Is PurKratom As Good As People Say? [UPDATED]

If you’re in the market for some high-quality kratom, then PurKratom is definitely a name you’re going to come across pretty quickly. They always seem to get good feedback, but as I wondered at the start: are they legit?

Well, I’ve used PurKratom, so I can tell you if they are legit, or not.

So I guess this is about my personal experiences with PurKratom, a heads up really, about what they sell, who they are, and if they are one of the rare kratom vendors who will actually deliver pure, good quality kratom powder.

Is PurKratom Legit?

Because of the good reviews, and the claims that they sell pure kratom, that is fantastic to experience, and genuinely imported direct from Southeast Asia, a lot of people ask: is PurKratom legit?

Well, in my experience, they are. I’ll talk a bit more about my experiences with them in a moment, but they are a genuine company. A lot of kratom vendors pay for fake reviews and have a lot of people trying to make money out of pushing their kratom.

But most of those companies, including several on the first page of Google for the obvious search results, don’t actually sell great quality kratom. It’s all about marketing, which isn’t the case with PurKratom.

What PurKratom Sells

Classic kratom is a loose powder. It’s rich, earthy, and you don’t need much to get the full effects of kratom.

PurKratom sells amazing quality kratom powder. It’s imported directly from Southeast Asia, not through some third-party. It’s then independently lab tested, and if it’s pure and rich in alkaloids, it’s then packaged and sold by them.

So they are not buying in dodgy kratom, that they don’t know the source of, and then bagging it up as any name they want. These guys source their own kratom, direct from the people who produce it.

They also package the same powder up in capsules. You can get all the same types of kratom in capsule form as you can in powder. Their White Borneo kratom capsules are awesome.

On top of that, for beginners, they also sell variety packs. What’s cool about PurKratom variety packs, is that you can choose from 12 loose powders, or 12 capsules, to create your own variety pack of three. So you can choose three different capsule kratom packs, and get 15% off, and it’s the same with choosing three powders.

In terms of the best selling kratom powder, it’s obviously Maeng Da, Thai, and Bali, particularly in the red strains. I’ve used them all myself, and they are rich, smooth reds that calm you down, ease pain, and deliver a consistent experience every time.

My Experiences With PurKratom

 In terms of my experiences with ordering from PurKratom, they are definitely legit, and definitely a quality kratom vendor.

For a start, they publish the independent lab test results on their website. When they get the batch of kratom imported, it’s tested for purity and quality, and if it passes, it’s packaged up and sold. Those results are published on their website, for your peace of mind.

Secondly, they offer a money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry. Because they guarantee their kratom, you know they are confident in the quality.

Plus, they also use proper credit card processing facilities. No rubbish like echecks, PayPal card processing, or only being able to use some dodgy third-party payment processor that nobody is ever heard of. Paying with a credit card also means you get credit card fraud protection, as additional peace of mind.

Also, and this is something a lot of other companies can’t do, they offer free shipping within the USA on any order value. Plus, if you order before 3 PM, it gets posted that day. That’s awesome because it means you’re not hanging around your kratom.

Little Known PurKratom Discount Code

So look, in my experience, PurKratom reviews are accurate. They are a genuine, reputable kratom vendor, that imports, tests, packages and sells only the highest quality pure kratom.

For me, the kratom and customer experience is just as good as that from Coastline Kratom, plus they do capsules.

Update - 2020.03.11 My latest order from Purkratom was absolutely horrible! Probably the worst kratom I have ever tried. I can not recommend them anymore. If you are looking for QUALITY kratom I recommend Coastlinekratom!


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