OPMS Kratom: Gold, Silver, Liquid

I thought I’d do a detailed OPMS kratom review because these guys sell a lot of kratom products, but they don’t seem to have a great reputation, and I wondered why.

I have got personal experiences to add into the mix, so this review of OPMS kratom is not just researched only. I’m going to talk about OPMS gold kratom, silver, plus I’ll tell you about what OPMS liquid kratom actually is.

I’m hoping by the end of this review you’ll have a really good idea about this company, and will be able to make a proper buying decision which will be best for your experiences with kratom products.

Who Are OPMS Kratom?

OPMS kratom heavily advertises in all the places you’d expect. They obviously put a lot of money into promoting their products. But are they any good?

They sell three types of kratom, which I’ll talk about in detail in a moment. But that’s it, they don’t sell a range of kratom, no red, white or green, no different strains, just three different types. That to me is unsatisfactory, and concerning.

They claim to be scientifically led, with highly formulated kratom products. If you take a look at their authenticity links on the company website, each leads to a page about the three different kratom products they sell.

On each of those pages, they talk heavily about counterfeited OPMS kratom, white should be avoided, and how their “legal teams” are constantly chasing counterfeited sellers.

For me, this just stinks of salesmanship. There might be a few counterfeits out there, but it’s certainly not the industry they are making out. And neither does accompany that size have a massive legal team backing them up. It feels more about making people think their products are exclusive and desirable.

What really made me laugh out loud, LOL was this statement which sounds like something out of a Batman movie:

“O.P.M.S. is constantly battling these criminals via O.P.M.S.’ legal and enforcement department.”

Let’s be clear here, a tinpot kratom company does not have a legal and enforcement department, and if it did, it would certainly have advised them to produce a properly worded legal statement on these pages, rather than the ludicrous threats, and badly-worded English, that exists there.

OPMS Gold Kratom

 OPMS gold kratom is their flagship product. Their website claims that they have perfected a method of extraction unrivaled in the industry. What that means I have no idea.

Is OPMS gold kratom any good?

Well, I think the first thing that concerns me about it is that isn’t red, green or white kratom. It seems to just be a generic kratom product, that’s sold for its strength. You can only buy it as capsules, not powder, and you don’t get many capsules for your money.

There’s even been some talk online about chemical additives in OPMS products to make them more powerful, basically the inclusion of legal highs, which would obviously be concerning.

I haven’t tried OPMS gold kratom, but I know a friend who has. They said it was powerful but weird. They are really into white kratom, and they said it gives you a rush, but it’s a strange rush, that is very powerful and quite unsettling. That was enough for me to not try it.

OPMS gold

OPMS Silver Kratom

OPMS silver kratom is slightly different from the gold. It basically consists of standard kratom powder, because it’s described as “1 times extract”. You can get Maeng Da and Malay, but again, it doesn’t say whether that’s red, white or green, or just a combination.

However, I suspect is just a combination of any old kratom they can get their hands on, because of this statement, which mentions blending batches, suggests it:

“Alkaloid profiles levels are maintained by blending batches in order to keep product quality consistent. O.P.M.S. has developed their own Alkaloid Standards for many of the alkaloids in kratom which do not have standards by no one else.”

On top of that, again, look at the horrible English. This is not a company that has invested in its brand. So how can you trust that it’s invested in its kratom quality?

So I haven’t tried it, and I don’t need to, because OPMS silver kratom is basically any old type of kratom powder they can get their hands on, combined and sold.

OPMS Liquid Kratom: Is It Any Good?

Now the thing I have tried is OPMS liquid kratom. It’s a little bottle that contains a single shot of kratom liquid.

There’s very little information about what’s in it, but it appears to be a liquid that has kratom blended into it, to lessen the taste, and allow it to be quickly digested.

My personal experience with it is that it tastes awful. On top of that, it’s only an 8.8 ml container, and that’s not a lot of liquid to blend kratom in with, no matter how concentrated it is.

The only other thing I can think that they have done is to use kratom extracts, where the alkaloids from kratom are boiled out and extracted, to create a real potent version of kratom. Even if it’s just pure alkaloids, it’s still not a lot.

OPMS liquid kratom is quite expensive, and you don’t appear to get a lot.  My experience with it was you get a bit of a rush for about half an hour, and then it quickly subsides. Again, that’s leading me to the conclusion that it’s not that powerful.

OPMS liquid

OPMS Kratom Review: Alternatives&Conclusion

 So look, my OPMS kratom review conclusion is that by all means give it a try. You might find it brilliant, you might find it worth the money, and you might find OPMS liquid kratom is a convenient choice.

But for me, it’s dubious. It’s all based on marketing, you have no clue what’s in any of their products, there are rumors that they add in other legal high products to make it more potent, and I just simply don’t trust them.

I haven’t actually ordered from them directly, but I did get the liquid OPMS kratom from salviaextract.com, when I ordered some salvia while back, purely out of curiosity, and after the conversation with my friend.

If I was looking to buy kratom, especially as a beginner, I would want to know that it was pure, imported from Southeast Asia, and quality guaranteed.

I would want to know what strain it was, and whether it was red, green, or white.

For me, I would have to recommend you steer clear of OPMS kratom products, unless you’re really curious, and instead buy some pure kratom from PurKratom, Kratora or Coastline, they have never let me down.

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