Crazybulk Trenorol Supplement – Lose Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time!

Trenbolone has a long history of use, as many bodybuilders found it to be the perfect addition to their training regime. It gave them strength, power, and most importantly, decreased recovery times so they could get back to training a lot sooner.

All was well and good for a while, but then the side effects cropped up and everything changed. Trenbolone became a banned substance and bodybuilders lost a reliable way to quickly change their physiques for the better.

Enter Trenorol, a completely safe and legal alternative to Trenbolone, which so closely mimics the effects of Trenbolone that some people use the terms synonymously.

In this review, we’ll be looking at what it really is, what its benefits are, what the proper dosage is and so much more!

What Is Trenorol

Trenorol is a derivative of Trenbolone and is a completely safe supplement made out of high-quality ingredients which are meant to increase Testosterone production and protein synthesis.

Unlike Trenbolone, Trenorol has zero reported side effects and users tolerate it very well.

Trenorol works by doing two things in the body, the first thing is the increase in nitrogen retention. As we all should know, nitrogen is an essential component of protein and the more of it is present in the body, the more protein we’ll have.

The second thing it does is increase blood flow in the body. This leads to more oxygen being delivered to our cells and even our brain, which leads to increased energy levels, higher energy output, and increased muscle mass.

The last thing to mention is that Trenorol only has natural ingredients in its composition.


Should You Use It?

 CrazyBulk’s Trenorol has many reported benefits, let’s take a closer look at some of them!

  • Increased Muscle Mass: The kind of muscle you gain while on Trenbolone is insane. You will see your muscle mass increase, your vascularity more pronounced and your pumps are going to get stronger. Trenorol is an all-around great supplement for building muscle!
  • Increased Energy Levels: Forget about coffee as Trenorol does the job just as well. You will feel the increased energy comes naturally after two weeks of use and you will feel like you’re twenty years younger! The kind of energy you get on Trenorol is crazy and it helps you achieve your fitness goals that much easier.
  • Burns Fat and Helps You Lose Weight: Your metabolism goes into overdrive once you introduce Trenorol into your body. You will be shedding fat like crazy and in the process, you will even lose some weight!
  • Increases Strength and Power: Many men that go to the gym hit a plateau sooner or later and they struggle to get over it. With Trenorol, there’s no need for counseling, as you’ll pummel through your limitations in just a month of active use.
  • Reduces Recovery Times: Many athletes use Trenbolone for exactly this reason as the reduced recovery times it bestows the user with really makes a difference. You will see yourself be ready to catch the bull by the horns that much quicker and you will be astonished by how much vitality you have.
  • Increased Libido: If you thought that muscles were the only thing Trenorol works on, you’re dead wrong. It will increase your sexual performance and lust, you will feel pumped up about sex and it will be a much more pleasurable experience for both you and your partner.

Trenorol benefits

Trenbolone Cycle and Dosage

The perfect Trenbolone cycle consists of taking it for two months and then having a cooldown period of one and a half weeks. That promises the best results and anecdotal evidence suggests that doing things this way is the right way to go about it.

Your  dosage should be three pills, 45 minutes before your workout. That’s right, you do have to do some sort of physical exercise for the pills to work. You probably won’t work out every day, so on non-workout days, take one capsule with every bigger meal. That usually ends up being three, if we count breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the beautiful stacks you can create with it.

Let’s take a closer look at them!

trenorol dosage

Stacking Trenorol With Other CrazyBulk Products

Trenbolone has huge synergy and stacks easily with other CrazyBulk products. Depending on what you want to achieve with your body, select the appropriate stack out of the following six options. You can stack it with Testo-Max when going on a cut or bulk, you will experience awesome results.

  • If you stack Trenorol and D-Bal, expect to increase your strength and power.
  • If you’re going with a Trenorol and DecaDuro combo, you can expect reduced recovery times.
  • If you opt for Trenorol and Anadrole, you will experience a massive increase in energy and stamina.
  • If you’re stacking Trenorol and Winsol, it’s best to do it if you want to go on a cut.
  • Lastly, if you’re going with Trenorol and Clenbutrol, you will gain a lot of weight and muscle mass during a bulk.

Trenorol stack

Before and After Pictures

If you want to glean on some of the Trenorol before and after pictures, you’re best off heading to the following link, you will find the pictures under the ”results” tab.

You can achieve these types of results with Trenbolone in just two months of active usage! Remember that people who experienced such results had their diets and exercise routines carefully crafted and that they stuck to them to get the results you see.

Trenorol VS D-Bal

When comparing Trenorol VS D-Bal, one has to consider the fact that these two natural supplements were created for different purposes.

First things first, Trenorol is based on Trenbolone while D-Bal is a legal alternative to Dianabol. Moreover, Trenorol is good for enhancing strength and power while Dianabol is good for building quick muscle mass and during cuts and bulks.

However, everything else is pretty much the same, including pricing and route of administration. The good thing about these two compounds is that they enjoy massive synergy and so one can stack them for maximum effectiveness.

One should take three capsules of Trenorol 45 minutes before a workout and three capsules of D-Bal 45 minutes after a workout. The results one gets on this stack are amazing, if you’re bulking, you will see yourself gain ten pounds per month and visible muscle gains.

If you’re cutting, you will lose a ton of fat and weight, while still maintaining your muscle mass. Both products currently enjoy a promo where you buy two and get the third one for free, so be sure to make use of that deal.

D-bal review

Possible Side Effects

Many people ask themselves whether three pills during workout days is too much for the body to handle, they also question all the possible side effects that could occur while using Trenorol.

The great news is that Trenorol doesn’t have any side effects and that it operates quite smoothly in the body. There have been hundreds of Trenorol review articles written and yet none of them report any side effects. Moreover, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the product is tolerated very well, even by the elderly and that there were absolutely no problems during or after consumption.

One should be aware of allergies, studying the ingredients list should be a priority. People with lactose intolerance should tread carefully.

Moreover, you shouldn’t mix Trenbolone with anything else but water. Combining it with alcohol may lead to side effects to be experienced. You should also not take Trenorol if you’re a woman or are under the age of eighteen.

These precautions are put in place for your own safety, so please adhere to them for your own sake.

Where to Buy It For The Best Price

Trenbolone for sale can be found in many places online and at huge shops such as Amazon or Walmart.

Although the competition is quite big, we don’t suggest you go with any of these websites or online shops. The reason why is because many people reported problems such as being overcharged or getting broken packages with missing items.

To avoid these issues, you’re best off heading to the manufacturer’s website at and buying it from there.

We never had any problems buying it from CrazyBulk and always got professional service whenever we ordered.

Buy trenorol

They are currently running a great promotion on Trenbolone where you buy two and get one for free. That means that three months’ worth of supply will only cost you $123.98! That is a great deal as for only a little over a dollar a day, you get to experience all the amazing benefits Trenorol brings to the table.

Shipping times were also really good, we got our stuff in just two and a half days of waiting.

To conclude this review, we now know how powerful this natural supplement really is and we have the knowledge necessary to start using it on our own.

That would be it, for now, have fun with Trenorol and remember to train hard!


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