Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review: How Good Is This Fake Urine?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is often said to be the best synthetic urine kit you can buy. But how true is that? Well, in this detailed Sub Solution review, I’m going to take a look at this popular synthetic urine and tell you the truth about it.

I’ll tell you if it’s reputable, what’s in it that makes it so good, I’ll tell you the exact instructions for using Sub Solution, and where to buy it at the best price.

But, there’s one surprise in this Sub Solution synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you that there is actually better synthetic urine out there now. But does that make Sub Solution obsolete?

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Clear choice Sub Solution is reputed to be the best synthetic urine on the market today.

The reason for this is that it’s the most complex type of synthetic urine you can currently buy. It contains urea, uric acid, plus 11-13 other chemical markers that are found in human urine. These chemicals are the ones a drug testing lab will look for to check the sample is valid, so the more there are, the less chance there is of you being caught out.

Clear Choice urine is also one of only a few on the market that doesn’t contain something called biocide. Biocides are chemicals that are put into products to preserve them. Most brands of synthetic urine contain biocides.

It was rumored in 2018 that some of the big testing labs, like LabCorp, had cottoned onto the fact that this preservative was present, and was actively starting to test for its presence. It appears to be the truth, as more and more types of synthetic urine are failing, even if they contain the right chemicals, and are submitted at the right temperature.

Clear Choice is a company with a good level of trust, and reputation. They also make Rescue Cleanse detox drink, one of the better detox drinks on the market, so they are a brand you can trust.

How To Use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Using Sub Solution is very straightforward, and the instructions are pretty simple:

  • You get a plastic bottle to mix the solution up in. Fill it with warm water.
  • Add the synthetic urine powder to the bottle, then screw the top on and agitate it gently until it is clear.
  • Check the temperature strip on the side. It needs to be as close to 100°F as possible, without being more than a couple of degrees over that. Note that the below 88°F the temperature strip won’t show a reading, just like that DeLorean wouldn’t time travel below 88 miles an hour.
  • If it’s below 88°F, or quite a few degrees away from 100°F, then add up to one-third of the supplied heat activator powder to the bottle.
  • Gently shake the bottle over a couple of minutes. Then let it settle and check the temperature again. You may need to top it up again to get it up to as close to 100°F as possible.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

When it comes straight up fight between Sub Solution Vs Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2, then for me Sub Solution wins on every count.

Don’t get me wrong here, Quick Fix 6.2 is a very good synthetic urine and it costs only $39 For what you pay for it, it’s a complex formula. For a basic pre-employment drug test, Quick Fix will get you through no problem.

But for me, it’s the extra reassurance that Sub Solution is the most complex formula. But it is also about smuggling it into the testing lab. Because Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, you don’t need a heating pad, which adds bulk to what you have to smuggle into the lab.

Plus, you don’t need a microwave. So Quick Fix isn’t quite as complex, it uses a heating pad, and you need a microwave oven. Those are the reasons why I prefer Sub Solution even if it’s more expensive.

Does Sub Solution Work?

The first thing I want to say around the question about whether Sub Solution works is that it’s one of the few brands of synthetic urine which is updated every year, to make sure that it can beat the testing system.

Plus, if you can’t pass with Sub Solution, then there is no another brand of urine out there you will pass with. That’s kind of the key point of this Sub Solution review, to be honest, there is nothing better out there from any other company.

And look, I know it works. I had a drug test in January. It was on-the-job, and I only had one hour of notice. So there was no time for a detox drink. But I did have time, because of the heat activator powder, to mix up some Sub Solution.

So it definitely works, and because of the heat activator powder, it’s so flexible, that you can literally keep it in stock at your home, or I would suggest to also keep it at work in your locker, or in your car, just in case.

Sub Solution reviews

The #1 Reason People Fail Drug Tests Using Synthetic Urine

Look, something most people don’t know is the real reason why most people fail a synthetic urine sample drug test.

Obviously, if they fail, they immediately blame the synthetic urine and post it all over the Internet. And while some brands are absolute rubbish, there are a few solid brands out there, of which Sub Solution is the best.

But some people report failing with Sub Solution as well. It mystifies me because the chances are minute.

However, what’s clear is that people are messing up submitting it at the right temperature. Your sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F.

What I think is happening with a lot of people, is the heat pad is letting them down, or generally that just messed up somewhere in getting the temperature right, and keeping it there.

So for me, Sub Solution doubles up not failing. It’s the best formula to pass a urine drug test, plus you get granular control over the temperature because of the heat activator powder.

