How To Use Kratom For Weigh Loss Safely

Kratom has a wide range of really powerful benefits, and millions are starting to realize this from safe experimentation. But for me, kratom weight loss benefits are still underappreciated.

So in this quick guide to kratom and weight loss, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. How kratom can help, why it could help with weight loss, what the best kratom for weight loss is, as well as which strains of kratom are most recommended to try first.

All that, plus I’ll explain the basics around kratom and weight loss, I’m also going to talk you through dosage, and importantly how to spot pure kratom and buy what you need at the best price, so you don’t get ripped off.

The Key Benefits Of Kratom

Before we start talking specifically about kratom weight loss benefits and how to use it, let’s just remind you of how good for you generally kratom can be if used sensibly:

  • Gives a physical energy boost (much stronger with white kratom)
  • Delivers a cognitive sharpness
  • You’ll feel happier and more upbeat
  • A sense of calmness (mostly green and red kratom)
  • At higher doses pain relief (mostly green and red kratom)
  • Can help with insomnia
  • Can help with muscle problems

So as you can see, even if you just want to use kratom to lose some weight, there are a range of other benefits that you will get, as long as you experiment carefully with pure kratom and get the right kratom for your needs.

kratom for weight loss

How Kratom Can Help With Weight Loss

I’ve already talked about using CBD for weight loss. In my experience, kratom is actually quite similar in terms of how it can be used to help with weight loss.

But it’s important to say here at the start of this guide to kratom weight loss benefits that it’s not a miracle supplement. You’re not going to lose significant weight just using kratom, but the traits of kratom will help you, because of how kratom interacts in the body and mind.

Basically, there are three main reasons why kratom helps with weight loss:

  1. Kratom takes away your appetite. In some people, especially at slightly higher doses, you won’t feel hungry for several hours after you ingest kratom. However, be careful with this, because if you start using kratom to suppress hunger signals then that could be a slippery slope into higher doses and dependency. Kratom takes away your appetite for two main reasons. Firstly, physical kratom in your stomach can make you lose your appetite, and make some people feel nauseous. Secondly, and most importantly, studies have found that opioid receptor agonists can help to regulate hunger signals, including binge eating problems.
  2. Kratom at lower doses increases your physical energy levels. This is true of any kratom, but more with white and green kratom than red kratom. You’ll want to get up and do more, your body will be more active, your muscles will work better, you will literally just burn more energy.
  3. Because kratom can clear your mind, give you focus, and make you feel better, it can allow you to overcome the temptation of hunger, plus also allow you to exercise more complete your routine with more determination and drive.

Kratom Dosage For Weight Loss

So as you can see, there are some pretty good reasons why kratom and weight loss go hand in hand.

But this is where things get serious, because kratom dosage generally is important, and there are several factors that are vitally important to dosing kratom correctly for any reason, including using it to lose weight.

The main things that you have to factor in when considering the kratom dosage range for you are:

  • Your age
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Kratom tolerance
  • Purity of the kratom
  • If your stomach is empty

On top of those general considerations, you also have to look at the type of kratom you want to take. Broadly, red, green, and white kratom are all similar at a low dose, kratom at low dosage is a stimulant.

As the dose increases, so the full spectrum of effects comes into play, and the results you’ll get from red, green, white kratom strains will start to diverge:

  1. White kratom retains high-energy all way through until you get to a very high dose when it will start to tip into sedation. You’ll get very little pain relief, but have bags of energy, and tons of drive and clarity.
  2. Red kratom will stimulate you up until you get to a mid-range dose when it starts to become more sedating and analgesic. This isn’t good for burning energy, but you won’t feel very hungry.
  3. Green kratom is usually more mild than white and red, and it retains a good balance between the two. Until you get to a very high dose you’ll retain high-energy, both mentally and physically, with some calmness and a little pain relief. This is a great middle-ground option if you’re not sure kratom vein color to choose is the best kratom for weight loss.

So in terms of dosage, what do we describe as the dosage range you should be considering? As you have seen, it’s quite personal, and the strain and color of kratom matters. But generally, you should be looking to begin your experimentation into kratom and weight loss within the following brackets:

  • Beginner dose of up to 2 g
  • A moderate dose of up to 5 g
  • A strong dose of up to 8 g
  • Very strong/overwhelming dose 10 g or more

If your main goal with using kratom is weight loss, then I would start with a very low dose to see how much energy it gives you, and how it suppresses your appetite.

Then each time you try it, and I’d advise you to have more days not using it than using it, go up a gram each time until you experience the sweet spot that gives you the best combination of energy, focus, and appetite suppression.

kratom dosage for weight loss

So What’s The Best Kratom For Weight Loss?

Let’s get specific now by telling you about what the best kratom for weight loss is in terms of the strains that can help you.

The thing is though, all the guides you read will recommend various strains that they claim are the best to help with weight loss. But mostly it’s not true. As you have seen, kratom is mostly just kratom when it comes to weight loss, and all kratom will suppress appetite.

However, white and green strains definitely help most with physical and mental energy, determination, and also suppressing appetite more than red.

Green Malay, and Green Borneo, are really good in quality usually. However, all strains of green kratom are worth experimenting with. In terms of white kratom, White Borneo, and classic strains like White Bali and White Indo are also really good. Again, White Maeng Da is potent and is worth experimenting with carefully.

Each strain, each batch, each vein color is different and very personal. So my advice is to experiment with both increasing dosage, and different types of kratom to find which works best for you.

But put a gun to my head, and I would tell you to buy Green Malay and White Borneo first. However, I’m actually going to tell you about a great deal you can get your hands on though, that will give you many more strains to experiment with for a low price.

best kratom for loosing weight

Buying Kratom To Help With Weight Loss

I hope this quick guide has helped you understand what needs to get started with kratom and weight loss. But remember, the higher the dose, the more you will be overwhelmed by the effects of kratom. If that’s not your goal, if it’s purely about weight loss, then start with low doses and work up.

Any pure kratom will do. Be careful, because unscrupulous sellers mix it with other herbs, and some kratom is poorly stored which makes it less potent. Also, where it’s imported from, how well it cared for when it’s made, also make a difference.

So you’re looking for online kratom vendors that sell kratom that is pure, guaranteed, has lab tested purity reports published on their website, offer a moneyback guarantee, and has great user reviews online. That actually narrows things down considerably.

If this really is the start of your kratom weight loss journey, then I’d advise you to get a variety pack. That way, it’s easier to find the best kratom for weight loss that work specifically for you.

BuyKratom does fantastic green and white kratom variety packs. You’ll get just enough of each strain to experiment once with, giving you a great entry point for a low single price.

You can also buy kratom variety packs from TheEvergreentree. They do both loose powder and capsules (which are really great for convenience and for beginners), and variety packs that will allow you to experiment.

I’ll also mention Coastline Kratom. They sell capsules and loose powder that have incredible purity but are a little more expensive than the other two places I recommend. They also do a beginner’s pack which contains a pouch of red, green, and white kratom to start with as well.

So there you go I hope that’s helped you understand a bit more about the details of kratom and weight loss. Go easy on the dose, experiment slowly, and always make sure you use high-quality, pure kratom. UPDATE: Coastline Kratom Has Been Closed

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