S23 SARM: Is It As Good As Steroids?

This S23 SARM review is going to tell you the truth about this non-steroidal muscle growth miracle. But is it really a miracle, or is it all hype? I’m going to tell you about the S23 results you can expect, how to dose S23 SARM, and side effects to watch out for.

Plus, I’ll tell you what your first S23 SARM cycle should look like, and how many breaks you should have between cycles, as well as whether you should use a PCT supplement. I’ll finish this review of S23 SARM by explaining how to spot fake SARMs, as well as where you can find S23 SARM for sale.

What Is S23?

 S23 is from a group of chemicals called SARMs. These are selective androgen receptor modulators.

As that description suggests, they target androgen receptors selectively. Whereas anabolic steroids target every androgen receptor they come into contact with, SARMs are more targeted. They only target muscle tissue and fat tissue, so they don’t have as many unwanted side effects.

And I guess one of the things I need to explain in this S23 SARM review, is how anabolic is it?

Well, it’s certainly powerful. I think anabolic is misleading, because no SARM is steroidal, and the comparison is not accurate. Look, if you want to build incredible bulk and don’t care about side effects, then steroids are going to work faster. If you want to bulk up more safely, without those horrendous side effects, then SARMs are definitely the way to go.

There haven’t been any human studies done on it, but in lab rats, significant changes occurred. Firstly, even when given estrogen at the same time (which actually diminishes muscle) mice and rats using S23 SARM gained significant muscle mass.

Another positive was that physical endurance testing showed incredible gains, up to 50% increases in stamina and power growth. Plus, average body weight dropped, not just because of increased endurance, because body mass dropped as well, beyond what could be normally achieved.

Plus bone density increased as well. That was surprising for me, but it shows that this SARM is more complex than some of the others you can get your hands on. So even for females, S23 results can be significant, as it can stop muscle loss even in a calorific deficit while increasing bone density, and increasing the ability to work out.


S23 Results Revealed: Gains You Can Expect

 If you can find genuine S23 SARM for sale, then the gains can be significant. But you mustn’t believe every before and after photo you see, or every write-up you see on Reddit.

Although they are usually accurate, these are people who are working out at a high level to start off with and have an incredible diet, so they are very committed. Sure, you can get that way, but I wouldn’t expect it after your first couple of cycles.

But the gains you can expect are the ability to work out for much longer, hitting personal bests, and feeling like you’re making progress.

Then you’ll see muscle development, which is accelerated even more by your increased endurance. Plus the bone density increases over your first couple of cycles will mean your frame is stronger, and you can push on even harder.

And those S23 results will be enhanced by the fact that even if you’re in a calorie deficit you will protect the muscle, and as it has the ability to strip fat (in a minor way, not to the same level as a SARM Like Ostarine), but you really will start to see significant changes within a couple of cycles.

S23 SARM results

S23 Dosage

 As with all SARMs, dosage guidelines are impossible to determine specifically. This is because of the lack of human testing, and the lack of it going beyond them being research chemicals only.

So look, you’re going to have to experiment for yourself. Some people are advocating 1 mg, but others are taking 50 mg. We simply don’t know long-term effects, but what we do know is that effects seem to plateau, so when you start taking high doses, you don’t see proportionately higher results anymore. I guess that’s because muscles can literally only grow at a certain rate even when that’s accelerated.

The range of S23 dosage I’ve seen in most instances, where it’s backed up by long-term bodybuilding diary evidence, and photographic evidence, plus from my own experience over a couple of years now, is that a dosage range of around 10 mg, up to 20 mg, is optimal. You can push beyond that, but I don’t really see the need to, I’d much rather stack it and get the benefits of something else with a higher dose.

S23 dosage

The Best S23 SARM Cycle

 So let’s talk specifically about what a good S23 SARM cycle looks like. Again, as with dosage, the caveat here is that everybody is different, and we don’t know what the right cycle is.

In fact, when these drugs are being developed, there is no evidence that they were meant to be used in cycles at all, they were meant to be used on an ongoing basis to aid people with bone and muscle-wasting conditions.

But because of the side effects, you can get by dosing SARMs generally, and S23 specifically, because of its high anabolic aggression, cycling is important.

For me, I started with a first S23 SARM cycle of six weeks. I know that’s conservative, but I knew this stuff was strong. I then took a four-week break, and did a second S23 cycle of eight weeks, with a six-week break.

I’ve seen people push it to 12 weeks, 10 weeks, with shorter breaks, it’s really about being gentle, and knowing your body. If you’re just starting out, with minimal bodybuilding experience, I would seriously suggest that your first S23 SARM cycle should be just six weeks on, six weeks off. I also highly recommend my SARM stacking guide.

S23 Side Effects

Just like the positive S23 results, you can expect, so S23 side effects are also real. Anyone who says you can take a low dose and not suffer any side effects is telling you a load of rubbish, mostly because they are just trying to sell you the stuff, or they haven’t actually used it themselves.

Even at a low dose of 5 mg, you will suffer some testosterone suppression. At higher doses, you will suffer significant drops in T levels, because of how anabolic it is in nature.

You’ll also suffer some other minor anabolic steroid-like symptoms, like aggression, and other lower testosterone side-effects. However, these are temporary, and nowhere near as aggressive as if you are using a real anabolic steroid.

