Ultra Eliminex: The Strongest Cleansing Drink Available

There’s a new buzz around, and it’s about a relative newcomer to the cleansing drink market called Ultra Eliminex. So are all the Ultra Eliminex guides springing up all over the place accurate, is this the most powerful detox drink you can buy?

I must admit I was skeptical because it’s from the same company as QCarbo, Herbal Clean. That’s an older detox drink, that hasn’t got a good reputation nowadays, it’s let a lot of people down.

So what’s the deal with herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex? Well, I tested it, then I used it in a real drug test, and I pulled in information from other people who have used it.

Now I’m putting what I found out there, in a proper, unbiased review of Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex, so you can make a good decision yourself.

About Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

Herbal Clean is an established name in the detox drink market. They already produce one of the best-known names, QCarbo.

QCarbo is available widely, in places like Walmart or CVS which is why it’s well known, and talked about online. It’s also been around for a number of years, it’s got a strong reputation.

However, that reputation has suffered in recent years because is becoming a fact that the formula is just not modern enough to knock out a lot of toxins, and get around improved lab testing, which can pick up adulterated samples far better now than in the past.

Which is why Herbal Clean released Ultra Eliminex. It’s a premium detox drink. The ingredients are like nothing I’ve seen in a detox drink, it’s a unique formula.

On top of that, the track record already is superb. The vibe online is good, and people I know who have tried it for a live drug test, have passed every single time.

How Does It Work?

Ultra Eliminex instructions

Like any detox drink, Ultra Eliminex doesn’t actually detox you at all. All detox drinks mask toxins.

You drink the detox drink, it flushes out your system. Like water would. The good detox drink keeps the balance in your urine and replaces lost nutrients, meaning that your sample looks natural.

However, as the toxins work through your liver and kidneys, they then end up back in your urine after a few hours.

It’s the strength of the detox drink which enables you to flush out all the toxins so that you can go and pass a urine drug test.

The poor ones either don’t get rid of all the toxins, or don’t maintain the balance, so your sample doesn’t appear natural. But how different is Ultra Eliminex?

Usage Guide

The instructions for Ultra Eliminex are pretty much the same as all detox drinks. The Ultra Eliminex instructions are:

  1. Shake the bottle well, and drink the bottle contents steadily, over the course of 15-30 minutes.
  2. In the hour after you have completed drinking Ultra Eliminex, urinate several times to get the toxins out.
  3. Don’t drink much extra water, and go and take your drug test as soon after you have completed step two as you can.

A top tip is to give up toxins for 48 hours before and is to try actually detoxing as well. That means cutting out fat, carbohydrates and processed food, exercising, and drinking lots of water before the day of your test.

Can You Pass A Urine Test With It?

So, what’s the truth? Is it the most powerful detox drink on the market today?

Well, for me, Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is definitely the most powerful detox drink you can get your hands on. It’s is also expensive, but quality doesn’t ever come cheap.

I haven’t seen ingredients like those in Ultra Eliminex, and I haven’t seen such strong positive feedback online for any other detox drink that is been released. Shortly after it came out, I decided to test it for myself.

I’m a heavy smoker, like several joints a day. I’m also over 200 lbs in weight. I didn’t detox, and I didn’t eat well. I did use any pre-cleanse tablets, I just drank Ultra Eliminex, and an hour later, I did a home test kit.

The home test kit passed. So for me, that shows that Ultra Eliminex is pretty powerful stuff, and the reviews of it are accurate.

I was so confident, that last year I used it for a pre-employment drug test, and I passed. A friend did similar a few weeks later. Look online, you’ll see the feedback in forums is superb.

Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32

In a straight up fight between the two premium Herbal Clean products, Ultra Eliminex Vs QCarbo32, there is simply no fight to be had.

QCarbo32 might be available widely, in places like Walmart, but in terms of its strength, it’s incomparable. Ultra Eliminex passed my home testing, QCarbo32 didn’t.

It’s the same online, and amongst friends who’ve been let down. QCarbo32 is an old formula, and I would steer clear of it. I would actually expect to see it phased out in the future in favor of Ultra Eliminex.

 Conclusion & 2022 Update – WARNING on Ultra Eliminex

This review was originally written just after Ultra Eliminex got popular. It was a new formula I haven’t seen constructed before, and in my own testing it worked.

It worked better than Rescue Cleanse and Mega clean, the two trusted brands I had been using before that, and most of my buddies had as well.

However, around start of 2021 I started to notice more and more negative reviews of Ultra Eliminex appearing on places like Reddit and 420 forums.

People were saying the Ultra Eliminex failed. I was quite surprised as it had worked for me in a drug test, and I knew other people who would use it as well by that point.

But here’s the thing. I bought another bottle and compared it’s the original ingredients list. It’s changed.

So Ultra Eliminex now isn’t the original formula that this review was written about.

I tested it again using this new formula and as a regular weed smoker, it didn’t pass the home drug test. Whatever they have done, they have pretty much ruined Ultra Eliminex and I would avoid using it now.

Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean are pretty much the only brands that get that get my full support now.  They work in testing and they work for actual drug test passing.

Rescue Cleanse for $55, or Mega Clean (with six pre-rid pills from TestClear) for $69, are the only alternatives I would recommend.


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