Oral Clear Gum: Do Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gums Work?

In this Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to explain exactly why this saliva neutralizing gum is so vital to anyone who wants to avoid failing an oral drug test.

The problem with an oral drug test, otherwise known as a mouth swab test, is that it can be done far more quickly than a urine sample drug test. In some situations, it’s also far more dangerous, because the implications of failing can be legal.

So what’s the deal with using detox gum for a drug test? Is it possible to remove the toxins, so that you can pass a mouth swab test, or are they yet another expensive scam?

Passing An Oral Drug Test

The administering of an oral swab mouth test is very straightforward, either you or someone else put a swab around the gums, which is then tested almost immediately against a panel drug test kit.

The reason an oral drug test is so dangerous is that you don’t need special training to administer it. It can also be done on the spot.

On top of that, in some countries, the police are now even doing roadside mouth swab drug testing when they stop motorists. This is definitely the case in the UK and Australia. I suspect the USA will not be far behind.

So imagine you’re at work, and your employer decides to do a mouth swab drug test on you, and you had a joint night before. You could be in big trouble, because within five minutes, with no way out, you’re going to be found positive.

Now if you are a light user, and you haven’t taken any toxins are a couple of days, then you should be safe. But cannabis, especially if you are a heavy smoker, can stay in your saliva for several days.

If you’re a really light user, you can get rid of the toxins simply by brushing your teeth quite a few times and using something like Listerine quite a few times, just before the test. But if you haven’t got any notice of the test, then you can’t do that, can you?

saliva drug test chewing gum

What Is Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum? | Oral Clear Gum Review

A saliva drug test chewing gum is a special gum that contains chemicals which neutralize your saliva for a very short time.

So using detox gum for drug test success, is perfectly possible. One of the reasons I wanted to write an Oral Clear gum review, is that it’s the best of the bunch in terms of achieving what it sets out to do.

It can be really easy to use, and I will go through that in a moment. But if you are a regular weed smoker, or even if you do a couple of lines of coke each week, then you are in danger from a mouth swab drug test, and you should your hands on saliva neutralizing gum right now.

Why You Need To Consider Using Oral Clear Gum

Oral Clear is definitely the best saliva neutralizing gum on the market. It’s not cheap, it costs quite a bit of money, just for a single capsule.

You see, it’s not actually really gum at all, it’s a capsule of saliva neutralizing liquid. You pop it in your mouth, swill it around, chew the capsule, for about 30 seconds, and then swallow it.

It will neutralize your saliva for around 20 minutes, or up to 30 minutes if you have light toxin levels. That’s just enough for you to get through an instant mouth swab drug test.

How To Use Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

Now the great bit about using saliva drug test chewing gum is that you can use it really discreetly.

Imagine you’ve been stopped by the roadside. You know you could get a mouth swab drug test done, so as the cop is getting out of his car, you simply pop the capsule in your mouth, chew it, swallow it and you know you perfectly safe.

Alternatively, imagine you are told you having a drug test done that moment at work. They have to take you somewhere, or least turn their head, while they are setting things up, or otherwise engaged.

There will be five seconds, where you can remove the capsule from your pocket, and place in your mouth. You can then gently pop it, swill it around in your mouth, and then swallow it, without anyone noticing.

Plus, let’s say somebody does notice you swilling your mouth or chewing. You can just say it’s normal gum, and you swallowed it for the purposes of the test. They can’t prove anything different.

saliva drug test chewing gum

Does Oral Clear Work?

So look, this Oral Clear gum review is more of a warning. Saliva neutralizing gum is essential if you are in a workplace where you could have a mouth swab drug test done on the spot.

If you’re going for a job, it’s not such a problem, because you’ll have some notice. You can abstain from toxins, and you can brush your teeth loads, and use Listerine.

Also if you are in a country where you could face a roadside drug test, you’re also in danger.

So for a variety of reasons, this Oral Clear gum review is a warning shot, so get your hands on some of this saliva neutralizing gum right now.

You will need some spare because shipping can take a few days, and you might want to store one in your car, one in your locker, plus keep one capsule of Oral Clear gum on you during the day as well.

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