How To Pass A Drug Test: The Ultimate Guide 2023

There is tons of information out there about how to pass a drug test. But it’s all over the place, and you have to surf around trying to get all the information you need from different places. Then you have to patch it together and work out what’s true, and what actually works.

Which is why I’ve put together this ultimate guide to learning how to pass any type of drug test.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know about passing a urine drug test, from how long drug metabolites stay in your system, to how you can detox for a drug test naturally, through to the exact methods for passing any type of drug test.

Plus, I’ll also tell you the best way to pass a drug test on short notice, whether home remedies can pass a drug test, and also I’ll detail the products and strategies you can use to make sure you know how to pass any type of drug test, any time it happens.

Why & How Marijuana Stays In Your System

Any drug you take make you high because the body breaks it down. The active ingredients are broken down into molecules, called metabolites.

So all types of drug have metabolites, which can then be detected in drug tests. But marijuana is actually slightly different and can be a bit more problematic because of how it lingers in the body.

Basically, when you smoke or ingest cannabis, there are more than 50 metabolites, the most common of which is THC.

Like most drugs, the half-life of cannabis is quite short, around 20 hours. The half-life of the drug is the time it takes for your body to eliminate half of the toxins. But the rest can linger on.

That’s why you’ll probably never hear about anyone having a blood test for any type of drug under normal circumstances because, within as few as a dozen hours, it will be undetectable in blood.

But the problem with marijuana is that the rest of those toxins get distributed around your body, with some working their way out through sweat, urine, and stools, and some attaching themselves to fat cells in the body.

So the problem with marijuana is that the drug metabolites can get attached to the cells in a way most other drugs don’t, which means that they are working their way out of your body over a much longer period of time than most other drugs.

How long does marijuana stay in your system

How Long Marijuana Stays In Your System

Before we take a look specifically how long marijuana stays in your system, let’s take a look at how long some of the more common drugs are detectable:

  • Amphetamines: up to 3 days in urine
  • Cocaine: up to 4 days in urine
  • Heroin: up to 4 days in urine
  • Methamphetamine: up to 6 days in urine
  • Amphetamines: up to 3 days in urine

So as you can see, most common substances are not detectable after around a handful of days. However, chronic users can see those times extended, simply because there are more metabolites than the body can expel in the usual amount of time.

Now let’s look at passing a urine drug test if you’re smoking cannabis.

Cannabis can take up to 10-13 days to work its way out of your body, by detaching from the cells and working its way out through sweat, stools and urine. For chronic users, daily smokers, this detection time can extend up to a month.

So as you can see, cannabis is a different beast when it comes to drug detection times. Although it’s actually one of the least harsh and harmful narcotics, it is the one that’s going to get you caught the longest amount of time after you have taken it.

What About Drug Detection Times In Hair?

In terms of being detectable in hair, cannabis can be detected for up to 90 days. But this is exactly the same for every type of drug. What happens is the metabolites attach to the hair follicles, and then when the hair strands grow, these metabolites get trapped.

If you have long hair, you could trap six months worth of drug use as a record in a single strand.

But that’s not the whole story. Drug detection facilities only take a length of hair equivalent to the previous 90 days. This is also the only legal amount they can test.

So it doesn’t matter how many drugs you’ve taken more than 90 days ago, as long as you haven’t taken any in the past 90 days, then you will not have any type of drug detected through a hair follicle drug test.

how to pass a hair drug test

The Different Types Of Drug Test You Could Face

When it comes to learning how you can pass a drug test easily, it’s best to understand the different types of drug test that you could find yourself facing.

Especially if you’re trying to find out the best way to pass a drug test on short notice, then you need to be educated on the type of tests, then you can understand what happens, and how you can beat them.

Generally, you will face one of the following types of drug test:

  1. A mouth swab drug test

The mouth swab drug test is one of the most dangerous types if you get caught within a few hours of taking something. Although drug metabolites don’t stay in your saliva for very long, often 12 hours or less, if you get a mouth swab done in that time, you could get caught out.

The other reason they are more dangerous is that they can be administered by employees. You don’t need special training to put a cotton bud in someone’s mouth and then test it against a panel to see what the responses are. So it’s dangerous because of its immediacy, you don’t need to go off to the lab testing facility.

  1. Urine sample drug test

The urine sample drug test, or urinalysis test, is the most common type of drug test in the world today, certainly within the domestic United States employment market. It’s dangerous because it is cheap and efficient to administer.

However it’s a weak point is that there are several strategies you can employ for passing a urine drug test, even at short notice.

As you now know, drug metabolites can stay in urine for up to 13 days, usually though it’s around 5 days on average. Which means that within a few days of taking something you should be okay, but if you’ve taken something in the past week, then there is a risk. And as you now know, with heavy cannabis use, you could be at risk for up to a month.

Best way to pass a drug test on short notice

  1. Blood sample drug test

The blood sample drug test is the type of drug test you are most unlikely ever to face. The reason for this is that it needs a trained person to administer it, you can’t just have anyone clicking a sample collection needle into your arm.

