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Clear Choice Detox

Rescue Cleanse is one of the best-established detox drinks on the market. I thought I would write a Rescue Cleanse review because some people seem to think that because it’s an older brand, that it might not work anymore.

There are some brands out there like QCarbo32 that have not stood the test of time, and aren’t that strong anyway. So because Rescue Cleanse has been around for so long, I guess people wonder if it’s the same.

So let me tell you the truth here in this Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review, with some real-life examples, so that you can make a good decision about using it, or not, and if there are any other alternatives out there you should consider.

About Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

Rescue Cleanse is a drink made by the well-established company Clear Choice. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to as Clear Choice detox, or Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink. But they are the same product.

It’s a very strong, 32oz bottle of detox liquid, that is suitable for people with a lot of toxins in their body, or who are more than 200 lbs in weight, and will need a bigger volume of this special liquid.

You can also buy Rescue Cleanse in a smaller 17oz bottle, but I would always advise you pay the extra money for the larger size, to make sure you’re getting the maximum dose.

Personally, I’ve used Rescue Cleanse on a number of occasions over the years, and it’s worked for me every time. The last time I used it was back in January at  Labcorp.  For the purposes of this review, I also tried a bottle with a home test kit to make sure that the formula is still the same right now. I know this stuff works, so it still should. I’ll tell you my results later in this Rescue Cleanse review.

But the bottom line is that Rescue Cleanse is well-established weed detox drink, and one of the few that has a consistent reputation in all relevant online communities for doing the business.

Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are pretty straightforward, the same as most other detox drinks out there.

I will just say about detox drinks, don’t get drawn in by the misconception that they detox you. They don’t.

A detox drink actually masks the toxins for a few hours, which is why Rescue Cleanse advertises itself as having a five-hour “clear zone”.

So the Rescue Cleanse instructions are:

  1. Abstained from toxins for as long as possible before the day, at least 72 hours if possible. Also, don’t eat anything for at least four hours before you drink it either.
  1. Shake the bottle well, and drink it steadily over about 15 minutes.
  1. Over the course of the next hour, urinate as frequently as you can, as this will flush the toxins out of your body.

That’s it, within an hour after drinking, and after urinating a few times, you should be in the advertised clear zone, which will last up to 5 hours.

Now it doesn’t mean that you are detoxified. What it means is that Rescue Cleanse has flushed the toxins that are in your bladder and urinary tract out.

At the same time, it has replaced lost nutrients from the process and put in vitamins and minerals which will help to maintain the look and balance of your urine.

But after five hours up, drug metabolites still working their way through your body will eventually start appearing back in your urine, so it’s not a detox, it’s a masking product.

Rescue Cleanse review

Does Clear Choice Detox Drink Work?

I said earlier that I did a test a week ago, to make sure that Rescue Cleanse detox drink still worked for me, as it had done for my last proper drug test a while back.

I followed the instructions exactly and took a home test kit an hour later. I passed the test, it did not trigger for marijuana use, despite the fact that I smoked quite heavily a couple of days before.

So for me, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox is still a great detox drink to invest in.

But don’t just take it from me, my friends use it, and people in the Facebook groups I frequent also report that it still works. As an example, one of my friends used Rescue Cleanse a few months back and passed a urine test for pre-employment at Quest Diagnostics.

You’ll struggle to find many genuine people online who have actually used Rescue Cleanse and failed a drug test. Rescue Cleanse is not available in Walmart or smoke shops, I always order it from

Rescue Cleanse Vs Mega Clean

 For me, Rescue Cleanse is the second best detox drink on the market. I’ll talk about the alternatives in a moment, but in a straight-up fight between Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean, I would still go for Rescue Cleanse if we are talking just about the detox drinks themselves.

Rescue Cleanse is about $55, while Mega Clean is nearly $70, and for a basic pre-employment drug test, they will both work.

But Mega Clean can be bought as a bundle from TestClear with six pre-rid pills. You take them up to 24 hours before, and they will increase the elimination of toxins. That brings Mega Clean up to a point where it’s at least a strong as Rescue Cleanse.

So in a straight up fight, with the pre-rid pills, Mega Clean probably has the edge and is worth the money. But if you’re just going to buy detox drink, then Rescue Cleanse is for me still the best value and the most powerful formula. For a detailed Detoxify Mega Clean review, click here.

mega clean detox

Rescue Cleanse Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

 The most expensive detox drink on the market at the minute is Ultra Eliminex. I always recommend it, because it’s like a nuclear weapon. But it is expensive.

Rescue Cleanse is strong enough to pass every type of standard drug test I’ve encountered, or heard of people encountering. So for me, as a recommendation, Rescue Cleanse will get you through.

I’d still recommend using fake pee for drug test, something like Sub Solution, over detox drink. That’s because there is far less margin for error unless you mess up on the temperature of the sample.

If you simply can’t cope with the idea of smuggling fake pee into the lab, then a bottle of Rescue Cleanse is definitely the way to go.

But just remember, as any good Rescue Cleanse review will point out, you can’t buy Rescue Cleanse in Walmart like you can Mega Clean, and you can’t buy in smoke shops.

So to be safe, I would just go to a quality online store like and order some to keep in stock, as it has a two-year shelf life.

Testnegative currently has a buy three, get one free promo, which could definitely mean you’re safe for the foreseeable future. Let’s say you’re now going to start applying for jobs, you’ll want to make sure your back is covered, so I’d seriously suggest you take the advice here.

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