Guide To Using Lucid Dreaming Pills And Supplements

 If you’ve ever been in a dream and become conscious that you are in one, and can even assert some control over what happens, then you have experienced lucid dreaming. Some people say that lucid dreaming pills can enhance that experience, and allow you to take over your dreams, with many potentially significant life benefits.

But what’s the truth here? Movies like inception have discussed the power of the dream world, and the benefits of influencing it, but is it really possible to derive positive outcomes from manipulating the dreams you have?

Advocates of lucid dreaming claim that using Lucid dreaming supplements, and some simple techniques, will allow you to take control of your dreams.

So in this guide to lucid dreaming, we going to talk about learning how to lucid dream tonight and every night as you wish, and supplements could help you to achieve that level of consciousness more easily.

What Is A Lucid Dream?

 When we dream, we aren’t usually aware that we are in the dream, or that it’s not real. Sometimes we are aware that things aren’t quite right, and on waking up there is a distant awareness that we were in a dream, and were shaping it, but that’s as far as it goes for most people.

But the thing is, dreaming is very important for processing memories, the storage of new memories, and also keeping our minds healthy. Dreams help us to process trauma and deal with problems in our lives. But on the surface, they can seem counter-productive, as we can awaken feeling even worse.

A lucid dream is simply a dream that you are aware you are in. The goal of controlling your dreams is achieved by putting triggers in your mind so that when you are aware you are dreaming, you can consciously alter its course.

If you’re still unsure what a lucid dream is, think about when you wake up in the middle of a dream, and then go back to sleep. Or you’re half asleep, and you are aware you are starting to dream and jolt out of it. That’s lucid dreaming, that point when you are aware it’s to lucid dream

The Potential Benefits Of Lucid Dreams

There are several potential benefits of lucid dreaming. If you can master the skill of learning how to lucid dream, then you can go to bed every night not fearing the dreams you have, and awakening in a more positive place emotionally.

Recurring nightmares can actually be debilitating for some people, I know, I’ve been there. Repetitive dreams that happen every now and again, sending your head into a spin sometimes for a day or more.

So how can taking control of your dreams to help?

  1. Let’s say you have a recurring dream, let’s say a negative dream based on a childhood experience, trauma, or just something that triggers negatively in your brain. Every night you go to bed worrying about it, and when you have the dream, you wake up in a panic, and it can sometimes unsettle your sleep patterns and your ability to function the day after it happens.

By taking control of your dream it’s possible to change what happens, allowing you to gradually remove that recurring dream from your life. I’ve done it, and I’ll tell you about it later this guide.

  1. If you have a really bad phobia of something, exploring it in the dream can be a fantastic way to not be as concerned about it. By dreaming about it, confronting it outside reality, it appears to be possible in some people to overcome that fear, given time.
  2. If you’re feeling really despondent, it’s possible as an expert lucid dreamer, to create adventures for your dreams in advance. Once you are in them, once you recognize the triggers, it’s potentially possible to take control of the dream and have the experiences you want.

It could be to sleep with a hot film star, it could be to live the life of a millionaire. Whatever your fantasy, a lucid dream can allow you to wake up feeling happier.

All of these possibilities can be explored using simple techniques we will discuss now. On top of that, dream tablets, Lucid dreaming supplements, could potentially allow you to unlock the potential of these techniques more easily, so I’ll talk more about those in detail in a moment.

How To Lucid Dream

 It is possible to practice techniques to more easily unlock the power of Lucid dreams. Alongside Lucid dreaming pills, it’s possible to do this more easily than through techniques alone.

  1. Train your brain to check it’s dreaming

It is possible to train your brain to reality check itself, which will allow you to potentially trigger a realization you are in a dream, and allow lucid dreaming. This technique involves doing reality checks throughout your day. For example, asking yourself if you are dreaming right now, and touching something. Now obviously during the day that check for reality is known.

But where this technique becomes powerful, is over time. Over weeks, you are training your brain to check items around itself for reality, both when you are awake, and when you’re asleep. In the real world, when you push a door, it opens, but that’s not always the case in a dream.

It’s allowing your brain to check the things which indicate you’re dreaming, that could unlock the power of you being able to then take control them.

  1. Create a trigger that awakens your mind

Let’s say you have the same recurring nightmare. You go into it and the same things happen, every single time. Then you wake up feeling uncomfortable, disturbed, and out of control. You will find when you explore that dream from your memory, that certain things happen every time. It’s usually a certain event, certain characters, people, places, there are constants.

When you are awake, explore those constant moments in your conscious thought. Write down how you would change them, daydream about how you would change them. Create a different ending. Basically, get your brain into a state where you can be triggered in the dream to be aware it’s a dream, allowing you the scope to start fighting the dream.

  1. Keep a dream journal

People who seem to be able to control their dreams are often those who have the best recollection of their dreams. If that’s not the case for you, when you wake up, have a journal by your bed, or in this modern age, voice record, or video record your explanation of the dream, how you feel, triggers, anything that could be useful.