If you fail with Sub Solution because of an invalid sample, due to it being out of the temperature range for human urine, then to be honest your complete idiot, because you can check the temperature change it right up until you walk into the testing facility.

All you have to do is check your clear choice urine sample a couple of minutes before you go into the testing center. If it’s too cool, puts in heat activator powder in it. It’s really that simple. That’s why Sub Solution, for me, is unique and powerful.

Sub Solution Review: What About Quick Luck?

I said at the start of this Sub Solution review that there is actually now better synthetic urine on the market.

Now don’t get me wrong on this, Sub Solution is still the second most complex formula. It will pass any normal drug test.

Plus, you have to worry, because the synthetic urine that’s better is made by Clear Choice as well. It’s called Quick Luck, and it’s their latest formula, basically an upgraded Sub Solution.

Don’t get it confused with Quick Fix, which seems to be making a few people wonder how good it is. It’s not by the company make Quick Fix, it’s from the company who make sub solution, Clear Choice.

You are paying a bit more for Quick Luck, but you are getting the ultimate in up-to-date, complex synthetic urine formulas, capable of passing literally any level of urine drug test.

So if you have the money then I would buy Quick Luck. It’s Sub Solution on steroids.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy Sub Solution. It doesn’t mean it’s inadequate now. It’s still the most complex formula on the market, except for Quick Luck. So you really have two choices at the same type and brand of synthetic urine. Which is great news.

Clear Choice of also just brought out something called “The practice kit”. This is Sub Solution plus everything else you need to practice which method of heating and use you want.

You get the heat pad, and heat activator powder, so you can find out what works best for you. For the price, and with everything you get, it’s a great deal.

Sub Solution synthetic urine review


So the conclusion of this Clear Choice Sub Solution review is that it is still the best synthetic urine brand on the market, except for Quick Luck, which is basically an upgraded Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is capable of passing pretty much any type of urine test, other than the most expensive and complex types. But you’re only likely to face them if you’re going for really high powered job, or you’re in the court system.

Quick Fix (39$) is a very good brand for the money, but it’s not as complex as Sub Solution (80$), and for the extra money you will pay, I would pay for Sub Solution every time.

The bottom line at the end of this review is that Clear Choice Sub Solution offers reassurance, both in the sample being valid and in the way it allows you close control over the temperature of the sample.

In terms of buying Sub Solution, or Quick Luck, at the best price, you’re best going to That’s the official site for Clear Choice products, and you know you’re getting the freshest products, the best price, and you know it’s not fake.

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Sub solution FAQ

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution expire?

All synthetic urine products expire. In terms of the shelf life of Sub Solution synthetic urine, every box has an expiry date printed on it, which is information I have taken straight from the Clear Choice website. Clear Choice does guarantee that every box of Sub Solution they sell will have a minimum of six-month shelf life when it arrives. So it pays to check the expiry date when you receive it.

Does powdered urine really work?

There is literally no difference between powdered urine kit, and premixed fake urine, other than convenience. As long as you use clean water, preferably filtered, so it doesn’t contain things that the body would filter out naturally through the kidneys and liver, then there’s no difference.

So the choice between Sub Solution, which is powdered, and Quick Luck, which is premixed, is very small. Quick Luck is a more complex formula, so it’s the ultimate in synthetic urine, but in terms of powdered urine, Sub Solution is absolutely fine.

How long do synthetic urine last after mixing?

I wouldn’t really chance having synthetic mixed and left at room temperature for more than five hours, and even that’s really pushing it, especially if it’s warm. I would really want to submit the sample within three hours of making it.

I would mix the synthetic urine up, get it to the right temperature, and then immediately leave for the lab you are going to submit it at. You don’t want to be leaving this stuff laying around, as with every passing hour, the chances of it spoiling, and you get caught out, increase.

Does LabCorp test for biocide?

There is no proof that they test for biocide. However, a couple of people I know, and trust, have used brands of synthetic urine that have previously been reliable, and been busted by Labcorp. I trust them to keep the sample at the right temperature, so it could have been the poor quality of the urine, which is not going to be the same as Sub Solution, or it could be that they tested positive for biocide.

Certainly online, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence, that brands with biocide in them are getting caught out, where brands without it, notably Sub Solution and Quick Luck, are not. It could be down to the complexity of the formula of Sub Solution and Quick Luck, but I’m beginning to suspect that it’s really easy for them to test for biocide, and rule the sample out immediately.

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