My Favourite Nootropics For Anxiety And Depression

Social anxiety can be a crippling thing, and more people than you realize are using nootropics for social anxiety, and for depression. Plus, people who are anxious about socializing are also reaching more for small quantities of nootropics to help with social anxiety.

In this nootropics review, you’re going to find out what causes anxiety, and what causes depression. You’ll learn how we try to cope with it naturally, and what prescription medications do to deal with it.

Then, we will talk through how people are learning to cope with anxiety and depression using smart drugs, also called nootropics.

We will talk through the different types of smart drug you can use for anxiety, what the effects are, potential negative side-effects to watch out for, plus I’ll tell you the best places to buy nootropics for anxiety.

How We Can naturally Deal With Anxiety, Stress & Depression

 Let’s talk specifically about anxiety first, let’s say social anxiety. It’s usually down to esteem issues, or other things in your life making you feel less confident. Perhaps you had a relationship breakup, which means being amongst groups of happy people leaves you feeling isolated, and lost in your thoughts.

In terms of the brain, it creates a chemical imbalance, neurotransmitters are not firing off and communicating in the way they should, or not being generated in balanced amounts.

At the heart of this are two neurotransmitter systems, glutamate, and GABA. The other three main ones, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, a more well-documented, and as a lot of people know, they relate directly to happiness and positivity.

All of these have a role to play in depression, stress, and anxiety, as it’s well known that different traditional drug therapies target all of these neurotransmitter systems.

In terms of dealing with anxiety, stress and depression naturally, it’s about restoring balance to the systems through natural means. So it’s things like meditation, regular exercise, getting your blood moving, being positive in your thinking, looking at your diet, and trying to remove the sources of the anxiety, stress, or depression.

But when that doesn’t work, people look towards therapy or medication. That medication can be officially administered, or people can self medicate, with incredibly varied results. Nootropics interact with all of the systems we’ve talked about, which is why using nootropics for anxiety and depression is becoming more common.

Self Medication Routes To Avoid

You’re probably already aware of the self-medication routes avoid if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or you are under stress.

Narcotics are the obvious one. Yes you can take cocaine and burst through the ceiling for a couple of hours, but then you want more, and more, and then the next day things worse.

Or you can smoke weed to chill out, but that can lead to anxiety and paranoia, and you have to keep smoking it to keep being chilled out. It’s not socially acceptable in many places still, and it can have a range of side-effects that are undesirable, the main one being it’s difficult to function normally at the time, and anxiety afterward can be crippling.

Alcohol is another one that is not a great idea at all. It can take away social anxiety at the moment, but the comedown can cause even more anxiety, and the withdrawal symptoms can be crippling. Plus, nearly all of these things are highly addictive, which leads to bigger problems of their own.

nootropics for anxiety and depression

How Using Nootropics For Anxiety Can Work

 The heart of the problem is that what causes anxiety, depression, and stress, in terms of neurotransmitter responses, is often interlinked.

So you can’t just say you feeling anxious, take a certain type of nootropics for anxiety, and cure the problem. It’s not that simple.

Also, you can’t just say glutamate levels and GABA dictates whether you are anxious not, so it’s really not a simple problem to solve, which is why people sometimes have to experiment with a range of things to find what works for them. It can sometimes be a mix of vitamins, supplements, and using nootropics to cure anxiety.

A great starting point for understanding how you could successfully use nootropics for social anxiety, depression, or for using nootropics for socializing better, is to understand how each of the main neurotransmitter systems works.

  • Serotonin regulates your brain, and that includes anxiety levels. It also helps to modulate dopamine and norepinephrine, so it’s essential to keep serotonin levels normal and stable.
  • GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter. Things like barbiturates bind to GABA receptors, increasing the duration of the channels open state, which basically means, that it regulates the messages.
  • Dopamine helps with self-confidence and self-esteem, which is obviously linked to anxiety. That’s why some people with social anxiety problems respond to drugs that help to boost dopamine.
  • Norepinephrine is definitely linked to anxiety. Modulating this chemical in your brain can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety. Certain beta-blockers can help to achieve this, but with other unwanted side effects.
  • Glutamate is the brains main excitatory neurotransmitter and is vital to many functions. Increasing its production can really help ease anxiety and depression.

So now you understand the mechanisms by which depression, anxiety, distress are caused chemically, let’s look at how nootropics could potentially help in regulating, or even improving on what your body can do naturally while avoiding prescription medications that can have awful side effects.

Nootropics For Social Anxiety

 The problem with trying to find the best nootropics for anxiety is that there are literally tons of them to consider, and everyone is an advocate, or a skeptic.

Things like Ashwagandha, Cats Claw, racetams (especially Aniracetam), L-Theanine, and also Noopept, are all thought to help with modulating NMDA, another receptor that is linked to anxiety. In addition, they help with glutamate regulation as well.

There are also gentle alternatives to beta-blockers, that can help with regulating norepinephrine. Some suggestions are things like Omega 3, magnesium, St Johns wort, and even vitamin B9.

