What To Expect From The New Red Bentuangie Kratom

Red Bentuangie kratom, also known as chocolate Bentuangie, and Royal Bentuangie is a newer strain of kratom. In this quick Red Bentuangie kratom review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about this new strain of kratom.

We will discuss whether it’s closer to a red kratom or green kratom. You’ll learn what the exact Bentuangie kratom effects are, and the sort of dosage range you need to use.

Plus, I’ll tell you where to buy chocolate Bentuangie kratom that’s rich, pure, and potent.

What Is New Chocolate Bentuangie Kratom Strain?

Royal Bentuangie, otherwise known as chocolate Bentuangie, or simply Red Bentuangie, is allegedly a newer type of kratom. It comes from Borneo.

Now look, I’m a bit skeptical about kratom because most of what makes red, green, and white kratom strains happen from how the leaves are picked, and how they are derived. You’ll get ridiculous claims online in some reviews which claim (this is a genuine claim) that red Bentuangie was found by explorers deep in the Indonesian jungle looking for new strains of kratom.

Now obviously that is total bullshit. Kratom has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and people have known about all the different types for most of that time. There is no new strain, there is no derivative that suddenly appeared.

Closer to the truth, some people say it’s actually standard red vein kratom that’s created using a newer style of fermentation process after the leaves have been dried out. That creates a slightly different alkaloid profile to most other types of red kratom.

Bentuangie Kratom Effects: How Are They Different?

Red Bentuangie kratom effects are pretty much standard red effects, and it’s definitely a red kratom.

But there are subtle differences in the effects of Royal Bentuangie:

  1. It’s slightly longer lasting than most other red kratom strains I’ve experienced. As in 1-2 hours long as the effects tail off. I’ve no idea why that is, it could be just down to the balance of alkaloids, but there’s definitely longevity in using this stuff.
  2. Bentuangie kratom effects are that the classic red mostly. So you’ll get pain relief and sedation at higher doses. You feel calm, happy, chilled out. But until the dose gets high, you will get an increase in physical and cognitive energy. But what I will say from my own experiences that you seem to get chilled and sedated at lower doses than most other types. Compared to classics like Bali or Borneo, 5 g of chocolate Bentuangie totally monged me out.
  3. Kratom can create nausea, especially as you’re meant to take it on an empty stomach. But like a lot of other people, I found that Bentuangie kratom effects did not include nausea. That’s interesting because what you’ve got here is a strain that seems to not cause a lot of nausea, chills you out at a low dose, and is long lasting. For me, it’s feeling like a perfect therapeutic, pain relieving kratom.

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Bentuangie Kratom Dosage

It’s always tough to give information on how to dose kratom because each batch is different, each type of kratom is different, and everyone’s reaction to kratom is different as well.

But generally, I advise people on dosage by breaking kratom down into the following brackets:

  • Beginners dose of up to 2 g
  • A moderate dose of up to 5 g
  • Strong dose to 8 g
  • Very strong dose 10-11 g
  • Overwhelming dose above that level

In terms of defining the sort of dose of Royal Bentuangie you should be using, it depends on your experience levels with kratom. If you’re a beginner, stick to a couple of grams and see how you react.

If you’re an experienced user, try 5 g, as that seems to be the sweet spot.

But what I’m telling you about this strain of kratom is that it’s slightly more sedating at lower levels and longer-lasting. You will not get as much energy from this, but 5 g of pure red Bentuangie kratom could be perfect for relieving pain, anxiety, or just to really deeply chill out.

Alternatives To Royal Bentuangie Kratom

If I had to suggest some alternatives to chocolate Bentuangie I’d be a little hard pressed, because of the specific traits I’ve already talked about. A slightly higher dose of any red kratom is going to chill you out and relieve pain. Most other red kratom strains are slightly more energizing though.

If I had to stick my neck out, an alternative to Royal Bentuangie would be Red Thai. It’s also good for taking without nausea, and it’s one of the more sedating strains of red kratom.

Where To Buy Red Bentuangie Kratom

Because it’s new, and sales volumes are low because people stick to what they know, when it comes to finding where to buy red Bentuangie kratom, you’re quite limited for choice, especially in the USA.

Buykratom.us and the Evergreentree are one of the few places I’ve found online that sell genuine chocolate Bentuangie that actually feels like the way it was described to me before I bought it.

It’s definitely 100% pure and guaranteed, and you’ll get a full moneyback guarantee as well. It’s long lasting, smells incredible, plus is very potent and rewarding to use.

It’s also pretty affordable as well and within the bracket range of most other types of kratom. For just $11.99 you can get a 1 ounce (28 g) beginner pack. This will give you 4-5 decent doses to experiment with chocolate Bentuangie with.

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So the conclusion of this red Bentuangie kratom review is that it is an interesting new red strain. It appears to be fermented differently and does have a different alkaloid profile.

The effects are longer-lasting, it’s sedating in a way I haven’t experienced with other red kratom at the same dose, and it’s affordable. It’s definitely a strain of red kratom give a try.

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