SecretSupps: The Only Shop That Offers PROFESSIONALLY Curated SARM Stacks

SecretSupps is a special shop indeed: Not only is their entire marketing department focused on newbies as we’ll later see, but they also offer SARM stacks that are made and used by professional bodybuilders.

SecretSupps has been in the game for years but is not as popular as all the other shops we have featured in our reviews. They are situated in the US and the laboratory that does their third party testing is also from the US, those are both good signs.

Let’s finally take a leap of fate and explore this shop to the core, eventually settling to see those professional SARM stacks that everyone has been talking about.

Who Are They?

We’ll start off with their website design, which is very sleek and to the point. They have all of their products displayed in different categories which makes it a whole lot easier to get to what you’re seeking. What’s really great about their website is that when you’re looking over a SARM, you don’t just see the price and a checkout option, but you get handed so much knowledge for free.

They tell you how to stack the SARM, how to take it, how to dose and cycle it…

This gives their product much-needed life and makes the whole website look better. This is especially good for those just starting out as we fondly remember our first steps where it took us days of research to get to all the knowledge they provide for free. They also have a blog where they post additional information about SARMs and other supplements. SecretSupps seems entirely devout to providing as much valuable content as they possibly can, which once again makes them a heaven for newbies.

You can easily change currencies in their shop and one can do so by checking out the toolbar in the upper right corner.

They don’t have a phone number where you can call them but they did have email. We got an answer in just six hours of waiting and the correspondence was more than professional. They alleviated all of our doubts and made us place an order, the results of which you’ll see in a later section.

What’s really great about this shop is that they offer free shipping worldwide, so even if you’re ordering from Europe or Asia, you don’t have to worry about any fees. The price that you see displayed on the SARMs is going to be the final price, there are no upsells!

Their return policy is very good, you can get a refund in the first 30 days of your package arriving at its destination.

SecretSupps SARMs and Stacks

The one interesting thing this company has going for itself is how they brand their SARMs. Instead of using their usual names such as Andarine or Ostarine, they invented entirely different names for the exact same SARMs. As an example, Andarine wouldn’t be called Andarine or S4 but Stanazinne. This can make things a bit confusing at first but this problem isn’t really a problem when you consider that they put the names of the real SARMs in their product descriptions and on the pictures next to the SARMs. Still, some might find this annoying so you have been warned.

All of their SARMs boast high purity rates in the range of 98 to 100%.

They have them in four different categories: Weight loss, performance, energy and endurance and lastly, muscle and strength.

When you click on any of these categories, the SARMs that work on that particular trait become displayed. This is another great addition that makes it so easy for newbies to navigate through all the different SARMs.

We’re not going to lie or be furtive about it, SecretSupps is quite expensive and they have reason to be. Not only do you get high-quality SARMs with them but also get professional instructions and free shipping that extends all over the globe.

Moving on to the most interesting part of the article, their SARM stacks, they are also categorized neatly by the effects they have on the human body. You can choose between toning, lean muscle, shredding, bulking and cutting.

One great stack we have to mention is their triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine, and GW0742.

It will cost you $258.80 and you’ll get 750mgs of each product for that amount of money.

A colleague of ours went on a cut with this stack and experienced crazy results, he lost 15 pounds and cut 5% of his total body fat in just eight weeks. He was insanely proud of his purchase and decided to make SecretSupps his primary supplier.

Is secretsupps legit

Is SecretSupps Legit or Fake?

Even though our colleague had already ordered a batch, we were eager to test them on our own so we made an order and bought a bottle of Ligandrol is one of our mates wanted to go on a bulk.

We got just one bottle because he was still a newbie and we didn’t want him overdoing stuff.

We got the package in just four days of waiting, which shows you that SecretSupps has quite fast shipping times.

The reason why we bought a bottle in the first place was to see whether this place was legit or not. We couldn’t just listen to second-hand experience, we had to feel it on our own skin so to speak.

Our conclusion is as follows: SecretSupps is more than legit, our mate started noticing the effects on week one already. He claimed to have more energy at the gym, feeling like he could conquer the world. After his eight week cycle, he gained a whopping 14 pounds and lost 2% of his body fat, which are amazing results for a newbie.

So to answer the question once and for all: Yes, SecretSupps is legit!

To conclude, SecretSupps has great SARMs and SARMs stacks and is a shop that is built around serving newbies and providing as much valuable information as possible. They are a rare gem indeed and one that should be treasured!


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