How To Use Phenibut And Kratom Together

Using Phenibut and kratom together is something that a lot of people get a great experience. The smooth confidence and feeling of wellbeing it brings in combination can be almost unbeatable. Some people describe as making them feel “God-like”.

But what’s the truth about using Phenibut and kratom? Is it really that good, and if it is, does it come at a cost?

I’m going to tell you about the exact effects of using Phenibut and kratom together, tell you what sort of Phenibut and kratom dosage will work without being dangerous, plus tell you about the best places to buy A-grade Phenibut and pure kratom.

Effects Of Using Kratom With Phenibut

Phenibut and kratom target different receptors in our bodies. Phenibut targets the GABA-b receptors, and at higher doses also the GABA-a receptors. Kratom targets several opioid receptors. This combination produces some distinct effects that together produce a synergy that many people enjoy.

Phenibut creates focus, a loss of anxiety, increased cognitive skills, and a sense of confidence.

White kratom can also do this, as can red kratom at lower doses. At higher doses, white kratom and Phenibut create a strong euphoria, an incredible riding high.

Red kratom instead of white produces a much smoother experience, where the focus and loss of anxiety are supplemented by feeling very chilled out, accompanied by strong analgesia, and sedation, which good doses of kratom, especially red, are renowned for.

So we not talking very high doses here. We are talking about medium doses of kratom and Phenibut together, to create a synergy, a focus, lack of anxiety, a desire to get out and do stuff, mixed with feeling completely chilled out. Some people have suggested it’s pretty close to using heroin, but without the obvious problems that bring.

white bali kratom effects

Phenibut And Kratom Dosage

I’ve already said not to use high doses of Phenibut and kratom together. Phenibut can be very addictive if you are using regular high doses, a gram or more, then you are in danger of getting tolerance. Coming off Phenibut can be very bad.

Kratom is less prone to tolerance and withdrawal than Phenibut, but it still can produce those problems.

So your Phenibut and kratom dosage should be optimal, and no more than once per week. Any more than that, and you start to hit two different receptors in the body hard, which can create problems immediately, and the long term.

Most people don’t go above a gram of Phenibut, and 4 g of pure kratom when they are mixing them together. In terms of side-effects, Phenibut and kratom together can create nausea and jittery feelings.

Strong side-effects where they are reported, are mainly around withdrawal symptoms. Phenibut has wicked withdrawal symptoms that can last for ages, and induce acute anxiety. If you’re trying to come off kratom as well, that can be overwhelming.

Using Phenibut For Kratom Withdrawal

As I said, Phenibut can be quite potent, far more than kratom. People using Phenibut for kratom withdrawal tend to suggest they have replaced one poison with another.

Although Phenibut will undoubtedly ease kratom withdrawal symptoms, it can create a dependence of its own, and the withdrawal symptoms of Phenibut are far more acute than those of kratom.

So the bottom line is that it’s probably best not to use Phenibut for kratom withdrawal, as it’s not a more palatable alternative, even at moderate doses of 500 mg or less, because you can’t take it regularly without it creating problems of its own.

Phenibut and kratom dosage

Where To Buy Phenibut And Kratom

 If you’re going to experiment with Phenibut and kratom, then you need high-grade Phenibut and pure kratom in good condition.

In terms of kratom, the best possible place to buy powdered kratom is TheEvergreentree. Not the cheapest place, but definitely the best pure kratom you will find.

If you’re looking for alternative places to buy good quality kratom powder, and also kratom capsules and variety packs, then is a brilliant starting point for your journey.

The best Phenibut I’ve ever found can be bought from Swisschems. Their website is packed with smart drugs, mood and cognitive boosters, plus other supplements that make it a fantastic shopping destination for many things.

Swisschems sells amazing quality Phenibut, and you can even buy it in a combo pack, that contains other mood enhancers.

So look, as long as you get good quality kratom, and high-grade Phenibut, then Phenibut and kratom together can be an awesome experience.

But using Phenibut for kratom withdrawal is not a good solution, and you really have to watch the dosage of Phenibut and kratom that you put together so that you can get a great experience, but without problematic side effects.

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