Quick Clear Detox Drink [TESTED!]

In this Quick Clear detox review, I’m aiming to tell you all about a little-known detox drink from a company called Spectrum Labs. But who are they?

I’ll talk you through what Quick Clear detox is, I’ll tell you how to use it, and I’ll answer the key question around if Quick Clear detox really works, by talking you through the live test I did with this detox drink.

Plus I’ll tell you about three alternative detox drinks that are also widely available, which might be a better choice, and certainly ones you should consider.

What Is Quick Clear/Quick Fix Detox?

 There are two key points I want to cover in this review of Quick Clear. The main one is around the question about does Quick Clear detox really work, which I’ll discuss in a little while.

But the other key point is about the company who makes Quick Clear detox. It can actually also be called Quick Fix detox, because the company who make it, Spectrum Labs, also make Quick Fix synthetic urine.

That’s why it sometimes confusingly called Quick Clear and Quick Fix detox.

Quick Fix is a high-quality brand of synthetic urine I personally have used to pass drug tests, and I always recommend online, and to my friends. Spectrum Labs don’t make crap, which is why their Quick Fix detox drink is worth serious consideration.

How To use Quick Clear Detox

 In terms of how to use Quick Clear detox, interestingly the instructions for Quick Clear are slightly different from what I am used to with detox drinks.

Usually, you drink the drink, and in most cases that’s it. Sometimes you drink water afterward, and in rare cases, like with Mega Clean, you can also have some pre-rid pills to take the day before.

So look at the instructions on how to use Quick Clear detox:

  • Drink 20 fluid ounces of water over about 15 minutes.
  • Shake the bottle of Quick Fix detox, and then drink it smoothly over about 15 minutes. At the same time, use the detox drink to consume the eight detox pills contained as a supplement alongside the drink.
  • Wait 20 minutes, then drink another 20 fluid ounces of water over about 15 minutes.
  • Urinate frequently over the following hour, and you should then be free of drug toxins for up to 5 hours, but more usually 2-4 hours.

So as you can see, you drink lots of water, 20 fluid ounces each side of the detox drink. Plus, you get eight Quick Clear detox pills, which you take with the detox drink, effectively increasing its strength.

That’s really unusual in the world of detox drinks. But does it work?

Quick clear detox drink

Does Quick Clear Detox Really Work?

 So, I’ve told you how to use Quick Clear detox, now let’s answer the question: does Quick Clear detox really work?

In order to do a genuine Quick Clear detox review, I bought a bottle of Quick Fix detox to test. I’m a heavy weed smoker, and the advertising does state that it will work even for heavy weed smokers, with a large body mass. Skeptical, I followed the instructions.

I then took a home drug test one hour after the drink and passed. I waited for another two hours and took a second one. I passed the second one as well. That surprised me, and it shows that Quick Fix detox really could work for you as well.

However, I will state here as a caveat, that they were cheap home drug test kits, not the more reliable and expensive ones that drug testing labs like Labcorp would use. So I can’t vouch for the reliability of the test kits I used.

You can purchase Quick clear and Quick Fix synthetic urine from this website.

quick clear detox review

Quick Fix Detox Alternatives

So I guess I have to conclude this Quick Clear detox review by saying that it worked for me. But, if you don’t get the pills with it, then I guess it would struggle a lot more, and I’m skeptical that I would have passed. But it did work, so I have to endorse it.

If you want some alternatives to Quick Fix detox, then the three trusted brands that I thoroughly recommend you consider using instead are:

  • Rescue Cleanse, a brilliant detox drink from Clear Choice, which makes the best brand of synthetic urine, Sub Solution. Just like Sub solution, it’s reliable, always updated, and affordable, one bottle costs $55.
  • Mega Clean is another good alternative. You also get pills with Mega Clean if you purchase it from Testclear, but they are pre-rid pills, you take the day before you drink the detox drink. I wouldn’t really recommend Mega Clean without the pre-rid pills, just as I wouldn’t want to recommend Quick Fix detox without the supplement they provide.

Mega clean detox drink


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