Synthetix5 Fake Urine: Is It Good Enough To Pass A Pre Employment Test?

Synthetix5 reviews claim that it’s one of the top brands of fake urine that you can buy. Perfectly balanced, and certain to pass a drug test.

But what’s the truth here? I’ve analyzed, used, and networked about synthetic urine for several years now, and I’m telling you that those Synthetix5 reviews conclusions are not necessarily correct, and might be putting your risk.

So let me talk you through using Synthetix5 for a lab test, tell you exactly what’s in it, and also tell you whether Synthetix5 could really fail you, despite its complex formula.

What Is Synthetix5?

Synthetix5 is a synthetic urine brand that’s had a pretty good track record up until the past couple of years. Looking online, and talking to a lot of people I know in the real world and through places like Facebook and Reddit, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about it more recently though.

So what’s going on with Synthetix5? Why is it starting to fail people?

On the surface, there is no evidence to suggest it could fail. Labs definitely look for the presence of urea, sometimes uric acid, creatinine, and various other chemicals and minerals found in urine. When they find them, they pass the sample as valid, and then they test it against the various panels for the types of drugs.

As long as you submit it within the correct temperature range (between 90°F 100°F) then there shouldn’t be a problem, should there?

Synthetix5 reviews

Does It Work: My Synthetix5 Lab Test Evidence

But the reality is that the Synthetix5 fail evidence is becoming overwhelming. I’ve never used the stuff, but my friend did recently. Not a “real life” friend, an online buddy, but I’ve known them for a few years.

They had a test at Labcorp and they failed it. Despite the fact it was a good price, and it seems to contain all the essential minerals, and I trust what they said about double-checking the temperature, a week after they submitted a sample, they were told they have failed.

The hand warmer, the heat pad, in Synthetix5 is quite good as well, I’ve seen it and tested it. But they still failed that important drug test.

So what’s going on here, because everything on the surface is pointing to Synthetix5 being a reputable brand, those Synthetix5 reviews saying it’s good terms of composition are right, but the truth is that they are wrong about it passing, people are failing using Synthetix5.

Synthetix5 Labcorp = BUSTED

I suspect the problem is not about something that is missing, but it’s that something artificial, something that shouldn’t be in human urine, is being detected by validity testing. I think it’s interesting that a lot of the people I’ve seen online saying they failed using it have been tested through Labcorp and Quest.

Those are the two big players in USA drug testing, and it makes me think something is going on here.

A couple of years ago it was rumored that the big testing labs had realized that most synthetic urine contains artificial preservatives, mostly bleach-based or biocide-based preservatives.

Now I don’t think they were looking for bleach, because that’s easy to spot. I’ve even seen evidence online from a lab technician saying they can spot a sample that has bleaching it from a mile away because it leaves a colored ring around the top of the sample where the top of the liquid is.

Biocide is a common preservative, and I know for a fact that a lot of fake urine brands do contain it, and the evidence suggests that Synthetix5 is failing lab tests for that reason.

Think about it this way guys, why go through the process of trying to detect a fake sample by looking at all the different chemicals in it, when you know that fake urine mostly contains them. Wouldn’t it be far easier to simply check for the presence of a common artificial preservative that’s used in pretty much all the fake urine on the market?

So that’s why I think it is going on here. Synthetix5 Labcorp horror stories are becoming more frequent, as they are for an increasing range of drug testing companies. Why? For me, it’s because Synthetix5 contains the artificial preservative called biocide.

 A Better Alternative To Synthetix5 

So look, that doesn’t mean that fake urine doesn’t work anymore. It’s pretty damn clear that as long as it contains everything it should, it’s going to pass. As long as you submit it within the correct temperature range, then you’re going to get through that drug test.

The problem is that not many types of fake urine avoid using biocide-based preservatives.

However, I know for a fact that Sub Solution does not contain biocide. The manufacturer (Clear Choice) has confirmed this in detail.

They made it clear they are aware of the issue around potential detection of preservatives, and they make sure that they keep up-to-date on failures so that they can swap out any ingredients they use that could be starting to be detected.

Better than that, Sub Solution doesn’t even use a heating pad. It uses heat activator powder.

Synthetix5 alternatives

Heat activator powder is tapped into a liquid, agitated gently, and as it dissolves it slowly raises the temperature. Keep adding a little bit of powder until it gets to within the correct temperature range. Then you can just go in and submit the sample within about 20 minutes.

In fact, because most drug tests are unsupervised, you could even check the sample just before you submit it, and add a bit to the sample right there in the testing facility.

So Sub Solution is keeping you safe from the problem of having artificial preservative detected, and from a heating pad failing you as well.

Synthetix5 reviews are right, it’s high-quality fake urine. But unfortunately, because it contains a biocide, you are screwed in most situations.

So for me, avoid it like the plague, and my recommendation is instead to buy sub solution. It’s $80, which is more expensive, but for that money you’re getting the best formula, you’re getting the amazing heat activator powder, and you are completely safe from being detected because of artificial ingredients.


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