So you’re only ever really likely to face a blood sample drug test if you come up against law enforcement, insurance, or the courts.

On top of that, as you now know, drug metabolites are not detectable in blood for very long. They either pass out quickly through urine (and for some drugs in sweat and stools), or the metabolites attach themselves to cells in the body as they move through your blood system.

On the downside, a blood sample drug test is incredibly accurate

  1. Hair follicle drug test

The last type of drug test you could ever face is a hair follicle drug test. This is almost impossible to beat, but not quite.

As we’ve already said, the hair follicle drug test traps drug metabolites in the hair follicles, which then grow out of the hair strands. It’s these trapped metabolites that the hair follicle test finds.

So it’s invasive and difficult to beat. It’s also expensive, and you are unlikely to face one unless it’s for a high salary job, or through law enforcement, insurance, probation, or the courts.

What Types Of Drugs Can Be Detected?

Whether you’re looking at passing a urine drug test, or one of the other types, then the important thing you will need to know about test is that they don’t always look for every type of drug.

If you are having a hair follicle drug test, then you are screwed. Because those types of test are expensive and tend to look for every major group of narcotics metabolites.

But with the far more frequently used mouth swab and urine drug tests, not every type of metabolite is usually looked for.

lt depends on the number of panels, the number of substances, that the drug test can detect. The more it can detect, the more expensive it costs. That’s why most employment drug tests tend to be the most basic type, the five-panel drug test, which looks for the following substances:

  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • PCP

These are the core five substances that have to be detected, based on the US governments Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) guidelines. It’s officially known as the SAMHSA-5 test.

As the number of panels grows, so does the number of substances detected. This goes all up to the 12 panel drug test, and one step further, the 12 panel plus alcohol.

You should also be aware that it’s incredibly rare for substances like kratom and salvia to be detected. Drug test panel kits do exist that can detect use of kratom and salvia, but these are incredibly unusual, and unless you are facing something very serious, then no agency usually pays the money it costs for these tests.

Do Not Use Home Remedies Drug Test

Before we go any further in this ultimate guide on how to pass a drug test, let’s look at the ways that certainly will not help with passing a urine drug test, or in fact any sort of drug test.

You will read online about various cheap, home remedies, that people claim can help to pass a drug test.

The thing you have to remember is that even if there is a basis of fact in these home remedy methods, most of them were concocted many years ago.

Just like everything else, drug testing has moved on dramatically, especially with digital technology. The ability to detect fake samples, invalid samples, and improved metabolite detection rates, have increased massively.

In terms of the home remedies you will read about, the main ones are as follows.

The Certo Surejell method

This is all based on the premise that sugar in these types of products is pectin. Pectin is rich in fiber and easily absorbed in the body.

Because marijuana metabolites can attach to fat and be removed through the bowels, as well as the bladder, the idea is that the fiber drags the metabolites out of the body. The problem with this is that even if it can, it’s not removing all the metabolites. For more info, check out my Certo method review.

To be honest, you can pretty much a lump all of the following methods together:

  • Drink vinegar
  • Mix baking soda with water and drink that
  • Drink Palo Azul tea
  • Use Goldenseal
  • Drink pickle juice
  • Drink cranberry juice

The reason you can lump all these methods together is that they don’t work. There is literally no basis for them to work at all.

The only reason any possibly could is that it’s recommended you drink a lot of water with them, which could possibly flush out the toxins for long enough you to pass a urine drug test. Or it might have done in the past, but not nowadays when labs test the sample validity by checking for dilution.

The other home remedies people use are adulterants, substances that when ingested attempt to interfere directly with the urine to disguise or remove, drug toxins.

The sort of adulterants we’re talking about which people claim you can use include aspirin, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, pyridinium chlorochromate, nitrates, and Niacin.

Again, none of this work. In fact, some of them are actually incredibly dangerous to even attempt. The bottom line is that if you going to rely on a home remedy to get through a drug test, you might as well not bother doing anything, at least it will be safer.

Home remedies for drug test

How Labs Detect An Invalid Sample

Modern drug testing facilities have a range of things they can do in order to detect an altered sample:

  • Check the temperature of the sample
  • Check the levels of creatinine
  • Check for dilution
  • Check for non-human specific gravity
  • Check the substances like nitrate and other chemicals which are not natural to human urine

The bottom line is you going to find incredibly difficult to discover any easily obtainable substance that cannot be detected by modern validity check.

In fact, this is little-known, but one of the reasons why most brands of fake urine are detected as invalid is because they contain a preservative called biocide.

Although it’s not clear, it’s now suspected that the big testing labs also check for the presence of biocide, which will mean pretty much every brand of fake urine out there is going to get you busted. But there are a few exceptions.

How To Detox For A Drug Test Naturally

The 100% guaranteed way to make sure you pass a drug test is to learn how to detox for a drug test naturally.

That way, you’ll find it easy passing a urine drug test, and if you’re genuinely clean, then it’s obviously the best way to pass a drug test on short notice as well.