You also have to consider things like kratom and kava. Although not true smart drugs, they can help to regulate mood, and lower anxiety, bringing more social confidence.

best nootropics for depression

Nootropics For Depression

When it comes to using nootropics for depression, the choices are going to be pretty much the same as for using them for anxiety, as the same neurotransmitters are involved. In terms of stopping depression, it’s about boosting those neurotransmitters or changing their re-uptake.

Again, racetams, especially Aniracetam, can help with depression. Aniracetam interacts with the dopamine receptors, as well as desensitizing glutamate receptors (AMPA receptors).

Kava is another natural antidepressant. Although it can have side-effects such as the potential for liver problems in people who already have then, the effects have been studied, and it does not seem to affect cognitive function, in the way that things like Benzodiazepines do.

Other notable mentions should go to Noopept,  Nefiracetam, and even kratom. Kratom especially is something many people don’t associate with relieving anxiety while retaining focus, but it is possible. Kratom is not just about pain relief and an opiate experience.

One thing I want to say though if you are already using antidepressant medication, do not start self-medicating with nootropics for depression. That can cause unwanted problems, that could even prove dangerous, with conditions like serotonin syndrome being potentially fatal. Always consult a medical professional if you are already using medication like SSRI’s.

best nootropics for anxiety

Nootropics Reviews: My Top Picks

So now we’ve talked generally about what can cause anxiety and depression, and how nootropics, and other simple supplements like vitamin supplements, can help greatly with alleviating the symptoms of several linked conditions, let’s look at six key nootropics.

Each of these is used widely, and I generally considered among the best nootropics for anxiety, depression, stress, and are often nootropics used for socializing benefits.

Aniracetam- Best Nootropics For Anxiety

This is a racetam, and it works by desensitizing the glutamate receptors (AMPA receptors), and also stimulating the dopamine receptors. Many people claim it is the most effective antidepressant you can get.

Now that claim should be taken with a pinch of salt because everyone is different. But if you’re looking to find the best nootropics for anxiety and depression, then it’s certainly one that should be top of your “to try” list.

The fact that it works on the dopamine receptors in the brain is key because dopamine receptors during depression create low motivation. Low motivation means you feel like you’re failing, and that just makes the whole situation spiral downwards.

Aniracetam is cheap to buy, as little as $45 for a couple of months supply, and is widely available, especially in the USA. You don’t even need that much of a high-dose to get the benefits of it as a nootropic solution to depression, anxiety or socializing problems.

In fact, a dose of as little as 300 mg is enough to start deriving the positive benefits. For more detailed, check out my Aniracetam review.

aniracetam reviews


Phenibut was actually developed as an anti-anxiety medication in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. In fact, it was used on space flights by the cosmonauts, because it can lower anxiety levels so well.

It’s also rare amongst nootropics, that it has been so widely used, for decades, across the Soviet Union, and later in eastern block countries, and is still actually prescribed in several countries. So there’s a body of real-life evidence around side-effects, long-term consequences of taking it, and its effects on humans.

Phenibut is a GABA-B agonist. It only has a half-life of around five hours, but the effects can last for a full day, as its effects can still stimulate the GABA receptors long after it has been eliminated from the body.

But as well as reducing anxiety, and calming people down, it can also improve cognitive functions, and even create a calm euphoria at high doses, which is why it’s often abused for party purposes and the people who want to perform better. For a detailed in-depth review of Phenibut, click here.


This is an amino acid. We don’t produce amino acids, we have two get them from outside sources. It’s present in some mushrooms and things like green tea.

Studies have shown that it can influence levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. As we know, these can influence stress, anxiety, sleep, mood, and emotion, if the levels are unbalanced. So this amino acid can help to boost levels and stabilize them.

This is no miracle cure, not a full-blown artificially created nootropic. However, studies have reported a boost in concentration levels amongst people who took L-Theanine alongside caffeine. A 2012 study found that a daily dose alongside caffeine allowed a higher level of vigilant attention to be maintained.

As L-Theanine is cheap 15-20$ for a few months of supply, side-effect free, and doesn’t appear to have any long-term consequences, especially as it’s present in green tea, and people in the far east drink gallons of it with no ill effects, then it’s certainly a very easy thing to experiment with.

nootropics for social anxiety


Although often classed as a racetam, Noopept is actually not one. It has a slightly different molecular structure, and although it’s often lumped into the same category to sell it, or review it, it’s not.

People have been using Noopept as one of the considered best nootropics for depression for quite some time. The reason for this is that it stimulates dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain. It can also boost memory, thinking, reflexes and mood. You will feel relaxed, motivated, and sharp using Noopept.

Although the study is sketchy, some evidence suggests that it can improve memory in the longer term. One study found that Noopept appears to increase the production of an antibody that blocks the building of beta-amyloid tissue, which unchecked, can lead to a decline in mental health, and Alzheimer’s.

Noopept can spike blood pressure, and cause sleep disturbances, depending on who you are, and the time of day you take it. So there are potential side-effects be aware of. However, if you’re looking at discovering the best nootropics for anxiety relief, then it’s certainly one to consider gently experimenting with. For more info about effects and dosage, click here.


