Certo Drug Test Method: Instructions&Alternatives

If you are surfing around looking for a way to pass a drug test, then the Sure Jell drug test method is one that you will certainly come across. It’s a home remedy, sometimes known as the Certo for  drug test method, some call it “Sure Jell detox”.

So what exactly is the Sure Jell drug test method, and does it work? Is there any evidence it can actually get rid of drug toxins and pass a drug test or is it another home remedy that will just get you in trouble?

In this post, I’m going to explain exactly how you do the Certo/Sure Jell method, why people think it works if there’s any evidence the Sure Jell detox works, plus I’ll also explain other ways you can pass a drug test that might be more reliable.

What Is The Certo Drug Test Method?

The basic Sure Jell drug test method is pretty straightforward, I’ll go through the instructions for trying it in a moment.

But what it’s meant to achieve is the temporary removal of drug toxins. When you take in toxins, they race around your bloodstream and then work their way out of your body through your bladder, bowels, and sweat.

Some get attached to cells in the body and take hours, days and weeks to work their way out.

Especially with cannabis, THC metabolites can attach to fat cells, and can take much longer to work their way out through the bladder and bowels, much longer than things like cocaine, where the metabolites work their way out through the bladder in less than a handful of days.

In essence, the Certo for drug test method is a long advocated home remedy, alleged to be especially suited to removing THC, that’s been around on the Internet for years.

Certo Drug Test Instructions

certo drug testBefore I talk about whether the Sure Jell drug test method works, let’s just talk you through the instructions, so you can see what you will need, and what you have to do.

You will need the following to do the Certo Sure Jell method:

  • Two packs of Sure Jell, Certo, or another brand of fruit pectin
  • Two large, at least 32 oz, sports drinks, something like Gatorade
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin B2

Now, before I give you the full Certo drug test instructions, I just want to mention that you will find so many variations of the instructions online, different in every video, on every website, that they can be very confusing.

But these are the classic instructions, which have been around for years, and which I used myself a few years ago:

  1. In the two days leading up to your drug test, drink a significantly increased amount of water each day. Urinate frequently, as it will help to flush out the toxins from your body.
  1. The night before your test, before you go to bed, mix the first pack of Sure Jell with the first sports drink. Shake them together well until the pectin is dissolved, and drink over 15 minutes.
  1. On the day of your test, three hours before you are due to leave, drink at least 32 oz of water.
  2. Two hours before your test, mix up the second Sure Jell pectin packet, with the second sports drink. Again, drink this smoothly over 15 minutes. Urinate a couple of times after this.
  3. One hour before your test, drink 32 oz of water, and also take the multivitamin and vitamin B2 supplement. Then urinate again.

That’s it in a nutshell, and it’s the classic Certo drug test method. There is a shorter variation, if you are really stuck, which basically amounts to drinking one packet of Sure Jell mixed with a sports drink, two hours before your test.

Then following step four above. However, you’ll really be pushing your luck, and unless you are really light in toxins, nothing will happen.

Will The Sure Jell Drug Test Detox Work?

Well, this is the million-dollar question is in it? Using Certo for drug test success is certainly something people online are advocating, but what’s the reality here?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to be particularly happy about it.

There is literally no scientific evidence that links drinking fruit pectin to getting rid of drug toxins.

What people seem to suggest, or believe, online is that somehow the fruit pectin lines the bladder, which stops fresh toxins getting into the bladder for a few hours.

Now there are a couple of problems with this idea:

  1. Fruit pectin, just like sugar, salt, everything else, gets broken down stomach by stomach acid. It does not just pass through the stomach and line the bladder.
  2. Fruit pectin is predominantly sugar and fiber. Fiber is dealt with in the bowels, not the bladder.

So as you can see, the assumptions being made online, some of which you may have read already, simply cannot be true.

Now, what could actually be happening that is allowing some people to pass a drug test, using the Sure Jell drug test method, is the following:

  1. The volume of liquid being drunk is forcing the drug toxins in the bladder out, giving you a small window of opportunity when your urine is free of toxins. Then using the multivitamin and vitamin B12, is temporarily replacing the nutrients lost when you flush yourself out.
  1. Weed metabolites are almost unique in that they attach themselves to fat. They bind to fat cells, and predominantly work their way out of the bowel, although they do also pass out of the bladder.

So the fiber in the fruit pectin is generating bile in the bowel, which could be dragging more toxins out of the body.

However, having said all that, your chances of passing using the Sure Jell method, are not so good.

For a start, your sample would be tested for validity. Unless you were incredibly lucky, they would spot it was diluted, because of all the water you have drunk, and even though you try to replace the nutrients flushed out, the chances of you achieving a natural balance that wouldn’t be spotted, are pretty small.

Plus, although you could be dragging more toxins out of the bowel, it’s only over a short space of time, and anything dragged out of the bowel is not going to make any difference to a urine drug test.

Sure, there will be fewer toxins in your body, but unless you are a very light user, there are still going to be plenty leaching into your urine.

On a personal level, I tried it a few years back when I was naive, and I failed a pre-employment drug test using the certo method.

I also know people who have failed drug tests in the past using Certo. But, I’ve also known a couple of people who passed using it.

So there is a bit of a gray area, and as I’ve said, I suspect it’s people with very low toxin levels, or who get lucky, who are passing.

does certo work for all drugs

Why People Try Unreliable Drug test Avoidance Methods

I really can’t work out why people try unreliable drug test methods, basically home remedies. Perhaps it’s naivety, like with me many years ago.

A home remedy is where you are using something easily available, like fruit pectin, cranberry juice, baking powder, something like that, which is reputed to be able to flush out drug toxins.

The one thing all these home remedies for passing drug tests having common is that they don’t work.

If you get lucky with them, it’s because you’re flushing out the toxins with liquid, and the lab isn’t picking that up for some reason. I suspect it’s happening less and less, as lab testing standards rise.

How To Pass A Drug Test Without Home Remedies

So my advice is not to try passing an important drug test using the Sure jell drug test method. It’s far too variable, and unless you are very lucky, you’ll fail.

If you want to pass a drug test, then there are two far better ways to do so.

The first way to use synthetic urine. A good quality synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution, contains all the chemical markers that a lab will check for when it tests for a valid sample.

On top of that, Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, rather than a heating pad. So you don’t need a microwave, and you don’t need to smuggle a bulky container of liquid, plus the heat pad attached to it, into the drug testing lab. Is just a small flask of liquid, and that’s easy to store in your underwear.

You don’t have to worry about the heat pad failing either. Because Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, you can literally stand outside the lab, and check the temperature, and add a little more powder if it needs to warm up more.

sure jell detox alternatives

If you don’t fancy trying to smuggle something into your drug test, then you could use a detox drink.

A detox drink works in the way that people claim the Sure Jell method does. It flushes out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, using a complex set of ingredients.

It also replaces lost nutrients but using a natural balance, and it uses vitamin B12, so your urine looks the right color

If you do a 48-hour detox, and you use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse 32OZ, then you are guaranteed to pass.

So the choice you have is to spend $10 on the Sure-Jell drug test method and then toss a coin to see if you pass a fail because that’s what you will be doing when you hand over your sample.

Or, spend $60-$80 on fake urine, or 55$-80$ on a high-quality detox drink, and walk in confidently knowing you’re going to 100% pass.

It doesn’t seem like a difficult decision for me? So I would really advise you do not consider using Certo for a drug test.

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