Incredible RU58841 Results: A Little Hair Loss Miracle Potion

RU58841 is a drug with a really bad name, but potentially really great results for people suffering from hair loss.

Most people have never heard of it. They will have heard of things like Minoxidil and Finasteride and maybe even tried them, but not this stuff.

So what I’m going to do here is set the record straight. This complete review/guide contains everything you need to know about RU58841 hair loss properties, verified from multiple sources of information.

We will talk about RU58841 results, including before and after comparisons. How to apply it, if you can mix it with other treatments, plus, side effects & problems.

Also, I’ll talk about finding RU58841 for sale, because buying it right now can be tough for a variety of reasons I will explain.

Let Me Explain Exactly What RU58841 Is

 Despite decades of research and development, there are still some pretty limited options for guys losing their hair. It’s really surprising, especially as a few good treatments fly under the radar.

RU58841 (RU-58841, HMR3841, or PSK-3841) is one of these potentially good treatments. However, it’s never been FDA approved, and never been through a full human trial successfully.

But it’s on the grey market, and available to buy if you want to try it (as thousands do every day).

Nonsteroidal, it was created by French scientists back in the 1970s. They were actually developing potential treatments for prostate cancer. Designed for topical use, so there were fewer side effects, it didn’t really have the effect on prostate cancer cells they were hoping for.

However, during the trials, it was noted that there were significant increases in hair growth, even amongst people who had apparently dead follicles.

The rights to the drug were then purchased by a company called ProStrakan, who renamed it PSK3841. They purchased it with the intention of researching it as a hair loss treatment.

It went through phase 2 trials, with plans for full phase 3 trials afterward, followed by a commercial release program by 2010. It never happened, and this research chemical disappeared almost completely from view.

So it’s never going to come to market as an official hair loss treatment. But on the grey market, the formula has been recreated so you can purchase it to experiment with regrowth effects yourself.

RU58841 Hair Loss Mechanism Of Action

Men lose hair for a variety of reasons, but many lose it due to a proliferation of a hormone called DHT. What happens is, that testosterone increasingly converts to DHT, via the conversion to 5-alpha-reductase.

Up to 5% of free testosterone gets transformed into DHT. Although DHT is essential, as you go through adult life, its proliferation can cause problems in some men. Specifically, male pattern baldness.

What happens is the DHT binds to androgen receptors in the hair follicles in increasing numbers. This triggers a chain of events that modifies gene function. It’s still not clear exactly what happens, but the follicles affected by this start to alter their hair growth cycle.

All you need to know is that the increase in DHT reduces the duration of what is known as the anagen phase of the hair cycle, which leads to increasingly shorter, thinner, and weaker hair growth over each successive cycle.

So how does RU58841 produce its results?

The problem is that any treatment which reduces DHT, usually by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase (drugs like Finasteride), can cause side effects around the body.

RU58841 is a topically applied anti-androgenic substance. It works by countering the effects of DHT. It does this by binding directly to androgen receptors in the hair follicles through this topical application.

Somehow, which is poorly understood, it seems to stop (never completely but to some degree) the ability of DHT to bind to the androgen receptors in your hair follicles.

This buys time for cellular recovery in the scalp, which can reverse the increasingly negative androgen cycle, promoting a gradual return to a more normal level.

Therefore, it doesn’t stop the production of DHT, or because of body-wide side effects. Because it’s topical, it’s deliberately applied to the scalp in order to fight the binding of DHT to the androgen receptors.

In summary:

  • RU58841 is topically applied
  • It’s an anti-androgenic
  • It’s not taken as a general supplement
  • Its side effects around the body are minimal
  • It encourages normal follicular regrowth
  • It helps the body to normalize the anagen cycle
  • RU58841 does not block DHT production

How To Apply RU58841

RU58841 Results: Before And After – What’s Typical?

Because it’s not an official hair loss treatment, RU58841 results discussions are always going to be anecdotal. It’s the same with RU58841 before and after photos & descriptions. They are personal and you have to take people at their word.

Typically though, from my own experiences and research on forums and Reddit, these are the type of things people describe in terms of results:

  1. Definitely slows down hair loss. Recovering hair appears to be thicker and more frequently regrowing.
  2. Some people don’t observe hair regrowth but do see a significant reduction in hair loss over around one year.
  3. Where hair loss reverses, people note an increasing length and thickness of the hair.
  4. Better results seem to occur when mixed with another hair loss treatment. Many mix it with Minoxidil (although that obviously removes the chance of reversing hair loss without an effect on DHT).

Overall then, people using this see favorable results. It can take six months, but then more and more people report regrowth. Weak at first, but then much stronger around the year mark.

