LabCorp Drug Testing Procedures Explained & And How To Pass

LabCorp is the largest drug testing company in the USA, well ahead of Quest Diagnostics in second place. With around 50 million Americans using narcotics or unauthorized prescription medications every day, it’s no wonder that people want to know what LabCorp drug testing procedures are, so they don’t get caught out.

So what we’re going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about LabCorp drug testing. When you could face a drug test, LabCorp drug testing procedures, the types of drug test that can be done, and how long it takes to get the results back.

As well as all that, in the next five minutes, you learn how you can pass a LabCorp drug test using three different methods to avoid detection for having drug metabolites in your body.

When You Could Face LabCorp Drug Testing

LabCorp does a whole suite of drug test for a variety of purposes, and a variety of types of tests as well.

They do urine sample drug testing, hair sample testing, blood, and saliva drug testing as well. They also have advanced tests that allow whoever is commissioning that drug test to pick up a range of other things such as alcohol, and even unusual things like kratom.

The main situations where you could face LabCorp drug testing are:

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • On the job drug testing
  • Drug test for insurance purposes
  • Law enforcement and court drug testing
  • Cessation program drug tests

The overwhelming majority of the drug tests conducted by LabCorp are pre-employment drug tests.

Pre-employment drug tests are usually the cheapest five panel drug test, which picks up signs of recent use of the five most used types of drug: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP.

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What Happens When You Visit A LabCorp Location?

The most common way that you will be confronted by the LabCorp drug testing procedures is if you are told to visit a LabCorp location to submit a sample.

This usually happens for pre-employment and on-the-job drug testing purposes. For pre-employment testing, you’ll be told you have two or three days after the interview to submit a sample at a local location. They may ask you to sort out the appointment yourself, or you may even be asked to agree a time and they will make the appointment for you.

If the test is being commissioned by a healthcare professional or someone similar, you could be given a form, and you might have to take identification, a healthcare card, and a means of payment. But for pre-employment, you’ll just need a form of identification.

So although the actual paperwork you’re meant to arrive with will vary depending on whose sent you there, this is broadly what will happen on arrival:

  1. You’ll be logged as arriving by a receptionist, or the person who’s dealing with you. Sometimes, particularly for repeat drug testing, some LabCorp locations have an automated signing process called LabCorp express, where you just scan your driving license and sit down to wait. You should arrive 15 minutes before your test time.
  2. You should be checked to make sure you’re not carrying anything. You can’t take a bag or coat into the room where you will submit your sample. They will make you leave those with the person conducting the test. They will also check things like baseball caps and other hats, and they should ask you to take them off as well. They won’t do a full body search because they aren’t allowed to, but they can touch pockets and move your clothing in their hands (wiggle it) to see if it moves naturally. They should only really do this if they have reasonable suspicion, or you’re wearing really unusually baggy clothing.
  3. Usually, you’re going to a separate room, a little cubicle, but occasionally it could be just behind a screen. The main point is you are not observed, these are unobserved drug tests. However, if they are really suspicious, they are allowed to be in proximity view, head turned, not looking directly at you, but making it more problematic to mess around with your sample. But the overwhelming majority of people just go into a room on their own and don’t have any problems.
  4. The cup that you pee into at LabCorp (it’s not the same with all testing companies) has a temperature strip on the cup. So when you do the sample, you can look at yourself after about 30 seconds and see if it’s within the correct temperature range. You then hand it over to the assistant, who has to log the temperature within four minutes of you handing it over. But it’s always handy to make sure you see the temperature yourself so you can ensure they log it correctly.

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Don’t Get Caught Out By Location Drug Testing

You won’t always go to LabCorp though. It’s not always about pre-employment drug testing LabCorp location visits, sometimes they are right there when you are interviewed

It’s more expensive, but especially for things like recruitment days where they want a fast turnaround, they can pay LabCorp to bring people and equipment to the recruiting location. If they want to offer you a job subject to a drug screening (and a background check that can be done in the days after the interview), they can get the drug test done right there on the spot.

They will not have the full kit with them, so don’t panic, it’s just a case of somebody taking the sample right then and doing the basics of temperature checking, not a case of them actually doing a full urinalysis on the spot and then confronting you with it.

How Rapid Is The LabCorp Drug Testing Results Time?

LabCorp procedures claim that the LabCorp drug testing results time for negative tests is just four hours. That means they do the basic tests which don’t find drug metabolites at all, or that are below the cut-off threshold.

That doesn’t mean that whoever is commissioning the test will be told in four hours, but they are usually told of a negative test result within 24 hours.

If the sample is found to have metabolites in its that are above the cut-off threshold level, it will then be fully tested using digitalized equipment. If it’s found to be positive, LabCorp should contact you directly to ask again (you should have already confirmed this on a questionnaire) whether you are using any prescription medication that could interfere with the results. If you can’t provide proof you are, then whoever is commissioning the test will be told you have failed.

Usually, if you hear nothing, it’s a good thing, and your first contact will then be from whoever commissioned the test. In those circumstances, they won’t even tell you that your past, it’s implied. So pre-employment drug testing at LabCorp is pretty straightforward, it’s just getting around it if you have drug metabolites in your body, that’s the tough part.

How To Ensure You Can Pass LabCorp Urine And Oral Fluid Drug Testing

So the bottom line here is that it’s a pretty straightforward process if you are undertaking pre-employment drug testing LabCorp, and to be honest, pretty much any type of drug testing where you are not under close scrutiny.

You won’t be observed as long as you don’t arouse suspicion. That gives you several strategies to ensure you pass a LabCorp urine sample drug test:

  1. The best option is to smuggle in a sample of fake urine. Unless you arouse suspicion with ludicrous clothing or dodgy behavior, then a small sample of fake urine discreetly tucked into your underpants will not be detected. Use high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution, and you’ll even have heat activator powder to keep it within the right temperature range. Hell, when you look at the temperature on that sample cup, you could even pop a little more into make sure it’s within the right temperature range if it’s not. You can purchase Sub Solution synthetic urine for $85 from Testnegative.
  2. Your second option is to use a detox drink. As long as you use a high-quality one might Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean, then it should flush out the toxins and keep your urine balance for about five hours. Unless you have a lot of drug metabolites in your body, or you drink tons of extra water, then the sample should be natural and metabolite free. One bottle of Rescue Cleanse costs $55 and Mega Clean $69 (with free detox pills).
  3. If you’ve got the time, do a natural detox and accelerate it with detox pills. Unless you are a chronic user then you’ll be clean within a week.

fake urine for labcorp drug test

I also just want to finish here by talking about LabCorp oral fluid drug testing, not just urine sample tests.

Although they are rare, they can happen. But they are usually on the spot tests rather than you having to go to a LabCorp location because employers tend to prefer urine sample testing as it’s more thorough and picks up drug use over a longer time period.

If you are faced with LabCorp oral fluid drug testing then Oral Clear gum is your best option. Pop the capsule in your mouth, swill it around for 30 seconds, then swallow the lot. It will neutralize your saliva for about 15 minutes.

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