SR9009 SARM: Everything You Need To Know About Stenabolic

 This SR9009 review will tell you everything you need to know about achieving great results using Stenabolic. You’ll discover the benefits, dosage, results to expect, and side effects to watch out for. Plus, I’ll tell you exactly how it works in the body, in easy to understand language. Even cover what was found in the SR9009 human trials that were done.

One important thing is actually finding real SR 9009 for sale at all. There’s so much rubbish out there, as with SARMs generally, and they can actually be dangerous. I’ll tell you how to spot a reliable retailer, and give you a recommendation on the place I buy SR 9009 and SARMs from.

What Is Stenabolic SR9009?

Let me start this review by telling you what it’s not. It may surprise you to know that it’s not actually a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) at all.

Technically speaking, it’s a PPAR Alpha modifier. Now I’m not going to get all heavy with science on you, but it works by interacting with our circadian rhythm. This is a body cycle, of around 24 hours where various chemicals in the body are switched on, switched off, and reset, creating a rhythm that controls many key functions, things like sleep, to help the body regulate itself.

SR9009 was developed to aid the study into the circadian rhythm, and it was found to interact with the chemical processes very well. But during SR9009 human trials, it was found to have other positive benefits.

How It  Works

At the start of each circadian rhythm, BMAL1 genes are activated.  It was found to increase the availability of REV-ERBs which help to suppress those genes and complete the process. In effect, it’s helping to properly regulate your circadian rhythm and enhance the results.

In mice studies, SR9009 not only improved increased numbers and abilities of these REV-ERBs, but they also led to an improvement in the bioavailability of certain groups of nutrients.

In mice, this led to a number of interesting positive side effects the scientists hadn’t expected. Anxiety levels were reduced, cholesterol was lowered, weight management improves, inflammation lessened, and importantly for bodybuilding, endurance levels were increased.

On top of all that, sleep quality got better, recovery times after exercise improved, and fat levels in the liver and muscles were also reduced. On top of all that, muscles in the mice were cycling higher rates of glucose, meaning more energy was running through them.

SR9009 results

Benefits Of Using Stenabolic

 The problem with what I’ve just said is that there haven’t actually been any human trials conducted into how it interacts with healthy people. So we don’t have any scientific research into the effects in humans, dosage, or side-effects, for using it as an exercise enhancer.

But what we do have in terms of assessing the potential benefits and effects of SR9009, as well as how potent side-effects could be, is several years data online from people who have used it. It’s anecdotal evidence, but we are talking tens of thousands of people posting across the Internet, and a detailed look around will not find a huge amount of people complaining about side effects.

Quite the opposite, in fact, people using it to enhance their bodybuilding and sculpting, and even just their performance levels, note the following benefits:

  • They lose weight more easily
  • Fat levels diminish rapidly
  • Endurance increases dramatically
  • Recovery times increase
  • Sleep patterns improve

That’s just the positive SR9009 results that people can see and measure. When you add in the potential for additional positive results from the mice trials, including reduced inflammation allowing quicker muscle recovery, plus reduced fat cells in the liver and muscles, and you can see that SR9009 has huge potential.

I can back this up with my own experiences. After my first eight week cycle, I noted that endurance had definitely increased, and my recovery times, as I’m getting slightly older now, we’re better, much better, than they had been naturally.

Proper Dosage Is Important!

I’ll admit I’m always a bit cautious when it comes to dosing on new supplements of any type. So I advocate the same thing when using Stenabolic. During your first SR9009 cycle, keep the dose low, and monitor yourself carefully, with before and after photos, and a daily diary.

Although SARMs are generally okay at lower doses, sometimes there can be problems, especially if you haven’t bought pure Stenabolic. So although you could be getting some of the benefits, there could be other stuff in there which might cause side effects.

I’ll cover cycling and stacking Stenabolic in a moment, but specifically talking about dosage, for your first cycle I would stick to 10 mg per day. During that first cycle, I felt good, benefited, and had no side effects.

So in my second cycle, I then increased the dosage to 20 mg. That’s still lower than some people would want, but that was enough for me as I was seeing great benefits.

The only other consideration around dosing Stenabolic is that it has a short half-life. Some people claim it’s short as four hours, or even shorter. That would mean you would need to dose twice per day, or even three times per day. That’s where overdosing can come in.

