SARMs And Alcohol: Do They Mix?

A lot of guys are regular drinkers. A high proportion of those will also hit the gym, and many use SARMs. So what’s the deal with SARMs and alcohol?

Can you mix SARMs and alcohol, and should you?

You’re going to learn the answer to that key question right here. You’ll learn how SARMs affect the body in relation to alcohol, why you might even crave alcohol during a SARMs cycle, and you’ll learn if it’s safe or dangerous to mix the two.

How SARMs Affect The Body

Most SARMs affect testosterone levels in some way. Because they bind to androgen receptors, they either mimic the action of testosterone, lowering natural production over several weeks, or a spike testosterone production, leading to a drop when the SARMs are removed.

So testosterone suppression is a key part of how most SARMs affect the body. Towards the end of your cycle, testosterone levels will drop, and estrogen elevates above natural levels, causing some potentially dramatic swings in your body and mind.

This is particularly prevalent with strong doses of highly androgenic SARMs like RAD-140 Testolone, S-23, YK-11 (which is actually closer to a steroid in structure than a SARM), and even higher doses of LGD-4033 Ligandrol (one of the rare cases of liver toxicity from SARMs was a 24 year old guy using Ligandrol).

But be careful with that general assumption, because some SARMs are not androgenic at all, and don’t cause the testosterone drop. Mostly this is Cardarine, Ostarine, Andarine (to an extent), SR-9009, and MK-677.

The Three Key Reasons Why You May Crave Alcohol When Using SARMs

Strangely, SARMs can make you want to drink alcohol. These are the reasons why you could crave alcohol when using SARMs:

  1. Because your testosterone levels can rise, and also with SARMs that are not androgenic that boost your energy levels, you can feel an improved mood. This can be teamed up with a higher libido, alongside feeling more confident and outgoing. So you may just want to meet up with people and go out more.
  2. Later in a SARMs cycle (which for most people appears to be around the eighth week, which is why I always advocate cycles of eight weeks in length where possible to minimize drop while continuing the cycle), when your testosterone levels and energy levels start to drop, you can feel blue. Testosterone at low levels in the male body can lead to depression, so you could be drinking because you feel down. As alcohol can cause anxiety and depression, this can then lead to a snowball effect.
  3. Alcohol can make you relax physically and mentally. Towards the end of the SARMs cycle when you have pushed your body hard, you can be tired, and you can be in quite a lot of physical discomfort. So turning to alcohol to ease this can be something people do. sarms

How Dangerous Is Mixing SARMs And Alcohol?

So for those reasons, mixing SARMs and alcohol can cause problems. It can exacerbate the effects of low testosterone on your mood, and it can lead to a slight dependency when you are using it to compensate at the end of a cycle as well.

But there’s also the point around liver toxicity in SARMs and alcohol.

As anyone knows, alcohol use can damage the liver, and drinking alcohol puts more strain on it. But SARMs can also put pressure on the liver, especially high doses of androgenic SARMs.

Some SARMs definitely do cause levels of the hormones hormones ALT and AST to rise in the liver. Using high doses of SARMs alongside alcohol can increase the chances of liver toxicity being experienced.

Challenge Yourself On SARMs And Alcohol

The conclusion from me is that SARMs and alcohol really don’t mix. They can cause an increased risk of liver damage, alongside the problems that alcohol dependency can bring.

Also, when you’re on SARMs you want to be on it, performance -wise. You want to be working out hard, you don’t want to be hung over and not working at peak performance. Drinking alcohol also causes problems with bad food choices, which is something else you want to avoid, especially if you are cutting.

Alcohol use can dip your testosterone levels, which on top of the SARMs use, can really hit your confidence, and your ability to work hard. Even worse, it can also stop your muscle regeneration from being as good as it can be.

Plus, my final word is if you can’t stay off alcohol for just eight weeks while you complete the SARMs cycle, then you need to challenge yourself on your dependency and willpower.

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