So this is not a short-term measure. But it can be a miracle, a game-changer, if you stick with it.

What About Research & Studies?

Now let’s look at the results of using RU58841 as defined by the available scientific research studies.

The studies are really limited. Nothing has been done in recent years, it was basically shelved.

An article in the Journal of dermatology did look at the effects of two antiandrogens within the context of encouraging follicular recovery. It also looked at the serum level changes of DHT. They compared topically applied RU58841 in one group, with orally administered Finasteride in another.

The study was done on the board scalps of two groups of monkeys. So mammals and primates, but not humans.

Apparently, though, the type of monkey used does start to go bald in middle age in the same way as human males do.

In the Finasteride group, recovering follicles that showed increased levels of normalizing anagen cycle were up to around 88%. But in the RU58841 group, hair follicles showing an improved anagen cycle were up 103%. Significantly better. It also confirmed that Finasteride use decreases testosterone and DHT levels, while RU58841 does not produce drops in either.

Other studies have been done in animals with similar results.

What was notable for me is that the concentration of around 5% RU58841 produce the best results over around six months.

How To Apply RU58841: Dosing & Cycle Length

 When it comes to understanding how to apply RU58841, it can simply be topically applied. Usually, it’s available as a powder or premixed in a carrier liquid.

If you need to prepare it, you can mix it with ethanol (Everclear alcohol). However, this can dry out the scalp. You can also use KB or PG (propylene glycol) solutions as well. It’s really trial and error.

Some people actually mix it with Minoxidil (Rogaine). This enhances the overall impact that can be achieved, but it’s obviously also going to increase the androgenic side effect potential.

Make sure you mix up, or by, powder or solution that has more than 5% density application.

It’s best to apply RU58841 as a solution, around 30 minutes after washing and drying your hair. Increases in sebum (hair oil) levels start to increase after this, reducing the overall effectiveness.

Using a dropper, or another application method, simply apply the solution around the affected areas of the scalp. Then gently work it in. It’s preferable to use latex gloves for this purpose.

The frequency, some people apply it daily. Others every other day, and some just a couple of times per week. For me, I’d start daily and do it every evening before bed. The cycling this stuff, use it for a minimum of one year. If after a year you are not seeing at least a stalling of hair loss, then it’s not working for you (it doesn’t for everyone).

If you’re not seeing any results, and you are dosing every day, consider increasing the concentration of RU58841 before giving up.

RU58841 Vs Finasteride

When it comes to comparing RU58841 with other hair loss treatments, the obvious ones are Finasteride and Minoxidil.

The problem with both of these is that they are more broadly androgenic in terms of side effects. They can cause other problems, including loss of libido. RU58841 doesn’t have that problem. At least, not to the same degree as I’ll explain in a moment.

Also, the very limited studies of RU58841 do show better results after around six months than either of the other treatments.

That’s why I am mystified that RU58841 has never been pushed through to a full phase 3 human trial to see if it could be a good hair loss product. Something is either going on here, or the company simply lost interest.

RU58841 Vs Finasteride

Does RU58841 Effect Sex Drive Or Testosterone Levels?

Look, let’s be honest here, people will tell you that RU58841 does not have androgenic side effects. It doesn’t mess with any of the production or conversion in the body generally of either DHT or testosterone.

You’ll see on sites like Reddit that people tell you it doesn’t have androgenic side effects. So it’s not an issue to use. That’s not entirely true. I don’t think people are lying, I just don’t think they understand the science.

Although it’s topically applied, it does not interact on the androgen receptors it binds to you. It blocks all androgens.

So if this gets into the bloodstream, even in small traces, it’s going to affect DHT in testosterone. It should be a problem for most, but if you are starting to use very high doses frequently, then you can start to get some androgenic side effects.

The reason is that it produces a metabolite (waste cell product) called Cyanonilutamide, which although it has a low affinity for the androgen receptor, it has demonstrated notable anti-androgenic activity in animal studies.

If you start to notice weakening erections and a lower libido, possibly a slightly irregular heartbeat, low mood, more easy fatigue, poor sleep, skin problems, and even minor chest pain, then they are all warning signs that RU58841 could be in the bloodstream and messing with your androgens.

Finding RU58841 For Sale

For a while, I couldn’t find a single seller of good quality RU 58841. The company who I knew used to sell it had gone bust.

Thankfully, when I was ordering SARMs I noticed that Chemyo actually do this.

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If you’re thinking about buying this, and you are based in the USA then I would really advise you to grab it now. If you are living outside the USA there may be other sources, or you could look at the free postage threshold from Chemyo.

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