For me, during the first cycle, I did 10 mg a couple of hours before I went to the gym. In my second cycle doing 20 mg, I did it once in the morning, and then once in the afternoon.

SR9009 dosage

My Cycling & Stacking Results

Okay, let’s talk about cycling SR9009 now that I’ve covered the sort of doses you should be looking at doing each day.

I’ve always done a cycle of any type of SARM of eight weeks on, then eight weeks off. Sure, a couple of times I’ve shortened the break between cycles by a couple of weeks, but especially for your first couple of cycles on any new thing, I’d recommend you keep it short. If you’re brand-new to SARMs then you might want to consider six weeks on and six weeks off, so you have a shorter initial cycle.

But that will depend on the SARMs and who you are. I have a friend whose first cycle was 12 weeks of Ostarine, with a four-week break, before stacking it with LGD 4033 for a second 12-week cycle. And he had no problems at all.

Now the thing is, you’ve already learned that SR9009 is not actually a SARM, it’s not hormonal. So it’s not going to unbalance levels of any hormones in your body. Testosterone, estrogen, all of that will be unaffected by using it. So you won’t even need a PCT supplement afterward.

Plus, because of this, you have two choices with cycling. You could do a cycle of SARMs, stack it with SR9009, and then have a gap where you take nothing other than a PCT supplement.

The second choice is to do a cycle of SARMs, then do a cycle of SR9009 alongside the PCT supplement. The reason is that because it’s not hormonal, it will be no different for recovery from low testosterone levels.

In terms of stacking SR9009, because it’s not hormonal, you’ve got options. But remember that the overall dose is still important, you just want to make sure your body is not being overloaded.

Because it boosts endurance, weight management, quality of sleep, and recovery times, it’s brilliant to stack alongside a bulking SARM. So for me, you’re talking about YK 11 or Testolone primarily.

If you don’t want to go that aggressive, you could stack it with RAD 140 or LGD 4033 to cut fat, while maintaining, and even gaining muscle.

In the beginning, if you want to go gentle with a cycle and stacking routine, you could even stack SR9009 with Ostarine. These are gentle, you might not even need a PCT supplement for the Ostarine, and you will strip fat and build your endurance levels.

Before & After Photos You See Online…

You’re probably aware that when you see before and after photos of anything online, you have to be skeptical and use good judgment Because often, you’re just not seeing reality. If you’re seeing photos of some dude with a big fat tummy, who eight weeks later looks like Superman, then that should be a warning sign.

SR9009 before and after photos can be impressive, but they are only anecdotal. You don’t know what else has been stacked, you don’t know how much they have worked out, what their body type is, what they have eaten, nothing.

SARMs are great for cutting fat and bulking. In one cycle of just eight weeks, you can definitely look very different before and after.

SR9009 is a brilliant supplement for building stamina, endurance, and allowing you to work harder. Because you also get better recovery, and less inflammation, your gains will happen more quickly than normal. Plus you’ll drop fat.

But on its own, it’s not going to produce a miracle. SARMs before and after photos, if it’s taken on its own, and after one cycle, are not going to look massively different. But you will FEEL a lot differently.

It’s several cycles into your journey, and when you start stacking it, that you will see the biggest before and after Games. That’s also because your stamina and strength will increase so that you can naturally just pump more.

What I would recommend is that whenever you start a cycle of any supplement you do your own before and after photos. Because change is gradual, it’s brilliant to be able to see the reality of what’s going on, rather than thinking you’re doing better, or worse, than you thought.

But as evidence, before and after photos can only be anecdotal. They aren’t magic supplements we’re talking about here, real results will take time.

SR9009 results

Any Bad Side Effects?

So here’s a brilliant thing. You won’t really suffer any SR9009 side effects, as long as you are sensible about the dose and cycle you use.

Because it’s not a hormonal supplement, it won’t affect testosterone or estrogen in the body, and you won’t have to worry about a PCT supplement to raise your T levels after your cycle.

Interestingly, they could be a positive side-effect to SR9009 that scientists are starting to discover. Because it was used to influence the circadian rhythm in the body, it could help with cancer treatment. Cancer cells can proliferate when the body is out of rhythm, basically when things aren’t working properly, so it could even help to stop the proliferation because it helps maintain the circadian rhythm.

