Top 3 Detox Pill Courses Compared

In this quick article, I want to cover the top three detox pill courses that you can buy online right now. These are detox pills specially designed to help push drug toxins out of your body as quickly as possible so that you can pass a drug test.

Most detox pills on the market are awful. They are general detoxification pills, only meant to be used for the long-term alongside a healthy lifestyle. They are simply not powerful enough, nor designed, for drug testing.

So what we’re going to do here is look at the three course of pills that are designed for drug testing, and that does have a track record in helping to push out more drug toxins from your body than it can eradicate naturally.

I’m going to talk you through my experiences using/testing each of these detox pills, and tell you where you can buy them at the best price.

The Research I Did Into Detox Pills

I started my research on Reddit. I looked at the detox pills that most people were talking about. The three brands that stuck out were:

  • Rescue 5 Five Day Detox
  • Toxin Rid (various course lengths)
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Based on that initial consensus, I looked into each of those in turn. They vary in price dramatically, and in their reported capability, but they are all specifically designed for drug testing.

I also looked at what was in each pill, to see how the ingredients could help the body to detoxify. Basically, ingredients that help to speed up the removal of toxins from the body, by speeding up processes, being diuretics, flooding the body with things that would draw out more toxins, and speeding up bowel movements.

What I found was that these three detox pills had a strong pedigree for doing what they claim. However, because of the different ingredients, their construction, and how they achieved it, the power within the pills varied significantly.

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No Detox Pill Will Work Without A Natural Detox And Abstinence

What I did next was to look at natural detoxification. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of absolute bullshit spoken in relation to natural detoxing to pass a drug test.

You’ll get claims that you can massively speed up the elimination of toxins just by doing a natural detox. That’s not true. Your body works pretty much at peak performance anyway, unless you’ve got some circumstances which are unusual, like being ill.

So anything you do to accelerate natural detox is only going to be minimal, but it does help to make sure that your body is working at peak efficiency.

These are things you need to do daily to make sure that you are doing a natural detox at peak efficiency:

  • Abstain from taking drugs
  • Cut out alcohol and other related substances
  • Cut out any unnecessary medications
  • Sleep eight hours and rest your mind as well as your body
  • Sweat and exercise every day
  • Eat lean and healthy foods
  • If it’s weed metabolites you’re trying to eliminate eating fatty foods and fiber
  • Drink plenty of water and urinate frequently

How quickly you’ll get clean is an open-ended question. Unfortunately, that’s because everybody is different, as is the frequency of drug use, quality of drugs, and other variables.

Let me talk about cannabis to give you an example of this. A moderate user, someone smoking once a week, should be able to eliminate toxins and test clean in about three days.

When you step up to being a regular smoker, two or three times a week, it can take up to 7 days. Then if you’re a daily smoker, a significant increase of one or even two weeks to be clean.

The worst-case scenario is if you’re a multi-times per day weed smoker. Then, it can take up to a month to get clean. In fact, if you’re unlucky, or you’re fat, then weed metabolites can cling to cells in the body for far longer, and scientifically it’s been proven that weed metabolites can still exist in the body three months after you’ve last smoked a joint.

So only a natural detox alongside a high-quality detox pill that can push out the toxins far faster than natural stand you a chance of getting clean in any reasonable amount of time so that you can pass a drug test in the next week or so.

Let’s now take a look at the three brands of detox pills I researched and tested in detail, so you can see exactly what each is, and how it works.

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

Rescue 5 Day Detox is actually a mid-range priced detox pill. It’s also mid-ranged in terms of its capability to push drug toxins out of your body faster than normal.

Rescue Detox retails around $60, and for your money, you’ll get quite a significant package of different types of pills.

The main anomaly is that although it’s billed as a five-day detox course, it actually takes you eight days to use all the pills that are included. It is in fact only the main batch of pills you take over five days.

In the box, you get starter, morning, evening, and finisher pill courses. On top of that, you also get a set of detox capsules the day of your test (hopefully timed for day 7-8).

  1. The night before you start the main five day pill course, you take the 8x starter pills with 32 fluid ounces of water.
  2. For the next five days after that, first thing in the morning you will take six morning formula pills with 32 fluid ounces of water. In the evening, you’ll take the six evening formula pills with the same amount of water.
  3. The day after you finish the main five day course, or at the latest the day after that, you’ll want to be going to submit your sample. Two hours before you leave, take the eight ICE detox capsules with 32 oz of filtered water. Then urinate three times before leaving.

