Swiss Chems SARMs: Legit And Perfect For Any Refugees

There’s been a supply earthquake in the SARMs market over the past 18 months, and especially in 2021.

The fallout is ongoing, and I’m going to explain to you why it’s getting more difficult to obtain good quality SARMs at reasonable prices. So this isn’t just a simple review of Swiss Chems, the SARMs company I now use the most frequently.

It’s going to explain why I use them, and why they are a great alternative to

Swiss Chems Are The Answer To My Personal Disaster

If you are buying SARMs, peptides, or any other bodybuilding supplements, then you have probably heard of These guys have been around for five years, providing the highest quality supplements at the best prices around.

A one-stop shop that I, and practically everyone else, have been using for SARMs to some degree.

But is closing at the end of March 2022. A personal disaster for me, and many others.

The great news is that my second SARMs source, a company called Swiss Chems, is more than capable of stepping up and replacing them.

I know this for a fact because of the purity of the SARMs they sell.

But more than that, I also know through the grapevine that Swiss Chems are buying all the stock that is unsold from So even though it will get harder to obtain, in the short term, Swiss Chems will be your best source for any type of supplement.

Why Swiss Chems Tick All The Boxes For High Quality SARMs

 I have very high standards for what I put into my body, and only a handful of companies ever pass the cheques.

Swiss Chems tick all of the boxes I put in place to protect myself, and what I recommend to others:

  • Purity guaranteed SARMs
  • Verified independent third-party lab tests
  • They sell a wide variety of sarms
  • They sell are supporting range of peptides
  • Online feedback is good
  • My personal experiences have been superb
  • They’ve been around for several years

A lot of that may sound obvious, but I’m telling you that most SARMs sellers fall down on two or three of those points.

So overall, Swiss Chems are definitely where I’m now going to buy most of my SARMs, and they are the #1 SARMs and peptides source I will recommend.

Swiss Chems SARMs Range In Detail

The main point I want to make about Swiss Chems SARMs is that they are capsules of powder, not liquid SARMs.

Don’t worry, liquid SARMs are just the same powder that’s dissolved/suspended in a carrier liquid. There’s no difference in dose or quality.

In fact, capsules are far easier to use. You get the precise dose more easily, and there’s no messing around with liquids.

On the downside, capsules have historically been more expensive. But the gap is narrowing dramatically to the point where prices between powder in capsules are almost identical because of the difficulty in obtaining SARMs wholesale in the first place.

Swiss Chems sell 10 types of SARMs capsules:

  • Cardarine
  • Ostarine
  • Testolone
  • Ibutamoren
  • Myostatin
  • Andarine
  • S-23
  • Accardine
  • SR-9011 (Similar to Stenabolic)
  • RAD-150 (Similar to Testolone)

All of the SARMs they sell are purity guaranteed and prices are good. As an example of pricing, let’s look at the classic SARM Ostarine. 60 capsules, each dosing 10 mg, costs $63.95.

In addition, Swiss Chems stock a growing range of peptides. BPC-157, Melanotan II, TB-500, the gangs all there.

So whether it’s SARMs or peptides (or both) that you want, then every single major one on the market is available from this single high-quality source now.

Swiss chems sarms

High-Quality PCT: Swiss Chems Nolvadex

If you’re using SARMs then you’re going to have to use PCT supplements as well. The thing I’ve always found weird is that most SARMs sellers don’t also sell generic PCT supplements.

It’s tough to get your hands on high-purity generic Nolvadex or Clomid.

Swiss Chems sell an absolute ton of high-quality PCT supplements in capsule and injectable format:

  • Nolvadex
  • Clomid
  • Raloxifene
  • Anastrozole
  • Letrozole
  • Liothyronine

That’s just a sample of the high-quality PCT supplements they sell.

In addition to all that lot, they sell a new natural PCT supplement. Now, I’ve used these in the past and generally they aren’t as potent as things like Nolvadex and Clomid.

But if you only have a minor drop after a cycle, then a natural PCT supplement (testosterone booster) can be enough. It’s called “Swiss Naturals” and I recommend you check it out as an alternative.

Swiss Chems Are The Legitimate Alternative For High-Quality SARMs, Peptides & PCT

For me, Swiss Chems are a fantastic alternative to the SARMs sellers that are going down the drain due to lack of supply.

The problem is that is not going away anytime soon. Ukraine situation, the pandemic, and the blanket ban on SARMs production and export in China. None of that is ending soon.

So you need to grab high-quality supplements while you can, and while the prices are good. Because they are only going to go up, and the number of sellers offering high purity at good prices is going to go down and down.

I’ve run several cycles using Swiss Chems SARMs over the past few years and the results of always been good, with no side effects beyond the normal ones you get from SARMs of any type.

Here’s Another Reason To Buy Your SARMs From Swiss Chems

There’s a working 10% coupon code that I used on my last order: gyula10.

Simply paste that into the coupon code field during the checkout process and you’ll get 10% off your order.

So overall, the conclusion of this review is that Swiss Chems are one of the few remaining high-quality SARMs, peptides, and PCT sellers out there that are genuinely offering high purity alongside decent prices.

On top of that, the capsules are very low in price compared to other sellers, and for your money, you are getting convenience, accurate dosing, and you don’t have to deal with raw SARMs powder.

Swisschems review

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