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You’re here because you want to know how to pass a UA for methamphetamines. This complete guide is going to tell you everything you need to know in the next five minutes so you can do just that.

I’m going to talk you through whether you even need to do any sort of detox, or use any sort of method at all, by answering your questions about how long does Crystal meth stay in your system? The truth is that if you’re an occasional user then you might get away without doing anything at all.

I’m then going to talk you through what won’t work, before telling you what are the best detox drinks for meth and what are the other proven methods are for passing a meth drug test.

How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay In Your System?

It’s really tough to answer the question of how long crystal meth stays in your system because it can vary so wildly depending on a load of different circumstances.

These are the reasons why it can vary on how long crystal meth, or in fact any drug metabolites stay in your body:

  • The older you are the slower your body processes things
  • Some people have a faster metabolism and better physiology
  • Your diet will slow things down if it’s bad
  • The amount of water you drink will speed up the eradication of toxins
  • General health both physically and mentally matters
  • The size and frequency of the drug doses you are taking

If you are a light user and everything else is good, then you could be clean in as little as three days as a maximum, no special meth detox kits are required. That means that unless you are facing a drug test at short notice, then as long as you do a natural detox, and accelerate it with detox pills (I’ll talk you through all this in a moment) then you will be fine.

If you’ve got a week’s notice, then even as a regular user you can be clean in 10 days. Do a natural detox and accelerate it with detox pills and you will pass 99% of the time.

But the problem is you don’t often get that much notice of a drug test. That’s why I’m now going to talk you through four strategies on how to pass a drug test for meth. Three work, one doesn’t. how to pass a meth drug test

Can You Get Meth Out Of Your System With Home Remedy methods?

Trying to pass a drug test with home remedies means using a readily available everyday product to try and flush meth out of your system so that you at least appear clean for a few hours.

There is a huge misconception that there are things out there that can flush your body out permanently. As drug metabolites cling onto cells in the body, are in your bloodstream, your saliva, working their way out of your bowels and bladder, under your skin, then unless there was some sort of solution that literally washed your entire body inside and out, then it’s absolutely impossible.

So we are talking about home remedies to temporarily mask the toxins by cleaning you out and giving you time to submit a sample before fresh ones leak into your urine stream again. Basically, homemade meth detox drinks.

Some of the more popular home remedies used to try and clean your system from meth are:

  • Baking soda and water
  • Baking soda bomb (baking soda, water, and bleach)
  • Palo Azul tea, green tea, and various other types of tea
  • Fruit juices of pretty much any description
  • Cranberry juice is always specifically mentioned as a home remedy
  • White wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon juice and water

I don’t really want to waste any more of your time by talking about home remedies try and pass a drug test for meth. None of them work. It’s all a load of nonsense. There is literally no scientific evidence for a single home remedy, believe me, I know because I’ve investigated them all over the past couple of years.

Only a proper detox drink will work, not one that you make at home, for the reasons I will talk about in a moment.

home made meth detox drink

How To Pass A Drug Test For Meth: The Three Methods That Work

So now you know that you cannot pass a urinalysis for methamphetamines using home remedies, and unless you’ve got a week it’s unlikely you’ll have time to get completely clean even using a natural detox and detox pills.

However, I am going to talk you through the natural detox method first just in case you do have more than a handful of days.

  1. Natural Detox + Detox Pills

 A natural detox consists of giving your body time and space to process toxins at the fastest possible rate.

It involves cutting out refined carbs and fats, sugar, and all the unhealthy foods that take time to process. Drinking tons of water, cutting out alcohol and obviously cutting out drugs. You’ll also exercise every day, and try to urinate and pass stools as often as possible to flush meth out of your system as fast as possible.

But this takes time. However, you can speed the process up using detox pills. The only brand I would recommend to you is Toxin Rid.

You get a single-day course of Toxin Rid, all the way through to 10 day course lengths. If you are a heavy user, I’d always recommend the 10 day course if possible, and anything below the seven day course length will struggle to get rid of all the toxins if you are a chronic user.

I will just say though, that even the single day course can be handy if you’re going to use method two below, because even a 24-hour detox before the day of your test can push out a lot of toxins, giving a professional detox drink a better chance of working, and giving you a longer window of opportunity.

  1. Use The Best Detox Drinks For Meth

The second way to pass a drug test for meth is to mask the toxins using a high-quality drug detox drink. This is one of the quickest and most surefire ways to learn how to pass a UA for methamphetamines that are virtually effort-free.

The best detox drinks for meth I would recommend are:

All of them have brilliant reputations, and I’ve tested them all with home drug test kits in the past for the purposes of reviewing them. They definitely do the job even if you’re a regular user.

You just drink the detox drink about two hours before you are up for your drug test. Drink it down in about 15 minutes, and then urinate over the next hour. Drink a little extra water if needed, and make sure you urinate just before you leave.

You’ll get a “clear zone” of up to 5 hours. What happens is the detox drink flushes out meth in your bladder and urinary tract, but also cleverly replaces the things you lose by flushing out your urine so that it still appears natural. After a few hours, the toxins leak back into your system, far quicker if you are a heavy user. It’s a brilliantly convenient way to pass a drug test with meth metabolites in your body. best detox drinks for meth

  1. Submit A Sample Of Synthetic Urine

I want to finish this quick guide on how to pass a meth drug test by telling you about the absolute best way to do it.

A detox drink is a superb way of passing, but there is a slight risk that toxins will leak into your bladder before you have submitted the sample. This isn’t a problem with synthetic urine because you aren’t submitting your own urine at all.

But the synthetic urine has to be high in quality. The only two products I recommend are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Both of these contain at least 14 chemicals found in human urine and a perfectly balanced pH and specific gravity. On top of that, they both look, smell, and even froth like real urine.

Although some of the cheaper brands like Quick Fix might do for a basic pre-employment drug test if you’re in any doubt always go for Quick Luck or Sub Solution.

Both of those brands also avoid the problem that the cheap brands do of using heatpads to keep the sample within the correct temperature range until you submit it.

They both use heat activator powder. This means you don’t have to even prepare the sample in advance. You just transport it and tap the powder in just before you enter the testing building. That will raise the temperature until you get a reading on the temperature strip, and you’ve then got at least 20 minutes to submit your sample with no worries at all. You can purchase both Quick Luck and Sub Solution from Testnegative.

So there you go, when it comes to learning how to clean your system for meth, the truth is you don’t really have to. You can use synthetic urine to completely disguise your drug use, or you can mask the drug toxins in your body for just a few hours using a high-quality detox drink.

pass a meth drug test

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