Privacy Policy

TheIHCC is a website dedicated to the provision of high-quality content around the topics of drug testing, bodybuilding supplements, nootropics and kratom, CBD, and cannabis use.

We take our responsibilities seriously with the topics we write about, and this follows through into our privacy policy as well.

Our privacy policy has been crafted to respect your own privacy and to take seriously the holding and processing of any personal data that we have about site visitors.

In order to get the most out of using our site, we ask you to review and understand how we process and store any personal data that we gather. Be assured, there’s not much, but we want to be as clear as possible so that our site visitors can have confidence in visiting us.

We may revise this privacy policy at any time, and the revised policy will take the place of this document without notice.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact our data manager via the contact page.

The Types Of Personal Data We Collect

We do not collect personally identifiable information unless you submit it. The only way that you can do this is by submitting a contact form that would include your name and email address.

Other than that, we only collect personal data in relation to IP addresses that visit the site. These are stored, and analytics software is used to analyze and track how people use the site.

We do have adverts and links going to third party sites. These websites are not within our control and will have their own privacy policies. If you click a link to leave the site, please be aware you will not be subject to our privacy policy any longer, and you should check the privacy policy of the site you land on.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We will always strive to make sure that the content we provide can be universally enjoyed. We try to keep it appropriate, tasteful and written in a way that can appeal to everyone. We also tried to keep things anonymous, so we only take and use the bare minimum of data from our visitors.

The personal data supplied is obtained and used in two ways:

  1. If you submit a contact form then we will have some personal data from that. Usually, a name, email address, and IP address. This contact form does not store any information in the database of the site. It sends an email to our email address, but it does not store any data on the site itself. But what you submit will be received by us in an email. Once we have responded and deleted the conversation, that personal data is no longer retained.
  2. IP addresses are used for analytical purposes. We track visitors to the site in the same way as most other websites out there. That data is then used by us to check entry and exit points and to better structure the site for our visitors. We look at how long people stay on the site, and we look at repeat visitors as well. These IP addresses are retained to provide us with this data.

Sharing Personal Data With Third Parties

We do not share any personal data with third parties. We do use affiliate links, which means that a website link you may click on my site will generate a cookie that will be stored on your device. This cookie will last until deleted, or it expires.

When you click to buy something on a third party website, that cookie will tell the shopping cart that we are to receive a referral fee. This means that when you purchase an item the website you visit will know your IP address and where you have come from, but not any personally identifiable data.

Please be aware that when you click to visit a third party website that the privacy policy of that site will be different, and you should check the details.

We do not use Google AdSense on this website so we do not have to adhere to or publish the Google AdSense publisher’s privacy policy, nor do we share personal information with Google or any other company through advertisements shown on the website.

Please also note that we have several social media profiles, notably on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and a Facebook page. Again, visiting these websites will supply them with certain personal information (especially if you are logged into an account on visiting), but that is a matter for the privacy policies of those companies, and it’s important to note that we do not have anything to do with those third party websites.

Your Privacy Rights Under Our Privacy Policy

Privacy and data rights vary around the world. California has different privacy rights and laws to some other states, as do the EU.

Depending on the laws applicable to you, however, you may be able to obtain from us any personal data we have retained about you.

However, as previously stated in this privacy policy, we do not routinely store personally identifiable information. We only store IP addresses. If you would like your IP address removed from our analytical data, then you can submit a contact form requesting that this is done.

Cookie Policy

We provide at this cookie policy under the GDPR regulations in the EU and the Californian CCPA regulations.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device in relation to visits to our website.

We use first party cookies, but we do not use third-party cookies to provide any external services. We use the following types of cookie:

  • To store visitors preferences
  • To ensure our website is operational and secure
  • To provide analytical data
  • The purposes of affiliate link tracking

As already stated, The IHCC does deposit cookies on visitors’ websites for the purposes of affiliate link tracking.

These cookies are not personally identifiable, and expire, or can be deleted from your device.

We also use cookies for the purposes of analytics and analysis of all traffic visiting the site. If you do not wish to be tracked, you can refuse these cookies, or we could suggest you use a VPN so that it is not your actual IP address that you use.

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