But generally, side-effects are minimal. I haven’t ever experienced any at all. Some people report lots of physical pain, but that’s the same for all SARMs, and I’ve never experienced that at all. I think that’s because people push it too fast with dose and working out, and the muscles grow faster than they can be supported, creating structural problems.

Stenabolic Vs Cardarine

You might be wondering which is best, in a choice between Stenabolic Vs Cardarine. SR 9009 results are good, especially in terms of increasing endurance and recovery levels. Cardarine does a similar job, but it can also cut more fat directly through the way it interacts in the body, rather than as a by-product of increased energy levels.

So Cardarine can build muscle and cut fat, and you’ll do more of that than you would just use SR9009. However, the downside is you’ll need a PCT supplement and the potential side effects of lowered testosterone levels could be a problem.

If you want the absolute safest way of increasing your endurance, so that your routines can be completed, and your recovery times improve, then SR9009 is a better option.

Where To Buy Pure USA Made SARMs

I’m going to finish this Stenabolic review by telling you exactly where I found real SR9009 for sale that actually work.

Swiss Chems

My top recommendation for buying SARMs generally right now Swiss Chems. I’ve known about these guys for several years and ordered from them quite a few times. However, I switched to for my liquid SARMs when Swiss Chems stopped selling powder liquids and moved only to selling SARMs capsules.

Unfortunately, has now gone bust, which is why I’ve switched to Swiss Chems.

The reason is that their prices have dropped dramatically. In most cases by 40% or even 50% in the past year. That’s dropped the price down to around $70-90 on average, which is a dramatic drop that allows pretty much everyone to now enjoy the convenience and exact dosing that capsules provide.

Right now, SR-9009 (SR-90011) costs $85.95. For that you’ll get 60 capsules, each dosed at 10 mg/mL.

Also, here’s a trick that I used to get the price down by another 15%:

  1. Make use of the 5% cashback scheme that Swiss Chems. That takes $4.50 off the price.
  2. Then use this 10% discount code as well: gyula10

Put that together, and that will take $13 off the price, taking the price down to $73.

CHEMYO – Liquid & Powder SARMs

Chemyo is brilliant source of liquid SARMs. They are my “go-to” company now due to the fact that so many of closed.

They offer 50 mL dropper bottles (compared to the usual 30 mL), with good dosing at fair prices. Backed up by moneyback guarantees and purity reports.

But here’s the thing. Right now, they don’t sell SR-9009 or SR-9011 in liquid format. But don’t panic, here’s what I do instead. They sell 1 g of SR9009 powder for just $69.99 ( SR9011 is more expensive at $99.99 for a gram).

Buy yourself a gram for $69.99. Then by yourself two bottles of suspension liquid at $10 each. The total outlay is just $90. That will give you two 50 mL dropper bottles, each dosing 500 mg, of suspended liquid SR 9009 for just $45 each. An absolute steal and it only takes about 20 minutes to prepare them.

Coupon code to get 10% off: ihcc10


I want to mention these guys because it’s a great strategy I now employ for better results.

They sell SARMs alternatives. These are completely safe natural supplements that mimic the effects of SARMs. Put together with proven ingredient lists to do this. Now, you can use them instead of SARMs if you don’t want the side effects of SARMs. They are far better than natural bodybuilding alone (but nowhere near as potent as using SARMs).

But here’s what I do for maximum results. I’ll use a stack of these alternatives alongside a SARMs stack. They sell bulking, cutting, maintenance, and strength stacks.

Then, I’ll also run a stack post cycle. That way I can still keep getting gains, cutting fat, or feeling stronger, and offset a little of the drop you’ll get during PCT. A single alternative supplement, for example, YKBULK, costs just $60. If you buy two months of any of the supplements you will get another month free.

But the potency is in the stack, just as it is with SARMs.

Buy yourself a stack to mimic the type of SARMs you’re doing (usually bulking or cutting). Use them at the same time to get even greater results:

  • Ironbound bulking stack
  • Goliath strength Stack
  • Ripped cutting Stack
  • Select maintenance stack

The stacks are even better valued. About 40% cheaper than buying individual supplements. Then, you’ll still get that additional month free if you buy two months’ supply.

With completely free global shipping on top of that, it’s a great deal. Give it a try. See how much better you feel and how much benefit the SARMs alternatives give you on top of using SARMs (or using them instead of just natural bodybuilding).


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