I found Rescue 5 Day Detox be highly effective. At that point I was a moderate weed smoker, and it got me testing clean on home drug test kits within five days. So I was pretty confident by the day of my drug test when I did the final detox capsules.

For 60 bucks, it’s highly recommended. But it’s not the most potent option out there if you want to pass a drug test, especially if you have lots of drug toxins in your body and have around a week before your test.

Rescue 5 day detox

  1. Toxin Rid

If you’re talking potent detox pills, then Toxin Rid are the course of pills you should be looking at first.

The reason I put them in second place is pure because they cost more, and people with light to medium toxin exposure can probably make do with Rescue 5 Day Detox instead.

But if you’re a daily weed smoker, then Toxin Rid is pretty much essential. That’s because the toxins can linger in your body for several weeks, and only Toxin Rid is potent enough to get that time down significantly.

I tested these bad boys out, and even as a regular daily smoker, I found that I was clean in seven days.

Now they don’t come easy. You have to do the hard work of the natural detox. I actually tapered down from weed for the week leading up to using Toxin Rid, then went cold turkey.

This is what you need to do to use Toxin Rid successfully:

  1. Every day that you are using it, take three pills per hour for the first five hours, for a total of 15 pills per day. Each three pills are taken with 16 ounces of water.
  2. Two hours after you finish the last three pills, you mix up the detox liquid. You drink half of it with 16 fluid ounces of orange juice, wait two hours without drinking or eating anything else, and repeat the process.
  3. Within three days of finishing the main course of detox liquid, you will want to use the dietary fiber supplement. You mix that with 32 fluid ounces of water, and then drink it down rapidly. Don’t drink anything else for two hours, and then drink lots more water because you want that dietary fiber flushing through your body and not getting stuck in your bowels.

That’s pretty straightforward, and as long as you are doing home drug test kits to monitor your process, then you should be clean in about seven days, even as a heavy weed smoker. People find the Toxin Rid course lengths confusing. You can buy a single day course, all the way through to 10 days in length. Up to 3 days is really only for very light toxin exposure, and for people who wants to get rid of some toxins before disguising the rest with a detox drink on the day of the test.

The five and seven day courses are more designed for people with moderate toxin exposure who are hoping to get clean purely using Toxin Rid.

A full 10 day Toxin Rid course is for people with high levels of toxin exposure, who have at least 10 days before a drug test, and want to be clean in that time.

The full 10 day course $189.95, so far more than any of the other pill courses I’m talking about here, but it is the most potent detox pill course you can buy.

Toxin Rid detox

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Third on my list of the best detox pills out there right now is Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula. I’ll start here by saying that they aren’t the most potent detox pill at all, and shouldn’t be used on their own unless you have very low levels of toxin exposure.

But what Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula does very well is to prepare you for using a detox drink on the day of your test.

They are meant to be used as an ongoing supplement. You take two per day, with 60 capsules in the box, meaning one month’s supply.

However, what I would do is take four capsules per day in the two weeks leading up to a drug test. I would do that alongside tapering down, and that means that by the day of my test when I would then use a detox drink, so I have far fewer drug toxins to deal with.

I wouldn’t recommend using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula on its own unless you’re a week from a drug test, and as a moderate weed smoker, you just want to make sure. But they are brilliant for pushing out more toxins and you can naturally, leaving a detox drink less work to do on the day of your test. That means a longer time with masked toxins so that you can pass the test.

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My Experiences Using These Top Three Types Of Detox Pill

I used to smoke a lot of weed. Couple of years back I needed to detox to get a job that was important to me.

I used Toxin Rid. I did the whole 10-day course, and I was starting to test negative after the seventh day. By the 10th day, I was consistently testing negative using cheap home drug test kits. I also passed a urine sample drug test to get the job.

So for me, Toxin Rid works. It really does pump toxins out of your body at a faster rate than you ever could achieve naturally. It’s hard work, but if you genuinely want to get clean, so you definitely can pass a drug test, then Toxin Rid for me is the most potent pill out there.

I also tested Rescue 5 Day Detox. I wanted to cut down on weed, so I tapered down over a couple of weeks and then went cold turkey. I then did the pill course to see how well it worked, for the purposes of understanding its potency and reviewing it.

