How To Use Test Clear Powdered Urine

Testclear one of the most trustworthy names in drug test products, so with such a strong pedigree, it stands to reason that the Testclear powdered urine kit should be high-quality as well.

Well, the truth is that the powdered urine kit is not that well known. But as it costs $50, and it’s made by Testclear, it’s surely worth considering, especially when a lot of other brands out there are cheaper and have worse track records.

But there’s not a lot online about whether Testclear powdered urine failed people, or help people to pass. So what I’m doing here is looking at the evidence in this review, so that you can get the best idea of how much of a serious consideration the Testclear powdered urine can be when compared to cheaper options like Quick Fix.

Who Are Testclear

Testclear is one of the best companies out there for buying products to avoid drug test detection from. They’ve been around for a lot of years, and have a very strong reputation.

They sell Toxin Rid, the most powerful detox pills you can buy. These are not cheap, but I know from my own experiences that they are virtually the only detox pill that does as it claims.

They also sell Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, the most powerful detox shampoo available. They took the formula from an old powerful formula and recreated it, giving hope to people who are facing hair sample drug tests.

Plus, they now also sell a high-quality powdered urine kit. As the name implies, it’s a powder that you have to add water to. I’ll go through the full instructions for using the Testclear powdered urine kit in a moment, but everything about it does say it’s good quality.

From my tests, investigations, and questioning, the Testclear powdered urine kit definitely fulfills the following key criteria for any synthetic urine (for one very good reason I will reveal to you at the end of this review):

  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Formulated within the correct pH range
  • Falls within the specific gravity range of human urine
  • Contains creatine
  • Contains other chemicals found in human urine
  • Looks and froths like real human urine

Even better, the Testclear powdered urine kit does not contain biocide.

Biocide is an artificial preservative that is found in a lot of brands of synthetic urine. It’s been rumored for a couple of years that the big testing companies have realized this and now test the presence of biocide. It makes sense, as it rules out a lot of fake samples very easily.

Which means that the fact Testclear powdered urine doesn’t contain biocide puts it in an elite group of only a handful of urine product I’ve ever found that doesn’t contain biocide (the others being Monkey Whizz (Flask), Quick Fix, Sub Solution, and Quick Luck).

Testclear review

Testclear Powdered Urine Kit Instructions

 The Testclear powdered urine kit is pretty standard stuff. The instructions are very much the same as any other type of synthetic urine; the only variation really being the initial mixing of the powdered urine:

  1. Fill the mixing vial to the right level using lukewarm water. Agitate it gently until it’s completely dissolved and clear.
  2. The temperature strip is annotated to display at between 90°F and 100°F, these are the legal boundaries within which a urine sample must be submitted.
  3. You have two choices when it comes to getting the sample within the right temperature. The official instructions on the Testclear packaging and website say to simply stick the heatpad to the side of the sample. Within 45 minutes it will bring room temperature water to within the right temperature range keep it there for up to 6 hours.

The other way of doing it, which I would recommend as it puts less stress on the heat pad and allows you to get going quicker, is to use warm water, or a microwave, to try and get the temperature is close to 100°F as possible, but not above, before you attach the heatpad.

A quick word on the heatpad. It’s a really high-quality slender one. Better than that, unusual amongst synthetic urine brands that use a heatpad, it has a self-adhesive side to it. You peel off the backing, and you then wrap it around the sample container. You don’t have to worry about an elastic band, or anything coming loose, and it helps to omit a really constant heat into the sample.

It’s a brilliantly simple and unique idea.

  1. When you get to the lab check the temperature is still within the correct range, and then confidently go in and submit your sample. A top tip from me is always to have a heat source available just in case the sample has cooled. It could be a flask of hot water, it could be another heatpad, or you could just pop into a local bar and run it under the hot tap.testclear powdered urine kit

Does It Really Work?

On the Testclear website, it’s claimed that Test Clear synthetic urine is used to calibrate drug testing equipment. It states it’s never failed a calibration test in the history of the product. Now I haven’t been to verify this, but it’s a big claim to make if it’s found out to be untrue.

I haven’t been able to test this product myself. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had a reason to, because I’ve used Sub Solution, and more recently Quick Luck, as they are the next level up in terms of complexity and safety (and price, costing double the price of the Testclear powdered urine kit).

You can read a review of Sub Solution here, and Quick Luck here. You can also buy Sub Solution and Quick Luck on the Test Negative website.

So I haven’t been up to personally verify, for the purposes of this Test Clear powdered urine review, that it works, because I haven’t been able to use it and nobody I know has used it.

But because of the pedigree, coming from the company Testclear, and the claims that they have made, I would certainly trust it over many other popular synthetic urine brands.

What Do Testclear Powdered Urine Reviews Say?

 Because it’s not a popular product, it’s actually surprisingly under-marketed, and the fact it’s quite new, mean there are not a lot of real-world user reviews online about it.

So it’s difficult to ascertain if Testclear powdered urine failed anyone in a real drug test. However, I have not been to find any evidence of anyone saying it has.

I looked on Reddit, across all the major discussion groups in fact, and didn’t find anything negative about it. In fact, everyone was saying it had worked for them. However, the SubReddit discussing it has been deleted for some reason.

Testclear Urine Failed Accusations

So for me, if you see any Testclear powdered urine failed accusations online, I would take them with a pinch of salt.

This is a high-quality synthetic urine product from a company with a really strong pedigree. They simply wouldn’t make the strong claims about the product never failing if they knew that wasn’t true. It would destroy the reputation of the company.

It’s a $50 urine kit, putting it well above the cost of the Monkey Flask, and Quick Fix, two of the other most popular products, which both retail at around $30. So for me, that puts it firmly into the middle ground for people who want a bit more for reassurance, but don’t want to spend $100 on quick luck.

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I want to finish this powdered urine review by reassuring you a little more. This is an important point that I’m now about to make.

Sub Solution is the most popular powdered urine kit. However, it’s synthetic urine. So it’s a powder that is mixed with water to mimic urine.

The point I want to get across to you here is that the Testclear urine is actually real human urine that’s been freeze-dried. So you are reconstituting real urine. Which means that it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to submitting a real sample.

buy testclear powdered urine kit

Now I’m not saying that that makes it any better than Sub Solution, and I certainly wouldn’t swap from using Sub Solution as it’s always worked for me.

However, if you are now getting powdered urine for the first time, then it’s certainly a consideration because you are buying balanced human urine, and not a bunch of chemicals that are mimicking it.

But the jury is still out on how good it is because there’s not a lot of evidence online about it. But for me, because of its composition and the fact it’s made by Testclear, then the Testclear powdered urine kit is definitely something to consider as a better option than Quick Fix or Monkey Flask (Whizz).

The final thing I’ll say at the end of this review is that there is no working coupon online for this product. So please don’t bother searching for one.

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