Then watch/read/listen to your thoughts every single night when you go to bed. Over time, you will build up an awareness of common themes, people and events. Potential triggers that you can then consciously use to gain control of the dream you are in.

supplements for lucid dreaming

How Lucid Dream Supplements Work

Let me start here by telling you that there are no magic lucid dream pills. It’s not like the movie Inception, nobody is going to press a button and inject you with something that allows you to consciously control your dreams. Miracle lucid dreaming supplements simply do not exist.

Also, you can’t ignore the fundamentals of becoming conscious of your dreams. You have to do the groundwork, as I’ve already explained. You need to develop techniques to trigger conscious realization you are in a dream and then have a plan already in your mind on how you are going to alter it.

But people do report better, more easily achievable lucid dreaming states with certain supplements, and I’ll go through them in detail in the next section.

They work by slowing down the breakdown of a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine Esterase(AChE). The more of this neurotransmitter there is, the more it seems that dreams become vivid, become more controllable, and more easily remembered.

Scientists have confirmed that ACh does appear to help with dreaming, sleep quality, and even learning. They found that it can improve memories of dreams, and a deeper level of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

The thing is, lucid dreaming pills, supplements, don’t always work for everyone. But there are several different ones you can try. So don’t give up, and stick with them for at least a month each once you’ve trained your brain.

Some have side effects, so you must be aware of these beforehand, and watch out for them. You should also keep a journal, and make sure you are completely aware of the outcomes that could happen when you take it, and how the dose can change the outcomes.

Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements

 The best lucid dreaming pills are those which are genuine AChE (Acetylcholine Esterase)  inhibitors. All of the five recommendations I’m going to give you now for popular Lucid dream supplements are well documented as being credible, and there’s a lot of evidence from people online that they do work. 

  1. Huperzine-A

This is an extract from a number of plants. Notably the Chinese club moss. It’s been known for a long time to enhance dreams, and allow access to lucid dreaming. It does this using the mechanism with already described, basically, it keeps more AChE available.

It works in exactly the same way as the second supplement for lucid dreaming I will talk about. It’s also recognized as a treatment for Alzheimer’s because the increase in available ACh can help with memory forming and retention.

It’s actually one of the main ingredients in Dreamleaf, one of the packages of dream tablets that I’ve used successfully, and I’ll talk about in a moment.

Huperzine-A will do everything we’ve already talked about. It will enhance memory recall, allowing you to replay your dreams and analyze them in more detail.

It will also increase the intensity of them, and your awareness within them. This makes it perfect for acting on the triggers you have created to realize that you are in the dream, and can directly experience it, and even better, affect its direction and outcome.

best supplements for lucid dreaming

  1. Galantamine

Galantamine is a synthetically obtained nitrogen compound. It’s obtained from various flowers, including red spider lily. It’s also extracted from the Caucasian snowdrop, whose Latin name is Galanthus caucasicus, which should give you an idea of where it gets its name from.

Eastern Europe is where it’s been used for some time medicinally, far longer than in the West. It was originally used to deal with muscular weakness and other related problems like motor dysfunction.

It’s also used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and is available under the brand names Nivalin, Reminyl, and Lycoremine.

There is no major human research into Galantamine as a solution for degenerative brain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s. Most of that research has been done on rodents. However, one study concluded that it does essentially increase the frequency of lucid dreams.

But here’s the key thing. When it’s prescribed as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, people have warned that one of the side-effects of taking too much too fast, is vivid dreams and nightmares. So regardless of studies, it’s obvious that people report the effects we are actually looking for.

The trick with Galantamine is to not use a high dose, but as you’ve probably already realized, you need to work up the dosing ladder until you get the effect you want, but without unwanted side effects.

  1. Melatonin

Melatonin is well-known for helping people to regulate their circadian rhythm. It also aids REM sleep and is used for these purposes. Memories and dreams happen more vividly during REM sleep, and when our circadian rhythm is well-regulated. Some people associate it with nightmares, but that’s just more about actually recalling dreams more than normal.

  1. Vitamin B6

Building on research from a study in 2002, in 2018, researchers at the University of Adelaide published a study that concluded people using vitamin B6 supplements can recall dreams better than those who aren’t.

The study used placebo in one group, and vitamin B6 supplements in another. Over time, people noticed greater clarity in recalling their dreams, showing that it can have a cumulative training benefit on the brain.

Interestingly, it was also found that vitamin B6 did not increase the vividness, color or construction of the dreams, but it definitely does appear to help with recall, which as we now know, is essential for building triggers and mental conditioning to achieve lucid dreaming.

B6 vitamin for lucid dreaming

  1. Dreamleaf

This is a convenient product that packages several natural ingredients together that all have a reputation for enhancing the possibilities of lucid dreams.

Dreamleaf consists of two different pills, a blue pill, and a red pill. Yes, I know it’s marketing, it’s from the Matrix movie. It’s going into a dream world, and coming out of one, but the key point is, what’s in it, and could it work?

Well, it contains Valerian root, Mugwort, Huperzine-A, Alpha GPC, and Choline. You’re already familiar with Huperzine-A, which is the main ingredients to help with memory forming and recall. The other ingredients calm you.

