Kraken Kratom Review, Coupon Codes, & More

Okay, let me put it out there – I hate change. If I like something, I stick to it.

I love things that are consistent – the same TV shows on Netflix, the same drivel on the news channels, and the same vendor for my kratom. Hey, if it’s great, why bother with anything else?!

So, it’s frustrating that I’m a naturally curious person. I “want” to try new kratom products, new kratom vendors, and new kratom strains, but I’m also not easy to please because I just don’t like change. Inevitably, most of my “new” experiences end up disappointing me.

The reason why I’m sharing all of this with you is that I was pleasantly surprised when I recently decided to give Kraken Kratom a try.

Let me share my experience ordering kratom from Kraken Kratom with you.

Kraken Kratom Review

Kraken Kratom is located in Portland, Oregon, and has been in business since 2014. In the world of kratom, that makes it a veteran vendor. For nearly 7 years, Kraken Kratom has built a solid kratom brand on quality, commitment, and customer service.

But, is it all just marketing mist with little substance, or are they as exceptional as they claim to be? Let’s find out.

Quality is Everything

I generally take my kratom in powder form, but I ordered a mix of kratom powder, kratom leaf, kratom extracts, and kratom capsules from Kraken Kratom to test them.

The first thing you must know about Kraken Kratom is that they were the first company recognized by the American Kratom Association for compliance with the GMP (good manufacturing practices) program. All their products undergo extensive quality control measures and are tested by independent, third-party laboratories.

Secondly, once I received my kratom products, I started my test with the powder. It’s the one I have the most experience with, so it would help me give an honest review. My regular dose is 4g, when I’m using the best-quality kratom from my handful of whitelisted kratom vendors. I find that whenever I buy kratom from a local smoke shop or an unreliable vendor, I happen to need a higher dosage to get the same effects.

So, I started at 4g of Bali Kratom powder and waited for the results. Soon after, my response was, “Oh My God.”

The effect was strong. I was feeling euphoric. The potency of the powder was precisely what I’ve gotten used to over the past few months. Kraken Kratom’s kratom hit just the right spot for me. I experimented with different doses and found that 4g is just perfect for Kraken Kratom’s kratom.

That’s when I knew they were the real deal.

The results were consistent across all the products I ordered from Kraken Kratom. Kraken Kratom had just made it into my online vendors’ whitelist.

Kratom Buying Experience on Kraken Kratom

Buying kratom on Kraken Kratom was a simple and straightforward process.

I used the navigation menu to browse the products, added my choice of products and quantities to the cart, and made the payment. Pretty simple right?

However, there’s one thing I didn’t like about Kraken Kratom’s website – it’s Search button. It’s right beside the Shopping Cart icon, but you will find it only after careful inspection. In fact, I thought that their website did not have the Search option at all in the beginning. I feel that it should have been more prominent. I like using the Search button to quickly find what I need, instead of browsing through categories and subcategories of products.

Does Kraken Kratom Accept Credit Cards?

Yes. Thank god!

The political establishment, and even the DEA, has been persistent in their efforts to classify kratom as a scheduled drug. Having failed at that, they have been pressurizing payment processors to refuse their services to kratom vendors. Only a handful of kratom vendors in the US today support credit card payments. And, Kraken Kratom is one of them.

Kraken Kratom Prices and Coupons

Kraken Kratom’s prices are competitive and in the same range as what other vendors of high-quality kratom offer. Let me tell you that they are not the cheapest option out there, but they are definitely one of the best.

A 28g pack of OG Bali Kratom Powder cost me $8.15, which is slightly on the higher side when compared to products from cheap vendors, but if you are looking at quality, then this is the best deal you can get.

Precise quality comes with several benefits – you get the same impact with less kratom, and your chances of overdosing are minimized.

Lastly, Kraken Kratom offers lots of discounts for its buyers. There are many ways you can get discounts. For one, just sign up on their website and receive periodic discount coupons delivered to your inbox. Alternatively, you can share their products on social media to receive a flat 10% discount on your prices. What’s more, you can receive an additional discount on making the payment through bitcoin.

Wrapping Up My Kraken Kratom Review

I wanted to see how good Kraken Kratom’s customer support is, so I emailed them asking about their products. The customer support representatives were kind, responsive, and helpful. I liked how promptly they answered my questions without dodging them.

They have a quality certification from a recognized industry body, their products pack the punch I desire, and they offer fantastic discounts. I love them.


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