Pure Essence SARMs Review: My Experiences Explained

Pure Essence SARMs were frequently talked about and widely used back in 2015. But the story of the company and what happened then is pretty murky and difficult to follow.

Pure Essence SARMs reviews usually don’t really explain it, because they don’t really know or care. But what I’m going to do is tell you exactly what happened with Pure Essence, who they are now, and what they sell.

Basically, I’m going to answer the big question: is pure essence SARM legit, who are they really are, and should you order from them?

Who Are Pure Essence Research?

If you Google “pure essence SARMs” then you get a lot of murky stuff coming up. It’s murky because it’s lots of people not really understanding what’s going on, what happened to them, or who they are now.

I’ll go through all that in a moment. The bottom line is that Pure Essence was the name of the company around 2015 who sold allegedly high-quality SARMs.

I got suckered in later, around 2017 when they were trading under a different company name. But it’s the same people and the same SARMs. So let’s now get you up to date on exactly who Pure Essence was and are now.

The Murky World Of Name Changes And Domain Changes

In 2015 Pure Essence SARMs existed. That was the name of the company, and the domain was linked to that name as well.

Then in 2016, amongst rumors of lawsuits, dodgy SARMs, and bad practice, they vanished.

I think some of that was to do with the fact that there was a herbal supplement company called Pure Essence. They don’t sell SARMs and never have. So I suspect that’s where the lawsuit (or at least the threat of one) came from.

Then in 2016 on a bodybuilding SARMs forum, there was a post from somebody claiming to be from the company saying they had rebranded as SARMs X, and “Pure Essence Research has converted its logos and products to the new and highly improved SARMS X”.

The domain sarmsx.com still exists and does sell SARMs. If you look at Reddit and bodybuilding forums, you will still see people saying they have bought SARMs from this domain. This is also where I got mine from.

So the bottom line is that this is the new company name and website. They may still refer to themselves as pure essence research, but SARMs X is what newer customers and users refer to them as.

What’s The Quality Of Pure Essence/SARMSX Like?

Putting aside the murky past of name and domain changes for reasons not fully understood, what’s the actual quality of pure essence/SARMSX SARMs like?

The word on the street, on bodybuilding forums and Reddit, is that they are generic Chinese SARMs. Prices are pretty low, which reflects that origin.

A lot of people are saying there had a good experience with the SARMs, but you have to wonder how many of those people have actually used SARMs for any length of time. There’s obviously a placebo effect with SARMs the same as any other supplements when you initially get started excitedly, and you’ll tend to work out far harder initially when you start taking them.

Only when you’ve experienced SARMs for a year or so, from multiple companies, and you genuinely start to realize can you then state which SARMs are good quality, and which ones aren’t.

My Experience With Pure Essence SARMs

So I bought my SARMs from SARMSX in 2018. I was unaware of the Pure Essence SARMs connection and had never really thought about it, even though I’d heard of Pure Essence SARMs.

I remember them arriving quickly, but on arrival thinking the bottle labeling was a bit generic. I know that’s a small thing, but you get first impressions. I did a stack, a bulking stack, consisting of RAD-140, YK-11, and GW-501516.

I did the bulking stack alongside some really hard work for 10 weeks. During that time I didn’t really feel my testosterone drop that much, which surprised me as I was doing 30 mg of Testolone a day and had bought Clomid ready for the PCT.

I didn’t see the gains I got with other SARMs either. That same stack had done me well in the past, packing on some lean muscle pretty quickly. Now I know you get diminishing returns from bodybuilding and SARMs, but I saw nothing different to how I think things would have gone if I’d been working out naturally, and I’m pretty experienced.

I also later read about people saying the purity was poor and they had felt ill. That tied in with the experience I had. At the very least, I’m pretty sure the SARMs were watered down, or cut with other chemicals in the hope they would produce some results.

So Is Pure Essence Legit?

The answer to the question of is pure essence SARM legit is for me no. That’s only based on personal experiences and anecdotal evidence though, I don’t have hard analytical facts from any composition analysis.

What I do know is looking at the website now, and selecting a random SARMs product, although there is a link to view purity reports, those links just go to an empty/not found Gmail attachment link strangely. Other products have nothing about purity reports at all.

That’s a huge red flag for me. If the company cannot display proper purity reports from the independent third-party lab that checks out with a proper website and track record, and they can’t display purity reports 100% purity, then they are to be totally avoided.

Back in 2018, I was more naïve, and I wanted to experiment with SARMs. I’m telling you though, based on my bitter experience, don’t go near a company that has those reports missing.

To give you an example of companies that are reputable: Chemyo and Swiss Chems do all have real purity reports on display or have them available on request, and they are legitimate in terms of the lab’s doing the testing.

So there you go, Pure Essence SARMs reviews are generally full of lies. They are generic, and they are just pushing you to SARMSX to buy the poor quality and unverified SARMs that they sell.

There are better alternatives out there that have 100% pure SARMs for sale, and the three names I’ve just given you are great starting points to explore with pure SARMs.

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