SARM SR9011: Cut Excess Fat And Increase Your Endurance

SR9011 is very close to its brother SR9009, but are they the same thing? That’s something we’re curious to find out in this SR9011 review. We’ll not only do that but also explore all the benefits of this compound, the proper dosage to take, the cycle and half-life of SR9011, and the results we got from using this supplement.

What is SR901

There is one misconception about SR9011 and that is the notion that it is a SARM. It is actually a Rev-ErbA agonist. To understand what that really means, we first have to take a look at the Rev-ErbA protein.

This protein is responsible for many functions in the body, mainly the monitoring of fat, our blood sugar levels, digesting sugar and it is also in charge of the breakdown of cartilage, which makes up a very important part in regards to our joints and tissues.

This means that while you imbue SR9011, there are going to be more Rev-ErbA proteins floating in your body leading to numerous benefits to be experienced.

What the effects and benefits of SR9011 truly are, we’ll find out in the next section of this article.



The benefits one gets to experience are all connected to the aforementioned proteins in the body.

  • Lose Weight and Fat: It has been proven that SR9011 boosts our metabolism which in return leads us to expend more calories during the day. If you just keep your diet in check, you will lose all of your excess fat and weight in no time!
  • Increases Endurance: Mice that were subjected to Rev-ErbA agonists showed marked improvements in their endurance, as the following study goes to show. We also have anecdotal evidence from actual bodybuilders to back this up
  • Increases Speed of Recovery: It’s not a secret that SR9011 lowers your recovery rates and makes you ready to go to the gym that much sooner. You won’t feel as sore as before and you will feel a lot more motivated to head to the gym.
  • It Helps Decrease Inflammation: As if lowering your recovery times wasn’t enough, SR9011 also affects the production of inflammatory cells in a negative way, preventing them from causing inflammation in your body.
  • Acts as an Anxiolytic Studies have shown that SR9011 successfully prevents anxiety from ruining our lives. It smashes anxiety and causes a sense of relief and well-being in the user, similar to a benzodiapene. There is one major difference: SR9011 doesn’t cause addiction making it miles better than any Xanax pill out there.
  • Increases Focus: Many users report their focus increasing while on SR9011. They claim that they could stay concentrated on a problem for a much longer time and that they didn’t feel boredom creep in even if it was a dull task to begin with.
  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol Levels: Those patients who took SR9011 in a clinical study saw their LDL cholesterol level fall down to normal levels without any changes in diet or exercise routines. This is good news for those that have problems with their blood cholesterol.
  • Increases Wakefulness: All the studies so far indicate that SR9011 has a positive effect on our overall energy levels, stamina, and vitality. This lasts throughout the day and is not limited to the gym.

Now that we’ve seen all the effects of the compound, let’s continue this SR9011 review with the proper dosages one should take.

The Proper Dosage and Cycle

There haven’t been many studies done as to what the proper SR9011 dosage for human consumption should be. But, we have anecdotal experiences from which we can determine a suitable dosage for humans. We saw that taking 20mgs a day produced the best results without the end-user experiencing any side effects.

Newbies to the substance should begin with 10mgs and gradually work themselves up to 20mgs a day, while seasoned users are fine starting with 20mgs a day right from the get-go.

You shouldn’t cycle it for longer than eight weeks. It’s not necessary as two months are plenty enough to experience all the benefits this supplement brings to the table.

You will not need PCT after using SR9011 since its non-suppressive of the hormones in your body.

SR9011 SARM stack

SR9011 Half-Life

When talking about the SR9011 half-life, one has to consider all the bogus information you can find on the internet. Some people claim that it doesn’t metabolize at all and that it is out of the system as soon as it gets in there, in 30 minutes.

That’s not true as it has been scientifically proven that the half-life of SR9011 is four hours, with clinical trials dosing patients multiple times a day to get the desired effects.

With that being said, one shouldn’t trust anything read on the internet as that could lead you to believe things that are an absolute bull. SR9011 acts on the Rev-ErbA proteins and all the science and studies seem to confirm that fact, so you don’t have to worry about it not metabolizing properly.

Results You Can Expect After One Cycle

SR9011 is prone to give you the best results out of all the Rev-ErbA agonists. Clinical trials have shown that is more effective than its brother, SR9009.

With that being the case, your SR9011 results will vary depending on what you’re trying to do with your body.

If you’re cutting with SR9011, you can start expecting the results to crop up on week three. You will start losing fat and weight rapidly and you will note your speed of recovery increasing. An added effect of SR9011 is that it also preserves already existing muscle mass, so you will not have to worry about losing any while on a cut.

A colleague of ours lost 10 pounds and 3,6% of his body fat while on an eight-week cycle with SR9011.

If you’re bulking with SR9011, you will immediately start gaining mass, starting on week one. This will continue on throughout the period of time you’re taking it and by the end of your cycle, you will have gained around 10 to 15 pounds of weight, most of it being muscle mass. You will also feel the increased vitality and stamina coming in to help and you will feel more focused throughout the day.

Lastly, if you’re using SR9011 for its health benefits, you can start expecting real results immediately after taking it. SR9011 is a fast-acting anxiolytic that destroys any type of anxiety in less than twenty minutes after consumption. Regarding the reduced LDL cholesterol levels, you’ll have to wait for around a week for the effects to really kick in. You will also notice decreased inflammation and you will feel a lot more wakeful.

As we can see, the SR9011 results surely aren’t missing. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to take the compound in the prescribed dosages and cycles and everything will be fine.

SR9011 for sale

SR9011 VS SR9009: The Clash of Siblings

When looking at SR9011 VS SR9009, we can find many similarities. Both are Rev-ErbA agonists that share many of the same effects they have on the human body.

Both decrease anxiety, inflammation, recovery times and increase wakefulness, the amount of muscle you can build and so on. There is one minor difference and that is that SR9011 is a tad bit more effective at doing all of the above. It owes that trait to higher activation and mimicking of the Rev-ErbA proteins.

There’s one problem though and that is that it’s really hard to find genuine SR9011 for sale. With SR9009, things are a lot easier as Stenabolic is widely known, but SR9011 doesn’t enjoy that much popularity as of yet.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you the one and only shop that sells the best SR9011 we’ve seen!

Where to Buy It

It was quite difficult to stumble upon a trusty SARMs vendor that sells real SR9011, but we did and we’re proud of our accomplishment.

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They have professionally curated SARM stacks at their disposal and all of their SARMs enjoy high purity rates. Their SR9011 is labeled as Hyper Leann 2.0. You will be charged $69.99 for 600mgs worth of product, but the purity is insane. Their latest batch of SR9011 has shown a purity rate of 99,4%.

Their shipping times are quite fast, we got our SR9011 delivered in just three days.

To wrap up this SR9011 review, let’s just say that the results speak for themselves. SR9011 will help you improve almost every aspect of your life and it does so without any side effects at all.

Have fun using SR9011 and until next time!



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