Choline, however, is also linked to lucid dreams. It works with Huperzine-A to maintain higher levels of Acetylcholine, which as we know can really help with growing the potential lucid dreams through better memory formation and retention.

Lucid Dreaming Supplement Dosage

Different lucid dreaming pills, whether they are individual chemical ingredients or a group of ingredients in a lucid dreaming supplement, all will have different dosage levels and effects.

On top of that, some dream tablets and supplements have higher side effects than others, so it pays to be educated about the potential.

In terms of Galantamine, most people recommend a starting dose of 4 mg. They then work up a milligram at a time, with 8 mg often being cited as the optimum dose. I would never recommend you start with 8 mg because of potential side effects, such as muscle cramps, skin problems, and in older people, the potential for urinary incontinence.

Huperzine-A is very potent, and the starting recommended dose is in the range of 100 mcg – 200 mcg. Note it’s micrograms, not milligrams. There are 1000 micrograms in a milligram, so you can see how little you need to take.

In terms of side-effects from a high dosage, nausea and diarrhea are the most common with Huperzine-A. However, in some people, it can slow the heart rate, as can Galantamine. Obviously when you’re sleeping the heart is slower anyway, so if you think that could be a problem, you should seek medical assistance before taking them in any large dose.

The Dreamleaf supplement is different because it’s all nicely packaged in a safe set of blue and red capsules for you. As you’ve probably guessed, you take a blue pill and a red pill before you go to sleep.

However, that’s not the whole story with dosage at all. Some studies and feedback from people who have successfully mastered lucid dreaming suggest that you should wake up and then take the lucid dreaming pills, rather than before you go to bed.

The optimum time seems to be to set an alarm for four hours after you go to sleep. Now obviously you can’t set the alarm after you sleep, but you can set one when you are getting really tired. You then wake up and take the supplement, and then go straight back to sleep.

The reason for this is that you will have already been in a deep REM sleep, which will make it easier to go straight back there, with the lucid dreaming supplement being able to kick in and help you alongside the triggers you have constructed.

lucid dreaming supplements dosage

My Experience With Lucid Dreaming Pills

I was having a problem with a recurring nightmare. It came and went throughout my life. Whenever I was getting stressed, this dream would start to happen, and eventually, I noticed that there was a pattern.

The dream was always the same, I was being chased by characters from the film I’d seen when I was little. It always ended the same, with me having to jump off something and kill myself in a panic to escape them.

This always left me very distressed when I woke up, and it troubled me during the day. It was obvious that it was actually making my stress worse. I looked into lucid dreaming, and whether lucid dreaming pills could work, and decided it was worth a try.

Now look, you have to do it right. I spent a couple of months building up good habits. I worked on my dream recall techniques, I journaled every single day. I went through lots of reality checks every day, especially things I knew were recurring in the dream I was trying to beat.

Once I’d cracked all that, and I started to realize I could be aware that I was dreaming, I then took a couple of lucid dreaming supplements. I took Huperzine-A alone for a while but then settled on Dreamleaf.

Within a month of doing all that, I was conquering that dream. I would trigger and realize it was a dream and I began to control it. I would turn and fight, I would suddenly have a gun, I could suddenly do things that could overpower the dream.

Sometimes I would even jump to my death knowing it was all going to end the dream. The dream diminished in power, and now I can’t remember the last time I had it.

Lucid dreaming pills

Where To Buy The Supplements For Lucid Dreaming

Just like any other type of supplement, lucid dreaming pills need to be purchased from a reputable supplier. If not, then you just don’t know what the hell is in them. You just aren’t sure if you’re getting what you bought, or whether it’s a good value for money.

When I was doing my research, I settled on just using the obvious potential lucid dreaming supplements, namely Huperzine-A, Galantamine, and Dreamleaf as an all-encompassing package.

Dreamleaf is available from its own website by clicking here. It’s not prohibitively expensive at all. 30 nights supply is currently just $30, a dollar a night. That’s brilliant value.

The other place I found really good quality products and supplements at was Absorb Health. These guys are well known and sell a wide range of pure smart drugs and other things for the mind and body.

They sell Huperzine-A and Galantamine individually. They also sell Choline. You can get the same ingredients as in Dreamleaf individually, but they do cost more to buy them all.

But what I want to draw your attention to is the fact that they sell a lucid dreaming supplement pack. It consists of five different lucid dreaming pills bottles:

  • Huperzine-A
  • Galantamine
  • Alpha GPC
  • 5-HTP
  • L-Leanthine

Lucid dreaming supplements

Put together, that’s a powerful combo. Not only that, but it only costs $90 for three full size monthly lucid dream supplement packs.

Which makes it really affordable to get started with experimenting with lucid dreaming pills. The key to learning how to lucid dream tonight and every night is a combination of the right pills and the right mental training.

So now you have everything you need to know to get started with lucid dreaming, using the skills you can hone very rapidly as I did. Plus investing probably less than a hundred dollars in all the pills you will need for several months of experimenting with triggering lucid dreams.

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