Detoxify Mega Clean:Is It Good Enough To Pass A Drug Test?

If you’re looking to buy detox drink to mask drug toxins, so you can pass a drug test, then Mega Clean is going to be a name you quickly come across. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this classic.

Importantly, because it’s a classic, you’ll probably be wondering if it is strong enough to pass the modern urine drug test. If the formula is strong enough, and can it mask the toxins without the drug labs spotting it?

So the key question I’m going to answer is around: does Detoxify Mega Clean work to pass a drug test? It’s something you really need to know if you’re thinking of investing money in it.

Detoxify have several other detox drinks, so I will also talk to you about Mega Clean Vs Mighty Clean Vs XXtra clean, so you can understand the difference, and make a better buying decision.

Plus, I’ll also mention a couple of alternatives, in case you’re not convinced that it is the detox drink you need.

What Is Mega Clean & Why Is It So Popular?

Mega clean reviews

It is the most established, premium brand, from a company called Detoxify. They have been around for a number of years, and are well-trusted detox products brand. Detoxify focus on detox drinks and other products that help you to eliminate toxins close to a drug test.

Their three premium products are Mega Clean, Mighty Clean, and Xxtra Clean. They all slightly different, which is why people get confused because they all have the same aim and look similar, but cost different prices.

So I’ll talk about which is the best, and why. So this is a little bit of an Xxtra Clean review as well.

In terms of Mega Clean specifically, it’s a premium detox drink, that is designed for people with heavy toxin intake. It’s also designed for people who have high body fat, and who are over 200 lbs in weight, so it really is a strong option.

Mega Clean Instructions

The instructions for use are pretty straightforward and are very similar to most detox drinks. The only difference between detox drinks is that some ask you to drink additional water when you consume them, while others don’t.

I’m going to give you the instructions as they would be if you buy Mega Clean from I would always recommend you buy it from them because you get six free pre-rid pills when you buy it.

These can be taken up to 24 hours before the day, to help push out extra toxins, meaning that there are less in your body for Mega Clean to mask.

The instructions for Mega Clean are as follows:

  1. Abstain from all toxins for at least 48 hours before your test, where possible. Also, eat well (no greasy foods, no carbohydrates, just eat lean protein, fruit, vegetables), sleep well, exercise, and drink lots of water.
  2. Around 24 hours before your test, probably the afternoon before the day, take the six pre-rid pills. Make sure you drink extra water during those 24 hours and urinate frequently. You can take them all at once, but some people spread them out, taking two a time, two hours apart, with water each time, giving themselves plenty of time to urinate before they go to bed.
  3. Two hours before you are due to leave for your drug test, shake the Mega Clean bottle well, and drink the entire contents over about 15 minutes.
  4. Refill the bottle, and drink that water over about 15 minutes as well.
  5. Over the next hour, urinate frequently. Try to go twice if possible.
  6. You can then go and take your test, and you should be free of drug toxins. The Mega Clean detoxification zone lasts for around 3-5 hours, so make sure you submit your sample within that window.

mega clean for drug test

Does ItWork For Drug Test?

It is one of the most established detox drinks on the market and has been for quite some time.

I’ve used Mega Clean to pass several drug tests over the years, although I haven’t leaned towards it as much in recent times unless I buy it from Testclear. The reason for that is you get the six free pre-rid pills, which can really push Mega Clean up into another level of safety.

There are slightly more powerful alternatives, but for the money, with the pre-rid pills free, Mega Clean is right up there.

For me, it works. I’ve done tests on it at home, I’ve done tests for reviews, and I passed two live pre-employment drug test with it.

I’ve researched Mega Clean, I’ve looked at the vibe online, and I’ve talked to people I trust about it. Friends have used it, and overwhelmingly, the answer around does Detoxify Mega Clean work for a drug test, is yes.

The only reasons it might fail, are if you have a huge amount of toxins in you, that it simply can’t mask. And it’s important to say that, detox drinks mask toxins they don’t eradicate them. If you have tons of them being pushed into your bladder every hour, then sure, there’s a chance you could fail.

The second reason is out of your control, it’s around if there’s a delay when you submit your sample. There is a chance some could creep in, but you would have to be very unlucky and is not really a fault with Mega Clean.

Mega Clean Vs Mighty Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

Detoxify do three main detox drinks, Mega Clean, Mighty Clean, and Xxtra Clean. Mighty Clean is a three-stage product, but the last stage is to be taken after the drug test, so it’s kind of a bit of marketing if I’m honest. So it’s basically a two-stage version of Mega Clean, but it costs more money.

I wouldn’t buy Mighty Clean if it’s a choice between that and Mega Clean. Mighty clean is more expensive, and it’s exactly the same thing, but split over two bottles, so why would you?

In terms of doing an Xxtra clean review, it’s basically a smaller version of Mega Clean. It’s a 20 oz bottle of the same formula, so it’s Mega Clean lite, in effect.

So if you have light toxin levels, say you are a small female, and you smoke weed couple of times a week, then my simple Xxtra clean review advice to you has to be sure, it’s cheaper, so give it a go. But generally, I would avoid it, because it’s just not as powerful.

Any honest Mega Clean review has to conclude that out of the entire Detoxify range, it’s the best value for money, the most established, and if you buy it from TestClear with the (Toxin Rid) pre-rid pills, it’s one of the most powerful you’ll get your hands on.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean Work For Drug Test

Detox Drink Alternatives

I’d say that it’s probably not as powerful as Rescue Cleanse, unless you have the pre-rid pills, in which case it’s more powerful.

And it’s definitely not as powerful as Ultra Eliminex, which is a detox drink from Herbal Clean, the company behind the QCarbo range of detox drinks.

So if I had plenty of money, I get my hands on Ultra Eliminex. If I just wanted a detox drink that works on its own, I’d go for Rescue Cleanse.

If you’ve got the time to order from TestClear, and I’d advise you do, so you always have a bottle in stock, then buying it with the pre-rid pills is a very powerful metabolite masking option, that will get you through pretty much any drug test.

Clear Choice Detox

Where To Buy It With Free Pre Rid Pills

There are very few detox drinks you can buy physically, the best are always available from specialist online retailers.

Just like QCarbo, Mega Clean is available in some big stores, like Walmart. However, I say that with a caveat.

If you buy Mega Clean from somewhere like Walmart, or even online from a non-specialist retailer like Amazon, you will not get it with the drug detox pills.

Now if you have light toxin levels, and aren’t big, then it may not be a problem. The natural strength of Mega Clean might be enough to push the toxins out and mask them you can pass a test.

But if you are a regular weed smoker, or you’re not a supermodel, then you’re going to want the pre-rid pills to get the most safety guarantees out to buy Mega Clean. Which is why I would recommend you only buy it from, so you can benefit from the six pre-rid pills, which are completely free.


 As a summary for article, it has the following benefits:

  • Well established, with a good track record of success
  • Easily obtainable, although it’s best to buy with the pre-rid pills
  • If you buy from TestClear you get the pre-rid pills free
  • You only need one hour before you go to submit your sample
  • Mega Clean is powerful and affordable

Mega Clean is definitely not the strongest detox drink on the market, but if you get the pre-rid pills with it, it’s comparable to Rescue Cleanse, but not quite as strong as Ultra Eliminex.

But for the price, it’s unbeatable with the pre-rid pills, and if you have to grab a bottle quickly, then getting Mega Clean from Walmart could be the best option you have.

So the conclusion is that it’s a powerful detox drink, and certainly, a great detox drink that can basically guarantee toxins will be masked for a few hours.

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