How To Pass A Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours

 I’ve seen the question about how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours on quite a few forums, Facebook groups, plus I’ve had it sent to me on social media and email as well.

There are loads of YouTube videos out there claiming that they can help you to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours, but is it actually possible?

The bottom line here is that if you are up for a hair follicle drug test, then your options really are limited. Some of the methods you will read online telling you how to pass a hair follicle drug test really are complete trash, and will just get you in trouble.

So let’s go through what will work, and what won’t work, to help you pass a hair strand test with only 24 hours notice, so you know the truth about what’s possible, and don’t get caught out.

Is It Possible To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

 There are 4 main drug test type: blood, urine, saliva, and hair. The first three drug test is easy to pass, especially the urine test. Unfortunately, a hair follicle drug test is really tough to pass. I’m not sure if you know what happens, but let me explain why.

When you take in any toxins, let’s say you smoke marijuana, when the compounds that get you high are converted in the body, they turn into what is known as metabolites.

Those metabolites drift around your bloodstream, and then gradually work their way out through your bladder, stools, and to a far lesser degree, in sweat.

As these metabolites drift around your bloodstream, some can get attached to the underneath of the hair follicles. As the hair grows through, those metabolites then get trapped inside the shaft of hair, underneath the scales which cover each shaft.

Which means that your hair, once it’s grown out of your scalp, is an indelible record of your drug use. The longer your hair, the longer the drug record.

Now the good news is that they only sample the most recent three months history, 90 days. That’s all they can legally test and produce results for. But it still means if you have taken in drug metabolites during the previous 90 days, you’re going to get caught out.

How to pass a hair drug test

You Cannot Shave Off Your Hair

Now before I get into the ways that you can pass a hair drug test, I’m going to tell you about one-way that you definitely can’t.

You cannot shave off your hair to pass a hair follicle drug test. The testing lab is not stupid, and they will just take a hair sample from another part of your body. That can be embarrassing, depending on where you actually have hair to sample.

You might think, well if I cut my hair short, they can’t get the full 90 days. You’d be right. But other body hair doesn’t grow at the same rate as the hair on your head. If they sample shorter hair from another part of your body, like a long hair in your armpit, it could actually contain a more incriminating drug history. You simply do not want to be taking that risk.

Plus, if they can’t take a hair sample, they will probably just do urine and blood tests instead. So you could still get caught out.

And you have to consider if you turn up to submit your hair follicle test sample, and you have shaved all your body hair off, don’t you think the person who commissioned that test, like a new employer, is going to be slightly suspicious?

How long Does It Take To Pass A Hair Drug Test?

So look, let’s assume you’re not stupid enough to try shaving off your hair. The real question is how long does it take to pass a hair drug test, and is it possible to pass one in 24 hours?

Well, it is actually possible. But before I go into the methods that work, I just want to talk you through some other relevant things.

Before I start, I want to tell you that the methods that work are incredibly invasive. Plus they are also expensive. To do that in 24 hours is also really pushing it. But it is possible.

Can You Buy A Hair Drug Test Kit?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a hair drug test kit that will help you to pass a hair drug test at all, let alone in 24 hours.

You will see a lot of products claiming that they will cleanse your hair of drug toxins, but they are actually talking about toxins on the outside of the hair.

Things like Zydot Ultra Clean are great for getting rid of loose toxins on your hair and scalp, but they are completely incapable of getting toxins from out of the hair shafts themselves.

Remember what I said, as the shaft grows out of your head, the toxins get trapped along with it. Each shaft of hair grows scales over it, thousands of tiny interlocking scales, which allow the hair to be tough and flexible.

The toxins get trapped under the scales, so unless you can do something which opens up the scales, you will never blast the toxins out.

Which means, the answer to the question around buying a hair drug test kit, is that you simply cannot buy anything on its own, that is capable of doing what I have just explained.

Home Remedies That Will Remove Toxins From Hair

Before I move on to the exact methods that will definitely help you to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours, I want to just state that no home remedies work. Not one.

