Does UPass Synthetic Urine Still Cut It?

UPass has been one of the most popular fake urine brands on the market for several years, which is why I thought an up-to-date UPass post was overdue.

The reason I think a review of UPass is overdue is that I’m concerned people view it’s old reputation online, and assume it’s going to still pass them a drug test. So this is a cautionary review, and I want to stack it up against other synthetic urine brands so that you can make an informed decision about whether you should use UPass.

I’ll also tell you how to use it properly, and conclude this guide, by telling you about some alternatives you might want to consider.

What Is UPass?

upass failIt has been one of the top brands of synthetic urine on the market, with a very good reputation. But that’s all in the past.

In giving you a review of UPass, I have to be honest and accurate, based upon my own knowledge and research.

The latest version of UPass is 8.4. That means it’s been updated quite a lot, but the thing is, updating it, doesn’t make a good formula, nor does it mean it’s been updated recently.

Part of the clue around how good it is is its price point. UPass is currently available for as low as $24.95. Now compare that to Sub Solution, at $80, or Quick Luck, at $100, two fantastic brands I’ve used personally, and that will definitely pass a test.

Even comparing it to Quick Fix 6.2, at $39. For $29, how much quality do you think you’re getting?

To give you a clue, it’s marketed nowadays as fetish urine. Let me tell you, anyone into that sort of fetish is not going to bother paying $25 for a tiny 3 fluid oz of fake urine. So it’s real purpose is to try and pass drug tests, but again, consider that low price point.

What You Get In The Urine Kit

For your $25, you get a UPass Kit that consists of the following:

  • 3 oz bottle of premixed UPass synthetic urine
  • A temperature strip
  • The heat pad (hand warmer)
  • Rubber band
  • Instructions

So it’s a complete kit for passing a drug test, even down to that rubber band, which is actually essential to strap the heat pad to the bottle of synthetic urine.

Instructions for using it are pretty straightforward, you microwave the bottle, check the temperature strip, when it’s at the right temperature, strap the heat pad to it and activate it. The heat pad should then keep it warm for a couple of hours, giving you time to submit your sample at the right temperature.

How To Use Properly

Then let’s say, despite all I’ve just said, you’re going to give it a go. Let me tell you how to use this urine product:

  • Microwave the container of UPass for about 10 seconds.
  • Check the temperature strip, to make sure it’s within the human urine temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F to pass a drug test).
  • Attach the heat pad, using the elastic band. It should now stay close to 100°F for up to 5 hours.

Will It Pass A Urine Test?

U pass synthetic urineLook I know I’m being skeptical, but the honest truth is I would never touch this stuff at all. But in the spirit of giving an accurate review of the quality of UPass synthetic urine, what’s actually in it that will pass a drug test?

It has urea, uric acid, creatinine, sodium chloride, the correct specific gravity, and the correct pH. So it’s all good in terms of key ingredients, and yes the answer the question around does UPass synthetic urine have uric acid, is yes.

But that’s nothing special, pretty much every brand of synthetic urine contains uric acid. However, compare that to Sub Solution, which has all those things, plus an additional nine (at least) additional chemical markers that a lab could test for to check the sample for validity.

It looks and smells like the real thing, except I’m not convinced it does.

Again, I compare it to the premium versions, and it doesn’t really look good when you froth it.  So it could pass you a really basic, dirt cheap, pre-employment drug test. However, I would have to be desperate to do that.

Before I move on from the ingredients, I will mention another thing. Sub Solution is one of the few brands out there which doesn’t contain biocide. This is an artificial preservative that a lot of synthetic urine brands use.

Because so many of them use biocide as a preservative, places like LabCorp now reputedly test for its presence, because it’s an easy way to rule out a fake sample.

I know that Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide, but I wouldn’t like to say that UPass, costing only $29, is also going to have the same sort of more advanced preservative, and is more likely to still contain biocide.

What do you think? I certainly wouldn’t take the risk. For me, UPass synthetic urine = Labcorp fails.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine review

Better Alternatives To UPass

So look, the word on the street is that UPass doesn’t work. I haven’t actually used it myself, I’m not that crazy, but I know a couple of people who have, and they both failed tests. Looking online, it’s the same story. Anyone who says he passed a urine drug test using it, seems to have a dubious story to tell.

Now I’m not saying is completely useless. If you can’t get hold of another synthetic urine brand, then it’s your only option, and if it’s a low level, pre-employment drug test, you might be okay.

For me, there are far better brands out there, so I’ll finish this post by telling you the order I would choose to use them:

  1. Quick Luck $100
  2. Sub Solution $85
  3. Quick Fix $39
  4. Monkey Whizz $39
  5. UPass $29

So look, do yourself a favor and buy Quick Luck at $100. If that seems a bit steep, go for Sub Solution at $80. If you’re really strapped for cash, or it is a low-level pre-employment test, then Quick fix or Monkey Whizz, but only if you can get hold of none of those, would I risk anything on $29 UPass.

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