As long as you use a good quality SARMs PCT supplement (Clomid or Nolvadex are good) between cycles, you will recover your testosterone levels completely. If you’re worried, or if you have low T levels anyway, I would have blood work done before, and after, so that you can see what’s going on.

S23 Side effects

What Is The Half-Life Of S23 SARM?

Obviously, we only have the original lab testing to go on, but the half-life of SARM S23 appears to be around 12 hours.

Now some people claim that that means you have to dose twice per day, to obviously make it work for 24 hours. They will also claim you need to do this to stabilize your blood levels, whatever the hell that actually means.

For me, you can dose once per day, or twice per day, I’ve experimented with both. Obviously, if you can keep it in your body the whole time that will help, but I wouldn’t agonize over splitting the dose, because it’s about having in your body when you work out and for most of your active time.

With 5 mg, you can split it in half, or just take 5 mg a couple of hours before you go to work out. Once you’ve gone up to 10 mg, then sure, it’s easy to just dose 5 mg in the morning, and then 5 mg in the afternoon.

Finding S23 SARM For Sale

The conclusion of my S23 SARM review is that this is a powerful SARM. It’s very anabolic in nature, and within about four weeks you will start to see a physical difference, and your strength will go up significantly after a couple of weeks.

Stick with it, and you’ll get the S23 results you to see in before and after photos on the Internet, as long as you back it up with a good diet and regular workouts that push your muscles all the time.

One of the big problems I found is where to find S23 SARM for sale at all. There’s so much stuff out there which is not pure, or full of steroids and hormones that aren’t even SARMs.

My two recommendations, for the places I buy SARMs myself are:


Chemyo sells high-purity liquid SARMs at affordable prices, and the same high-purity SARMs in powder format as well.

They are one of the last SARMs sellers out there offering such good SARMs at reasonable prices. So many have closed, and SARMs stocks of dwindled so much, that they really are one of the few you should be taking notice of.

I now make sure I have my next three SARMs stacks in my home ready to use. Basically, a year’s worth of SARMs. I advise you to buy in bulk and do the same.

Chemyo sells S-23 in liquid format for just $59.99. It’s a large 50 mL dropper bottle, that’s dosed at 20 mg/mL. That’s an excellent price, almost the same price, and dose the other SARMs sellers charge for 30 mL bottle.

Chemyo also sells paired SARMs. You’ll get a 10% discount, and they are very complementary in terms of bulking, cutting, or strength.

However, S-23 is the odd one out, because it’s not available paired up, nor is it available as a powder. But I advise you to check out the other powders and combo deals they have.

Coupon code to get 10% off: ihcc10



The second place I want to mention at the end of this S23 SARM review is Swiss Chems. They aren’t based in Switzerland, they are right here in the USA.

They offer you a different option because they sell powdered SARMs in capsules. For $69.95 you will get 60 capsules, each of 10 mg. Slightly more expensive than liquid, but you don’t have to worry about getting the right dose.S23 capsules

A little trick you can use to get another 15% off Swiss Chems SARMs is to do this: Firstly, make sure you are getting the 5% cashback that Swiss Chems off on every purchase.

Secondly, use this 10% discount code every time you check out: gyula10

Are There Any Alternatives To S-23 And Other SARMs?

The truth is there aren’t any alternatives to SARMs other than steroids and peptides (even though most of those aren’t as potent). However, there are some natural bodybuilding supplements I’ve been using that do mimic SARMs at a lower level of output.

They are SARMs alternatives from a company called Brutal Force. Completely natural ingredients, with no side effects to worry about.

Here’s why I am recommending you look at them:

  • Very affordable
  • Significant discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Can be stacked safely with SARMs
  • Can be run post cycle
  • Results are notable
  • Better than natural bodybuilding

They definitely work better than natural bodybuilding alone. So, if you don’t fancy using SARMs, you want a break from them, or you can’t get your hands on them, then they are a perfect alternative.

However, there is another strategy for using these that I want to point out to you.

You can stack them with SARMs. So if you are running a stack of SARMs alongside a stack of these SARMs alternatives it amplifies the benefits of your hard work with no additional side effect worries.

Then, you can continue running them post cycle. That will help to give you more energy, keep cutting, and offset some of the problems that you can get using androgenic SARMs post cycle.

They don’t do an exact S-23 replicating supplement, but they do for Ligandrol and Testolone. Costing just $60 for a month, when you buy two month’s supply, you will get an additional month free.

The best thing to do was to buy one of their ready-made stacks. They do a bulking stack, a cutting stack, and a strength stack. They are great value, with a 40% discount on the single supplement price. Plus, you’ll get that third month free as well. On top of that, you’ll get free shipping.

So I’m not saying these are great strategy on their own. They are much better than nothing. You really should try them to see how much better than natural bodybuilding they are.

But the real potency of them is to stack alongside the SARMs to emphasize the benefits even further. They are a low-cost way of getting more results without any more risk.

Sarms alternative stacks


Note that as of March 2022, Science.bio, SARMS 4 YOU, and Proven Peptides have all gone bust.  You may see their product photos, but these are purely for illustrative purposes.


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