Hunter Burn Review: Ingredients, Effects, Pros & Cons – How Good Is This Fat Burning Supplement?

Fat burners are popular for obvious reasons. Hunter “Burn” is a newcomer to the market with a sharp image, interesting ingredients, and some big claims.

In this Hunter Burn review I’m going to see if the “premium performance” claims stack up against the ingredients in it.

What can you really expect from using Hunter Burn and what’s realistic after the minimum 90 days the company recommend you use it for?

I’ll tell you what the ingredients are and how they work, how to use Hunter Burn, and explain my experiences with it. Plus, I’ll tell you where you can actually buy it from if you’d like to try for yourself.

What Is Hunter Burn?

Hunter Burn is a relatively new supplement that claims to deliver significant fat burning abilities.

Its packaging is sleek and modern, the website is sharp and professional, and overall, it screams quality.

The supplement itself claims you will “look better, feel better, and burn fat faster”.

Burn is one of three products made by company called Hunter Evolve. The others are called Test and Focus. They have the following capability focuses:

  • Burn is a premium quality fat burner
  • Test is a testosterone booster
  • Focus is a cognitive performance enhancer

Now obviously you’ll probably want to combine Burn and Test together, to boost your testosterone levels, and improve your overall performance in terms of strength, mental dexterity, and also of course improve fat burning.

However, for the focus of this review, I’m talking specifically about Hunter Burn, so let’s see how it performs.

Hunter Burn Ingredients & Do They Backup The Potency Claims?

Any supplement has to back up its claims to the ingredients in it, that stands to reason.

Both the type, blend, and dosage levels all come into play here. One important point to make is that the ingredients may work for some people, but not others, that’s the downside of natural ingredients.

It’s why sometimes you’ll get a supplement that works for you, but it doesn’t work for somebody else as well. People’s bodies and minds respond differently to natural substances.

However, Hunter Burn has some premium ingredients in it, which means it should be beneficial to most people.

These are the key ingredients in this fat burner:

1. Glucomanna, known more commonly as Konjac root, is a potent dietary fiber. Water-soluble, it will expand in your stomach, helping you feel fuller and lowering your food cravings. It can also help to regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

2. White kidney bean extract is a naturally occurring carbohydrate blocker. So you will not absorb as many calories from carbohydrates is normally because it helps to block your body from breaking down complex carbs into simple carbs. This allows those extra calories to exit the body rather than be converted from glucose into brown fat.

3. Cayenne pepper is a well-known thermogenic, that is rich in capsaicin. It’s a natural fat burner of high potency which is why cayenne pepper is highly recommended by dieticians, and why people in regions with a lot of it in their diets have lower body fat percentages. It literally gets your body to burn more fat through its thermogenic activity.

4. Matcha green tea extract is an active compound that has strong thermogenic properties which allows it to raise your metabolism and break down fat faster. In studies, green tea has been shown to boost metabolism and the rate at which calories are used. It also helps to calm you and give you focus.

5. L-Theanine is a powerful green tea extract that has a significant calming action. As well as feeling focus and calm, it has the ability to lower levels of hunger, and reduce triglyceride levels in your body, which is why drinking green tea is recommended so often for people looking to lose weight.

Hunter Burn Dosage & Advice For Getting The Most Out Of It

As you can see, the main five ingredients all have a strong potency and capability to help your body feel less hungry, raises metabolism, burn more calories, and increase its thermogenic activity levels.

Taking this supplement is really easy. You just take six capsules per day with water. Whether you take them all first thing in the morning, or three at a time, morning and afternoon, is up to you.

What I will say here is that this premium fat burner, which has the pedigree to burn a lot of fat because of the ingredients in balance within it, has to be backed up with a healthy lifestyle.

You can’t just sit there playing Xbox and expect to lose weight. You’ve got to get out and do stuff.

It doesn’t have to be hitting the gym, it could just be going for long walks. But I’d recommend you start to build in a gym routine, either at a professional gym or at home.

Three times per week, backed up by walking or running, will ensure that you get the most out of this product.

Plus, you’ll need to eat well. Don’t eat too many carbs, focus on proteins, and work out to make use of those proteins in building muscle tissue.

Also, focus on whole foods. Plenty of vegetables, whole grains, dietary fiber, oats, seeds, nuts.

Do all that, and I’m telling you that by the end of the recommended minimum usage time and 90 days, you will significantly burn fat. Some guys claim up to 17 pounds of fat loss in that time, which if you work hard isn’t unrealistic.

My Experience Using Hunter Burn For 90 Days

Hunter Burn is designed for people who want to reach high achievements. If you’re sick of not feeling your best, not looking your best, and not hitting peak performance, then it’s a supplement you should seriously be looking at, like I was.

You can work out really hard, but especially as you get older, you just can’t burn the fat in the same way you used to. You simply cannot achieve that toned and chiseled look, and get rid of that stubborn belly fat as easily.

If you’re trying to achieve in other areas of your life, even with working out three times per week, eating well, you can still struggle.

That’s exactly the problem I faced, which is why I was looking at fat burners to see which one would be best to simply remove the stubborn fat in around three or four months, so that I could re-sculpt and push on.

So I tried Hunter Burn for 90 days, buying the full three month supply for a brilliant price.

I worked out three times per week, at least 90 minutes each time. And I backed it up with two runs per week, only a couple of miles each, but alongside walking, consistent cardio and fat burning.

I also worked hard on my diet. I cut out the crap, stopped drinking alcohol. Plus, I made sure that what I was eating was proper food, not refined and full of sugars, fats, and carbs.

It was easy to take this supplement, and I didn’t suffer any side effects. The first couple of weeks, I didn’t feel all look any different.

But then I noticed that the fat was burning from around my middle in a way that it hadn’t previously. Something was definitely on the change, and it was becoming noticeable.

By the end of the 90 days, I had shed eleven pounds of excess body fat/total weight. That is far in excess of what I’ve been able to achieve naturally in the six months previous to starting the use of this supplement.

I can’t speak for you or anybody else. Those are the results I had.

All I can say is that for such a reasonable price, it’s well worth three months of your time consuming this high-quality fat burning supplement to see how well it works for you personally.

Pros & Cons Of Using Hunter Burn

Let’s conclude this review by giving the pros and cons of using Hunter Burn.

Hunter Burn fat burner pros:

  • Easy to take
  • No side effects
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Results in just 90 days
  • Safe to take ongoing
  • Burn significant fat above natural
  • Keeps you calm and focused

There are many pros, but I do want to highlight the key ones here:

  • Ongoing price can be quite high
  • You have to remember to take the pills every day
  • These won’t work unless you eat well and burn calories

Where To Buy Hunter Burn, Test, And Focus

Overall, my verdict is that Hunter Burn is definitely a fat burning supplement with pedigree and potential.

In my experience using it, it’s definitely burned more fat than I feel I could have burned naturally, but you must use it alongside using calories and eating well.

The only place I’d advise you buying this supplement from (and you can also buy the testosterone booster the same time if you want), is from the official online store.

A single month of Hunter Burn will cost you £55 (around $70). That’s quite expensive. However, if you buy a four month supply at once, that price rises to £165, saving you around £40 ($30) over the individual monthly cost.

You can also look at their other high-quality supplements, Test, and Focus, and perhaps save yourself a lot of individual shipping coasts.

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