Although not a nootropic, kratom is definitely something to consider alongside the potential best nootropics for anxiety, depression, and even nootropics for socializing

The reason is that white, green, and red kratom can be tailored very individually to create results that can calm anxiety, take away physical pain, and still keep you mentally sharp, and in some cases sharper.

A few grams of good quality kratom can give you hours of relief from feeling anxious, stressed, and lift your mood out of depression. Used alongside the correct mental attitude and lifestyle, and it could really boost your performance, energy levels, and quality of life. For anxiety and pain, I highly recommend these strains.

You may not realize it, as most articles focus on nootropics for boosting mood and performance, but a lot of students use kratom as a study aid.

Especially white, or green kratom, in smaller doses, can significantly increase your mental stimulation, while red kratom in small quantities can be good for cooling anxiety down.

Alongside the mood boost, making you happier to be doing the work, it can be potent, which is why so many students advocate taking even as little as a gram when they are about to sit down and study for a couple of hours. The quality and freshness of kratom is the most important, before buying anything, check out my recommended kratom vendor list.

white horn kratom effects


This is a naturally made substance, that comes from the roots of various plants, native to the South Pacific. Traditionally, it was made into a tea, but it can also be made into a more concentrated, and powerful, form that can be taken a supplement.

The active ingredients are almost unique to kava and are poorly understood, but the result their interaction in the brain is a sense of calmness, relieving of anxiety, and a sense of happiness, without a loss of cognitive sharpness.

So although kava is not a smart drug, in terms of looking at the topic of the best nootropics for anxiety then it’s definitely a substance to be considered as an alternative.

In fact, it’s an alternative option to looking at instead of using nootropics for socializing, because it’s traditional use is in a tea which is drunk socially, that helps to calm people down, and break down social inhibitions. Kava has an awful taste, I highly recommended it to buy it in capsule form!

nootropics review

Where To Buy Nootropics Online

So the truth about finding the best nootropics for anxiety is it’s not just about smart drugs. Is also about kava, and it’s also about kratom. All of these things can help with anxiety.

Using nootropics for depression, using them for a variety of reasons, is becoming very much more socially acceptable. It’s not just about studying, people are using nootropics for socializing better, and for many other reasons where alertness and positivity are needed.

But whatever you choose to try, you need to buy it from somewhere reliable. There are some dodgy shops online, that sell smart drugs that aren’t really what they say, that are cut, that are manufactured and imported from God knows where, and the people selling them really don’t know what they’ve got.

So whether it’s using nootropics for anxiety, or kava, or kratom, you need a reliable source, that sells a pure quality product.

In my experience, that’s quite rare, and rather than give you a huge list of places you can consider, I’m just going to tell you where I get my smart drugs, kava, and kratom. You can at least then see the quality of the companies, and the products, before making your own decisions.

If you’re looking to buy nootropics online, then Science.Bio, is my recommended source. They are basically a smart drug superstore. Whatever you want, they’ve got, and it’s affordable. UPDATE: Science.Bio has been closed in March 2022.

They sell Noopept, which as you now know, is a brilliant antidepressant nootropic. You can get 10g  for $19.99. They also sell Phenibut, Aniracetam, and L-Theanine, plus many useful supporting supplements, that have been linked to not only increasing performance levels but also relieving anxiety and depression. might sound a bit generic, but the company behind the domain is far from the generic-sounding name. They are called Umbrella Labs, and they are relatively new, but increasingly trusted the seller of nootropics.

They were already a trusted seller of SARMs (chemicals to help in building stronger muscles and cutting fat used by bodybuilders), and they have built on that reputation for delivering pure research chemicals, by introducing a range of nootropics.

They sell a small but high quality range of nootropics suitable for helping with anxiety. As an example, they sell really high-quality Phenibut. 25 g of fine powder will cost you just $23.99, with free shipping in the USA.

The range they have isn’t huge a moment, but I have noticed they are adding more all the time. If you want anything particular, it might be worth emailing them. They are definitely a place to buy good quality nootropics for helping with anxiety relief.

Another relatively new place to buy nootropics that can help with the relief of anxiety is

I’ve used them for a couple of years and they have been absolutely superb. You simply can’t beat the prices for the smart drugs they sell, and you’ll get free shipping and rapid delivery in the USA with that.

In terms of an example of what they sell to help with the symptoms of anxiety, they sell Noopept capsules for $39. That low price you will get 60x30mg of pure Noopept, it can really help to calm you down. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and they are definitely a place worth checking out.ú

noopept capsules

If you’d like to experiment with kava as an alternative to using nootropics for anxiety, then a great place to buy it is from is, who incidentally also do awesome quality kratom.

And if you want to get your hands on the best kratom, then the two places I always get my kratom from is Evergreentree. They offer fantastic quality kratom, reds, whites, and greens, all the major strains.

Coastlinekratom also sells kratom capsules, so if you’re using kratom as an alternative to nootropics for anxiety, depression, or socializing, then capsules can be great because you can take them on the move.

So there you go, I hope this nootropics review has helped you to start making some decisions on discovering the best nootropics for anxiety, depression, and better socializing, so that you can find the one that works for you, and can enjoy a happier, more peaceful time.

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