Rescue 5 Day Detox worked as well. I tested positive at the start of the course and was negative halfway through the main five-day course. I tapered down for a week beforehand, so I had fewer metabolites in my body. But as a regular weed smoker, there would have been plenty still flying around.

So for me again, Rescue 5 Day Detox works. For a low price, you’re getting a potent eight-day course that even includes an on the day of your drug test detox pill course, masking any remaining toxins. Technically, you shouldn’t even need a detox drink on the day of your test using Rescue, but I would still recommend it.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is something a friend of mine used. I haven’t actually used it, so I’m passing on information I’ve seen from someone who’s actually tried it.

The herbal pre-cleanse formula worked for him. He tapered down over a week, using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula alongside it, at a rate of four pills per day, morning and evening. Alongside a natural detox, it seemed to work.

After tapering down for a week and taking the pills every day, he then used a high-quality detox drink on the day of the drug test and passed.

Now he could have passed anyway, but that insurance policy meant that the detox drink had far less toxins to mask on the day of your test.

If you’re thinking of using a detox drink to pass a test with, then a week of Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, or even a couple of weeks as you taper down, could really give you a cast-iron guarantee. As it only costs $30 for a month supply, what’s to lose?

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Alternatives To Detox Pills For Passing A Drug Test

My experience has shown me that detox pills really do work. But you do have to get detox pills that are specifically designed for eradicating drug toxins in a short space of time. Those everyday detox pills you can buy at places like Walmart, Walgreens, eBay, are useless. They are ongoing supplements that are not suitable for drug tests.

However, you don’t always get the time to do a natural detox. I’d recommend it if you have a couple of weeks before a drug test because it means you can go to that test worry-free.

I’d also recommend if you have a little notice, to do a natural detox with detox pills accelerating it if you are planning to use a detox drink on the day of your test. It will simply mean there are less toxins for the detox drink to deal with.

I want to finish here by talking specifically about alternatives to detox pills if you are facing a drug test at short notice and you just can’t get clean naturally, or even accelerated using detox pills.

As I’ve already mentioned detox drinks, let’s cover them first.

On its own, a potent detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean, should be able to mask drug toxins for at least two or three hours so you can pass a drug test.

It’s a misconception that detox drinks get rid of toxins from your body permanently. What actually happens is they flush out your body, and at the same time flood it with things found in urine, so that some are passed through your body as waste. That way, your urine appears natural and toxin-free. It only does this until toxins work their way through your kidneys and into your urine again, usually after 3-5 hours.

You can dramatically increase your chances of passing using a detox drink by doing a 24-hour detox the day before your test, 48 hours is even better. Don’t take any drugs, and do a natural detox as outlined earlier. Then on the day of your test, there are simply fewer toxins working their way out of your body in a rush.

But the most effective way to pass a drug test, the easiest way, is to use fake urine. A top-quality brand like Sub Solution is almost guaranteed to work, as long as you cover your end of the deal.

Although Sub Solution is highly complex, and almost detectable compared to human urine, it won’t work if you’re caught smuggling in, or if it submits it outside the correct temperature range.

As long as the drug test is unsupervised, you can just smuggle it in by putting it into your underwear, and then wearing baggy jogging bottoms.

Sub Solution also comes with heat activator powder. That allows you to get the temperature of the sample to within the correct temperature range (90°F – 100°F) just before you go in. That takes away nearly all the risk associated with fake urine around submitting it outside the correct temperature range, which is obviously quite narrow.

So if it’s unsupervised, using Sub Solution is my advice. If it’s supervised, or you just don’t want to smuggle a sample in, use a detox drink backed up by as much of a natural detox (accelerated by detox pills) as possible. You can purchase Sub Solution synthetic urine from Testnegative and Mega Clean detox drink with detox pills from Testclear.

best synthetic urine

If you got a couple of weeks before your test, and you want to get genuinely clean is you don’t have to worry at all, then a full natural detox backed up by Toxin Rid, or Rescue 5 Day Detox, will get you testing clean.

My final word here is to make sure you buy at least five cheap home drug test kits at the same time. That will allow you to monitor your progress so that you get knowledge of when you testing clean, and confidence that it’s working.

Just make sure you retain one of the home drug test kits to do just before you leave. That way you’ll know if you’re clean, and if you’re not, then fake urine is the ultimate backup plan under any circumstances.

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