How To Work Out On Kratom

Kratom and working out can be a fantastic combination if you understand how to use it correctly. That’s slightly more complex than a lot of people think, and what we are going to do now in this quick guide is tell you how to use kratom for working out.

You’ll learn about using kratom pre-workout, working out on kratom, and how to benefit from using kratom post-workout as well.

Plus you’ll also learn about the different vein colors, the best strains of kratom, and where to buy 100% pure kratom that can really boost your workouts and recovery.


Why Kratom And Working Out Can Be A Great Idea

At low doses kratom acts as a stimulant. White, green, and red kratom at lower doses produce significant energy boosts within about one hour of consumption.

At higher doses,  kratom becomes sedative, far too much for working out or post cycle recovery, due to its alkaloids. But red kratom is fantastic for pain relief, helping to ease muscles, and for getting energy boosts, or chilling out post cycle depending on the dose you take.

The middle ground is green kratom, which can give an energy boost and chill you out and give pain relief. It’s usually less potent than white or red, but is the great “all-rounder” that can really boost your routines and your recovery times.


How To Use Kratom Pre-Workout

Pre-workout you’re looking at white kratom, or a low dose of green red kratom. The thing is, that at a dose of around 5 g or less, all kratom is a stimulant. Red kratom slightly less so, because it also infuses calm and physical pain relief.

So pre-workout a low dose of white kratom is perfect. Or if you don’t want so much energy and a little more calmness and pain relief, green kratom. Or if you still want some energy but lots more pain relief (not recommended because it can hide muscle strain), then you could use red kratom.

So what’s recommended in terms of using kratom before workout is white kratom for pure energy, green kratom for a boost of energy but with slightly more pain relief. Keep the dose low, 5 g or less, and for some people using pure kratom you may need as little as 3-4 g.

green kratom caps


Working Out On Kratom

During your routine, working out on kratom can really power up your performance levels.

You’ll get a rush of smooth energy like caffeine, but without the jitteriness, really helping you push your body harder and for longer.

But more than that, kratom helps you to focus. You’ll feel calmer, your mind will be more disciplined and sharpened. It can really help with weights, and exercise routines, running, basically any exercise.

Put together, hitting the gym with kratom can give you the following benefits:

  1. Working out on kratom will feel easier because you will have more energy
  2. Your focus, drive, determination levels will be increased
  3. Taking kratom an hour before you work out will lift every aspect of your gym performance higher
  4. Keep doses low when using kratom during working out, 5 g is a maximum


How To Use Kratom Post-Workout

Post-workout you’re looking for muscle recovery, especially if you are lifting. So red kratom is perfect for this because it chills you out, and offers significant pain relief. The dose of around 5-8 g can be fantastic for completely alleviating muscle pain but still allow you to function.

Green kratom is also fantastic post-workout. That’s because you can use it for an energy boost and pain relief simultaneously, and a dose of around 6-8 g will achieve this. Green Borneo is good for this.

White kratom at lower doses can also be great for maintaining energy levels if you are feeling drained. However, you won’t get any pain relief, which means it’s not going to help alleviate the crippling muscle pains and stiffness you get in the day or two after you have really pushed your body hard.


Best Strains For Working Out On Kratom

Any white kratom will be great for energy, any kratom at low dose will be great for energy. Post-workout, any red kratom will be great, and the middle ground is any green kratom.

I know that’s general, but it’s the truth. You have to find what works for you. All I can do here is give you some recommendations on kratom strains that could work for you pre and post workout:


  1. White kratom strains are all good at low doses, 5 g or less. Above this you’ll get a stronger rush of energy which could help some people but others will find you lose some control. White Borneo, or even Maeng Da, any of those classic white strains will do.


  1. Red kratom post-workout, again any classic red will do. Red Maeng Da can be too strong and energizing for some people, but if you want a strong boost of physical and cognitive energy alongside incredible pain relief then that could be right for you. But in terms of standard kratom, Borneo, Bali, any of those classic strains will help.


  1. The classic green strain Green Malay is fantastic to give you an energy boost and some pain relief and focus. Alternatively, try Green Bali or Borneo kratom because it’s slightly more like a white than a red, giving you a differential from using Green Malay.


Where To Buy Kratom For Working Out

The only place I’d recommend you buy kratom from is The Evergreen Tree. Kratom working out can be fantastic if you get 100% pure kratom.

They sell powder and capsules for all the main vein types, and every type of kratom I’ve talked about in this guide to working out on kratom.

As an example on price, let’s talk about Green Borneo kratom. 100 g, with 2% alkaloid strength, costs just $45.  100 capsules of 2%+ green Borneo will cost $59.50.

So you are paying a premium for using kratom capsules, but they are incredibly convenient. Kratom and working out is much easier to deal with if you are using capsules because you can dose them on the way to the gym, or just after, with people in front of you and nobody will notice what you are doing.

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