TB 500 Peptide: Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy TB 500 That Work

Bodybuilders looking to recover more quickly from injury, and to get more positive muscle growth, are raving about something called TB-500. But what is it? Well, in this full TB-500 review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

It’s actually synthetic but based on a natural protein. It is used in animals to have significantly positive effects, but how does it react in humans? Well, I’ll tell you exactly what sort of tissue repairing results you can expect, especially if using TB 500 for muscle growth.

I’ll also tell you about potential side effects, and the sort of TB 500 dosage people are using to get positive results. On top of all that, I’ll tell you where I have bought TB 500 that’s really worked for me.

What Is TB-500 Peptide?

TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of a protein called Thymosin Beta-4 (LKKTETQ). Catchy Huh?

But this ridiculous name has potentially significant healing properties that can help anyone, but specifically for the purposes of this TB-500 review, sporting recovery, especially bodybuilding.

This stuff must work because it’s been banned by all the major sporting bodies around the world. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t ban it, would they?

So it’s an artificially extracted fraction of a protein present in most mammals, that works by helping to improve the way that a protein called actin builds cells in the body. It doesn’t do on its own, but it is a vital building block.

Actin promote cell growth throughout the body, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sporting injury, or you’re looking to improve muscle gains from bodybuilding, especially if putting more pressure on them when using SARMs, increased levels will help your body to recover.

So what happens in the body is actin travels to the site of injury and helps to promote cell growth, to allow the body to regenerate and return to full health. At the same time, it helps to reduce inflammation that has been generated to protect the area. TB-500 up-regulates the production of actin, leading to far greater cell proliferation at a faster rate.

But how effective is this artificial version, TB-500, at accentuating the way that natural Thymosin Beta-4 acts in the body?

Great Benefits For Bodybuilders!

 TB 500 is not licensed for use in humans or animals. But despite that, it’s very common in the equestrian industry, where vets routinely administer it as ongoing insulation against injury because of its ability to speed up recovery times. Animal studies have proved very positive in terms of the results achieved, with significantly improve recovery times recorded.

People have apparently been using TB 500 for more than 30 years, so although it’s not fully tested on humans, in fact, there is almost no human testing completed, it is actually more widely used than is understood. But that’s not the complete story, and to reassure you, human studies using this synthetic peptide have been undertaken, with no significant problems for participants.

The sort of  B 500 effects that people are benefiting from, especially in the bodybuilding world include:

  • Improved strength
  • Increased muscle gains at the end of the cycle
  • Improved endurance levels
  • Significantly faster healing time from tissue and muscle damage
  • Reduced pain levels
  • Can help to reduce inflammation

So as you can see, all of the potential positive effects of Thymosin Beta-4 are really relevant to us here in the bodybuilding world, especially those of us pushing our muscles even further using SARMs.

In addition to all that, it’s reputed to help something called athletes hearts. This is where pushing your body to the limit can put a strain on the heart, and is obviously prevalent in athletes. TB-500 can help to repair the tissue damage and keep the heart healthier than it could naturally due to this condition.

TB 500 effects

Why TB 500 Is Used In bodybuilding

It should be fairly obvious to see why TB 500 is of such particular interest to bodybuilders. Just as with racehorses, dosing it frequently can help the body to repair itself far quicker than it can naturally. This offers the means you can push yourself harder, and recover more quickly.

Bodybuilders using SARMs are already pushing the muscles harder than naturally, which can create problems. But using TB-500, not only can damage be repaired quickly, but the essential micro-tears that are created in order to improve muscle growth will also heal more quickly.

Plus, its ability to reduce inflammation around the body can help with keeping you in a situation where you can complete your bodybuilding cycle pain-free, and stop your body from seizing up.

Dosage For First Time Users

TB-500 seeks out problems in the body. Actin is a fast-traveling protein that travels around the body fast, helping it to heal when problems are found. Its artificial component TB-500 does exactly the same, racing round the body promoting the production of actin when needed.

But because of the speed it travels around the body and acts, you don’t need the same dose all the time. It will rapidly start the healing process and improve it, allowing you to then lower the dose and take it less frequently.

There’s no way to tell you what a good TB 500 dosage is, as it’s never gone through any human trials. But in the bodybuilding world doses of around 10 mg are common. I would dose at that level 2 – 3 times per week, and then drop the dose to 5 mg after a couple of weeks.

Some people dose it for maintenance. Meaning that throughout a bodybuilding cycle they take a low dose, usually as low as 2 mg every few days, regardless of injury or not.

But unfortunately, the same as with all the compounds being used in bodybuilding really, there is no proper dosage range I can give you. It’s about experimenting yourself. I would recommend you always start with a very low dose and monitor yourself carefully.

To take it successfully can require an injection. But it’s not always the case, as long as you get high-quality TB-500 oral liquid that is well concentrated for rapid absorption into the body.

TB-500 dosage

There Might Be Side Effects

TB 500 side effects are possible. But most people don’t actually suffer any at all, but you need to be aware that they are potentially there. New users can suffer from nausea, and headaches, but other than that there shouldn’t really be any problems once your body gets used to it.

However, we should mention that TB 500 has been linked to causing cancer. But this is very unproven and is only a hypothesis in a single group of studies. The theory is that its ability to increase cell production could also cause cancer cells to reproduce more quickly. But they would have to be there in the first place to do that.

In fact, contrary to this, a different body of evidence suggests that it can actually help to regulate the movement of colon cancer cells, and other types of cancer cells, stopping them from spreading as rapidly.

Muscle Growth Results

 So you now know that TB 500 is a synthetic peptide, a version of something in the body that helps to generate cell growth and repair the body, plus it lowers inflammation.

Using it alongside SARMs is ideal in bodybuilding. You’ll get insane muscle growth results from the SARMs anyway, but also increased recovery speed using an ongoing dose of TB-500 can really help as well.

Plus, as I mentioned, TB 500 helps to generate healing in the muscle, so the growth will be more rapid and dramatic. So for me, in my experience and other people’s I’ve seen, TB-500 muscle growth results are definitely more significant than naturally and using SARMs as well.

So for me, it’s worth trying in your bodybuilding regime. Built-in at a very low dose post cycle, to aid recovery and repair muscle damage. It’s improved my gains, and I’m sure it will for you as well. Just watch out for any side effects, and keep those doses low.

Finding High Quality Peptides And SARMs For Sale

SARMs, peptides, even anabolic steroids, whatever you are using, most of the problem is actually getting hold of the stuff in the first place. There are tons of places out there that will sell you the supplements, only a few actually sell you the real deal, pure and uncut.

I’ve found genuine TB 500 for sale at two different places. I know it’s genuine because I’ve seen the recovery time gains in my experiments over the past couple of years.

The first place is Rats Army (UPDATE: Now Out Of Business). A 5 mg vial of TB-500 is for sale at $45.99. It’s great quality, and it’s mostly where I buy my peptides from. Plus I also buy my SARMs there as well.

You’ll get free shipping in the USA, and a 100% moneyback guarantee making it even better value for money.

The second place that I’ve bought from a few times is Swiss Chems. Pricewise, they are very similar. A 5-milligram vial of TB-500 will cost you just $52.95, which is a little bit more expensive.

So there you go, the conclusion of my TB 500 review has to be that it’s worth a try. A small dose taken regularly between cycles of SARMs has really helped me with my recovery and muscle gains. You’ll feel less pain, and will get significantly improved results using TB 500 peptide.

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