You will read online about all of the following things to try:

  • Dye your hair
  • Bleach your hair
  • Wash your hair with lemon juice
  • Wash your hair with bicarbonate of soda
  • Wash your hair with vinegar
  • Wash your hair with detergent

But I’m telling you, none of those methods work, and neither will any others, from the myriad of suggested products to use on your hair and scalp to pass a hair test.

If you want to pass a hair follicle drug test, you have to flush the toxins out of your hair. It’s invasive, it’s expensive, and it takes a very exact process, repeated several times, to stand a chance of achieving it.

Methods To Pass A  Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours

When it comes to passing a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours, there really are only two methods out there that have the power to do it.

  1. The Jerry G Method

The Jerry G Method is an eight-step method, that aims to strip the metabolites out from the hair shafts so that you can pass a drug test.

But I’m not going to tell you it’s a good way to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours, or at all.

The reason is that I’ve known people who have literally lost their hair using this method, and some who have burnt their scalps. If you want to permanently damage your hair, then sure, give the Jerry G method ago.

The reason it’s so invasive is that the first step is to bleach your hair, and then to dye it using a hair dye that contains ammonia. You then wash it with toxin rid shampoo.

You’re then meant to leave it 10 days and do it again. Now obviously that makes it useless for learning how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours.

This is the problem you see, people then do it a few days later, and the effects of smashing your hair and scalp with bleach, and ammonia-containing hair dye in such short space of time, literally destroy it.

Plus, you have a crazy situation where you’re going to turn up the drug test with freshly dyed hair, which is going to be slightly suspicious.

passing a hair follicle drug test

  1. The Macujo Method

The Macujo method is the only method I would recommend for attempting to pass a hair follicle drug test.

In essence, it’s a complete hair drug test kit, and although you have to gather the ingredients at considerable cost, it will work magic, and you won’t lose your hair, or burn your scalp. I know, because I’ve done it, and it works.

But can you speak the macujo method up, so you can pass a hair drug test in just 24 hours? Well, you will be pushing it, but it is perfectly possible, and far more preferable to any other method out there.

To pass a hair test using the macujo method, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo
  • Zydot Ultra Clean
  • Clean & Clear Pink
  • White Vinegar
  • Tide Detergent
  • Plus shower caps, gloves and lots of water

how to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours

Now ordinarily, you need to do this treatment every day in the week leading up to your test, so at least seven times. However, you can speed it up, by doing it more than once in a day.

Say you have a drug test on Friday morning. It’s possible to take the Thursday out, complete the Macujo method at least three times, morning, afternoon and evening, then once more on Friday morning, then take your test.

Once you’ve done the Macujo method on a Friday morning, the last step is to wash your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean, as this will hoover up any loose toxins on your hair and scalp that still remain. You must leave Zydot on your hair and scalp for at least 20 minutes though.

For the detailed step by step guide, check out my Macujo method review article, but briefly:

You use the products in a certain order each time, and you must focus on massaging the roots of the hair, and the scalp. That’s an important step that many people who discuss the Macujo method forget to tell you.

Because you’re going to be pushed for time, you are also going to need to get the products in stock early. Shipping is going to take several days in some cases, and you might struggle to pick one of the products up, so you’ll need to be a week ahead of the game.

And if you’re not sure when you might face one, buy the stuff now, so that you always have it ready and prepared.

This is especially important when I’m talking about getting your hands on the old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. You can only buy it with the original formula, from, and it’s not cheap at all, so you need to invest in it ready for when you need it.

Passing A Hair Follicle Drug Test In One Day Is Possible

 I hope you can see that is perfectly possible to learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours. But you will need to use the Macujo method, which is basically a hair drug test kit, that you will have to get together. It’s not cheap, and you will need to get the ingredients in advance.

But it is the only way I know to pass a hair drug test with short notice.

The other methods out there simply don’t work, or are so invasive you could actually be putting your health at risk.

For me, it’s far better to stick to something that people are finding work and to just make sure you know in advance how to do it, ready for when you get called to submit that sample.

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