Is A Legit Company? [Science.Bio]

I always try and deal with honesty and realism in the product reviews I write, which is why this review is going to be a little strange to read. The reason it’s going to strange is that don’t exist….except they do. I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but let me explain in this five-minute review.

I’ll talk about the quality of SARMs, as I’ve used them myself a couple of years, and give you a brief review of them. On top of that, I’ll answer the key question that a lot of people on places like Reddit are asking: is legit?

So Who Are IRC.BIO?

I want to start this review with the bad news. has shut down. I’m not sure why it might have been because they were selling supplements they shouldn’t have been, or as some people claim, the owner shut it down to re-brand and split the business. now redirects to, and that new company is owned by the same person. They also sell the same range of products. So I’ll let you make up your own mind about why they closed and then reopened under a new brand. However, I will speculate a bit more in a moment.

But did have a strong reputation for selling very high-quality SARMs. The purest, cheapest, and to me, the most wonderful SARMs supplements I’ve ever experienced. It seems to be exactly the same supplies, because I know to buy my SARMs from website, and to me, what sent to me is exactly the same high-quality. They also have the same 100% purity guarantee, and still, publish third-party independent lab purity test reports.

So there is a chequered history to this company, and you can see why people have been right to ask the question around if is legit. But the thing is, it doesn’t actually exist anymore, so the real question to ask now is: are science. Is bio legit? review SARMs Range & My Experiences

To answer that question around legitimacy, in this irc/ review, all I can do is talk about my own personal experiences. shut down a year or so ago, I can’t remember exactly when. But after a brief period where it just displayed analysis data, the domain started redirecting to, with all the technical analysis data that had previously been displayed now with directing to a subdomain of

So it was all a bit strange, but the reason I stuck with them was because of the quality of the SARMs, and I didn’t want to lose that. I was reading on Reddit that the guy who runs the company basically closed it down, although he didn’t state his reasons, then he admitted that he was selling the same products from a new domain.

I thought “what the hell”, and did an order. I wasn’t disappointed, I could tell after my first SARMs cycle that it was 100% pure as before.

I found it really difficult to get really high-quality MK-677 and Rad-140, apart from obtaining SARMs.  So I was delighted to find that my experiences were exactly the same when stacking MK-677 and RAD-140 purchased directly from the new domain at

Now I get that that the whole business around closing has got people suspicious, you only have to look on Reddit to see that. And I get that because I was suspicious as well. I basically think that the company got fingered by the FDA and shut the company down.

But because they retained the domain name, they then used the traffic they were still getting to forward it to a new company. At the end of the day, what’s the problem? Nobody lost money, there was no scam, so does it matter, lots of companies re-brand.

 Results From Their SARMs

So look, I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs if you are using SARMs, then you’ll know if they are pure, because, like me, you will see the results in front of your eyes.

I always like to take photos before and after a SARMs cycle, because of it’s incremental growth and development, sometimes you can miss the changes. When you see the different photos, those changes can really pop.

I’ve done three SARMs stacks using only SARMs now, nearly a year on.

My results have been just as good as the previous year before that. So to me, it’s the same stuff, with the same lab purity reports, and the same personal results.

The prices are also exactly the same, very cheap for what you are getting. But because of the lab purity reports, and my personal results, I’m convinced that they are the real deal, there’s no watering down, there’s no swapping it for other SARMs with different labels. review

Are They Legit?

Are legit? Yes, they were. And they still are, the same people are running the same business from the domain instead.

As I said, it feels like they’ve just protected themselves better. I think they were under pressure from the FDA and rather than get into a legal battle, they just closed the company down, put some better insurance policies in place through only marketing them as supplements for research and non-human use, and then started selling the same products again.

My suspicion, based on information on Reddit, is that they were under pressure. They started talking about and then selling, legitimate supplements. I don’t think that was enough to stop the FDA looking in detail at then no, so they separated the business, now only selling all the gray market stuff like SARMs and nootropics from the website.

As I said at the start of this review, it’s personal. I can only tell you about what has happened to me. I see a lot of bullshit on Reddit, a lot of hate, about these guys because they shut down, but it appears nobody lost any money, so what’s the problem?

To me, they aren’t scamming, are legit, and the products they sell, the huge range of SARMs and other supplements, are definitely the real deal.

Whenever I order from them, I get free domestic shipping, and they arrive in less than a week. They are always well packaged, there’s a moneyback guarantee, and in terms of the customer experience, and the knowledge these guys have of the SARMs market, I’m reassured. Coupon?

 Just like all the other companies out there, people try and save money by looking for valid coupon codes.

Use this code to get 10% off gyula10

If you compare prices to some of the other big SARMs sellers out there, even a very cheap one like Umbrella Labs, you’ll find that they are very competitive, some of the cheapest around. On top of that, you’ll get multi-buy discounts. Let me give you an example.

If you buy a single dropper bottle containing 300 mg of LGD-4033, it will cost you $39.99. But if you buy 20 bottles, that price drops by $10 a bottle, saving you a massive $200, with free shipping.

That is a large outlay, but when it can last a couple of years as long as the dropper bottle is sealed, you’re saving a lot of money on two years of SARMs cycles. To me, that’s a great deal, especially if you’re passing the occasional bottle along down the gym for $10 profit each time.

2022 UPDATE – Alternatives To shockingly closed a few months back. I was devastated as they were the main source of liquid SARMs for me over the previous three years.

So what I want to do here at the conclusion of this review is to update you on the alternative SARMs sellers out there.

There aren’t many left. The pandemic, the Chinese SARMs ban, Ukrainian war, inflation, shipping costs, and regulatory scrutiny in the USA, have all closed many of the big players. For the updated list of avilable&trusted SARMs vendors, please check out

However, there are two sellers left who are still offering high purity SARMs, guarantee.


  1. CHEMYO – Best For Liquid & Powder

Chemyo are now my replacement for when it comes to buying liquid SARMs that are high purity.

They do a really good range, all the main SARMs you would expect. This is in both liquid and powder formats.

They also sell larger 50 mL dropper bottles. But that doesn’t just mean the same amount of SARMs in more liquid, the total dose is higher. Yet, the price you pay is almost the same as for other companies selling 30 mL dropper bottles.

The bottom line here, the important point, is that you simply get more SARMs your money buying from Chemyo.

As an example, right now you can buy a 50 mL dropper bottle of S-23, dosed at 20 mg/mL, for just $59.99.


  1. SWISS CHEMS – Best For Capsules & PCT

Swiss Chems used to sell liquid but about 18 months ago they switched to purely selling good quality SARMs capsules.

However, the prices weren’t very good. Over $100 for 60 capsules. But the prices have come down dramatically to the point now where they are almost the same as liquid.

They sell a good range of SARMs in capsule format. Purity guaranteed, and very affordable.

As an example, you’ll pay $69.95 for 60 capsules of MK-677 as well. High quality, capsule format.

They also sell high-quality generic PCT capsules as well. I like this, because they are the only SARMs seller who do this. Usually, you can buy the SARMs, but you’ll then having to try and find another online grey market retailer who can supply the PCT supplements.

Generic Nolvadex, Clomid, and Raloxifene are all available. If you’re in the market SARMs capsules, then you can also get your PCT from the same place, saving you shipping costs.



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