simple question to answer simply, but a problematic one to follow through on.

Yes, you can find exactly where to buy kratom locally in a lot of places in the USA now. But, what are you actually buying, and are you wasting your money?

So let’s talk you through it all. I would hate for you to make the same mistake I did a couple of years ago and waste your initial kratom experiences on useless powder that you might as well have scraped out of your vacuum cleaner.

I’ll tell you about the quality you can expect, the prices, where you can buy kratom locally, and if there are better options out there rather than searching online for “kratom shops near me”.

Where To Buy Kratom Near Me?

So look, if you’re thinking about where to buy kratom near you, then you’ll be looking at the following sort of places. You can buy kratom locally in places like gas stations, some local convenience stores, and especially in headshops and other alternative stores.

Which means it could be locally available, and you could quickly find where to buy kratom locally, and get a ready supply.

That’s exactly what I did in the beginning. I’d read about kratom online somewhere, I think an article in some big online magazine like Forbes, something like that. Then I saw it in a local gas station and decided to just buy some.

It was generic kratom, not even labeled as red, white, or green. It was just some brand name with a stupid cartoon logo on it. That first experience wasn’t good, and I learned a lot from it.

Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart?

You can’t buy kratom at Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, anywhere like that. You won’t be able to buy it in any reputable chain retailer.

So if you’re wondering can you buy kratom at Walmart, no you can’t, but there is a very good reason for that.

It’s a legal reason. Because kratom works in a similar way to opiates like heroin, it is not something retailers want to get involved with. It doesn’t have the same dangers as narcotics, but it does affect people mentally and physically in a way that could leave them open to lawsuits if something went wrong.

Let’s say you took a load of kratom and then did something crazy. If it came out that you got that kratom from Walmart, can you imagine the negative publicity for them?

So that’s why no big retailers go near kratom. I’m not saying that you are likely to go kratom crazy, it’s really not likely, because all the evidence suggests the complete opposite, it calms people down and chills you right out. But I hope you can see why it could be a potential lawsuit hotspot.

can you buy kratom at walmart

X Reasons Not To Buy Kratom Locally

  1. Quality

This first point, numero uno, is the most important. If you buy kratom locally the chances are the quality will be awful.

It’s not been sourced from a specialist kratom wholesaler. It will be a generic packaging, or some brand, rather than specially imported directly to a kratom retailer. So you have no idea what you’re getting, and you have no idea what’s actually in the package.

In the gas station, it could have been on the shelf for months, in direct sunlight, in the heat. That’s going to sap all the alkaloids out of the kratom. They are not going to store it in a cool dark place, they are never going to check it’s fresh stock, and they aren’t going to have a high turnover of stock meaning that fresh kratom appears more frequently.

  1. Purity

A lot of poor quality kratom is cut with other powder to make the kratom go further. In fact, a few years back, somebody did some tests on kratom available in shops and found that it wasn’t pure at all, there are all sorts of rubbish and there.

So if you buy it locally, from a non-specialist retailer who has no idea what they’ve got, you stand almost 0 chance of having kratom which is not 100% pure. Often is just any old kratom they can find all mixed together and package up. It could be white, red, and green all in the same bag.

where to buy kratom near me

  1. Price

The chances are that you will be paying more money for kratom if you buy it locally. In kratom shops near me, I found that the same kratom was almost twice the price it was online, and it was worse quality.

  1. Knowledge

If you buy kratom from a gas station, how is that guy on minimum wage going to know, or care what he’s selling? The people working there won’t have a clue where to store it, how to store it, if it’s fresh, what sort is, what the effects are, where it’s come from, nothing.

  1. Selection

If you buy kratom locally, you’re just not going to get the choice you would from a specialist online retailer. In fact, sometimes it’s just labeled up as kratom, or a brand, or a generic red, green, or white kratom. You really have no idea what is, and there is no choice to experiment with.

How I Learned Not To Buy Kratom Locally

As said earlier, my first experience with kratom bought locally was from a gas station. I was heading out on a journey, a night out, don’t worry friends were driving, and I was feeling tired.

I thought that kratom would lift me a bit. I didn’t want to take much, just a couple of grams I’d read would be enough to give me a boost. It was white kratom, I don’t think it even claimed to be a specific strain, it was just generically labeled.

I remember buying some grapefruit juice at the same time because I’d read that it could potentiate the kratom, which means enhance the effects. So I drank half the grapefruit juice, then poured about a couple of grams of the kratom into it while I was in the back of the car, shook it up, and downed it.

Absolutely nothing happened at all. Half an hour later after we arrived, I poured probably the same amount of kratom again into my first drink and downed that. Again, nothing happened. I realized it didn’t smell of anything, it was quite light, it didn’t really taste of anything, it was a bit like dust.

In the end that night I took the whole bag, which was God knows how much, quite a few grams, and all I felt was a bit warm and alert, but nothing more than I’d really have got from drinking a couple of energy drinks.

I gave up on kratom after that for about a year, until I started wondering where to buy kratom locally again. But rather than just dive in, I started looking at buying it online instead. I’m really glad I did.

Buying Kratom Online Gives You Guarantees

Look, buying kratom online gives you guarantees. Stop wondering where to buy kratom somewhere close to your place, and just go to a specialist online retailer.

It’s easy, cheap, and the quality is going to be guaranteed. You can usually get free shipping, and some have discount coupons.

If you want to get the best out of kratom you need 100% pure kratom. Online  kratom retailers who are reputable will publish independent lab test reports showing the purity of the kratom they sell.

You’ll also be able to buy proper red, white, green, and even yellow strains of kratom. You’ll be able to buy all the strains you have read about online that are popular, Indo, Bali, Thai, Malay, plus the upgraded stuff like ultra enhanced, kratom extracts, and Maeng Da.

Kratom dosage for pain relief

I’m so glad I looked online rather than just buying poor-quality kratom from kratom shops near me again.

I’m telling you that just a few grams of pure kratom can really perk you up. In the morning, a couple of grams of white Indo had me full of energy mentally and physically, feeling relaxed and basically the best version of myself.

On a night out, a handful of grams of Green Malay will give me energy and enthusiasm. I become the life of the party, I don’t want to stop. But it’s balanced with a feeling of calm, a feeling of being completely chilled out.

And if I’m in pain, I just want to zone out, a rich red, something like Red Thai, a classic opiate-like kratom experience can be wonderful. A delicious initial rush of pure happiness and energy, followed by a slow drift down into several hours of emotional comfort.

So look, don’t worry about where to buy kratom locally. Just check out the best retailers online.

For me, high-quality kratom has changed things completely. TheEvergreentree is the place I bought my kratom powder from initially, it’s just rich, earthy, and is fantastic.

And if you want to consume kratom more easily, I also buy capsules from them. Capsules are slightly more expensive but you get an easy way to take kratom, where you avoid the smell, the taste, and you can be discreet. TheEvergreentree sells over 37 different strains of kratom, so if you are looking for something special, check out TheEvergreentree.

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