But obviously we’re talking about reality here, and you wouldn’t be reading this unless you had a problem with maybe getting caught having drug metabolites in your body.

So is it possible to do a natural detox at short notice?

Well, the fact is that a full natural detox will take at least a week. But importantly, it will usually take longer than that. Even a moderate user could find metabolites in the body for longer than a week, and if you are a moderate weed smoker, it could be two weeks longer before all the THC metabolites naturally work their way out of your body.

  • At its core, a natural detox involves doing the following key things:
  • Eat well, this means simple whole grains, vegetables, and proteins, fruit, and nuts
  • Exercise, daily, walking, running or cycling
  • Drink lots of water each day, throughout the day
  • Abstain from drugs and other toxins such as alcohol and tobacco

By doing these things will allow your body to focus on 100% getting rid of things through the liver and kidneys, as well as the sweating helping to push some of the toxins out that way as well.

How To Detox For A Drug Test Naturally

Best Detox For Drug Test

Now as you probably already realize, natural detox is not the best way to pass a drug test on short notice. However, you can shorten the length of time dramatically by taking specially designed supplement, a course of pills which will help to speed up the elimination of toxins.

There are three key brands of detox pills out there that genuinely work, but they do get less effective in performance as we work down the list:

  1. Toxin Rid

The best detox pill for drug test you can buy is Toxin Rid. You can buy course lengths of three, five, seven and ten days in length. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the three or five-day courses because nobody can really detox in that short space of time unless they have a very low toxin exposure.

However, I have heard of people passing using the five-day course, and I did once when I was low on toxins, so is possible, if that’s all the time you’ve got.

You simply take the course of Toxin Rid pills every day, for the duration of the course, alongside the natural detox principles we have already outlined above. It’s not easy, but I know from personal experience it’s perfectly possible. I’ve used the seven-day course, and in an emergency, the five-day course, and I have passed a simple urinalysis test both times.

If you do the detox right, Toxin Rid can speed up the elimination of toxins by up to 50%. If you’ve got a week, you should easily be able to be toxin free with a couple of days to spare. Of course, whatever detox method you use, you should use a home drug test kit before you go to submit your sample, to make sure you are actually clean.

If you’d like to read my full review of Toxin Rid, how to use it to best effect, and my experiences with it, click here.

You can purchase Toxin Rid from the manufacturer.

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

This is a cheaper version of Toxin Rid. You get what you pay for, so it’s not going to be as effective. I would suggest that this can eliminate toxins at a faster rate than naturally, but not by 50% like Toxin Rid. However, 25% or more I think is perfectly possible in my one experience with it.

As the name suggests, you take a course of pills for five days alongside a natural detox.

But the icing on the cake with the Rescue 5 Day Detox course, is you get a set of ICE capsules to take the day before your test.

These work like a detox drink, flushing out toxins in your bladder and urinary tract and replacing the nutrients lost during this process. There will also help to keep your urine the right color

So they aren’t as good as Toxin Rid at dragging the drug metabolites out. But if you can’t afford the price of Toxin Rid, then these are definitely going to accelerate a natural detox. I would suggest you do a home detox kit, and have a detox drink on standby, just in case toxins are still detected before you go to submit your sample.

You can buy Rescue 5 Day detox kit for $59.99 from this authorized seller.

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

This detox pill is slightly different. If you take this for a few days before a drug test, alongside a natural detox, you’re going to be disappointed, and you are going to fail the drug test.

So although it’s often mis-sold as such, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is not a detox pill in the true sense of the word.

But what it does do is to speed up the elimination of toxins over time. It’s meant as an ongoing supplement. If you know that you could face a drug test in a few weeks, you can start taking this alongside a natural detox, because it will speed up your metabolism and help to speed up the elimination of toxins.

However,  we are talking 10-20% here, this is not a miracle cure. So you should not rely on this formula on its own. It’s not like Toxin Rid in that respect, it’s simply not powerful enough. But it is something you can take to help cleanse your system out faster, and then you can use a detox drink on the day of the test, to double up on the insurance policy. You can read my full review here, and purchase it from

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test: Detox Drinks

So now you understand all about what happens with drug testing, let’s talk about how you can pass a drug test when you have to go and submit a urine sample, and you haven’t had time to do any sort of natural detox. What actually happens?

Well, you turn up at the testing facility and you’ll be asked to go behind the screen, or into another room and submit your sample into a container.

The only exception to this is if it’s a law enforcement test because legally you cannot be observed unless you are being tested within the parameters of the legal system.

So that gives you options because you don’t have to submit real urine. On top of that, because you know you’re going to be taking the test in advance, especially for pre-employment, then that gives you time to prepare.

This means, that the best way to pass a drug test on short notice can be several methods, as long as you have at least 3 hours notice before a urine drug test to prepare.

The way you can do this is to use a high-quality, powerful detox drink, or synthetic urine, which we will talk about in a minute.

Now obviously, it’s recommended that you cut down, or even cut out the toxins when you know you might be an up for a test because you’re putting less pressure on the detox drink.

As long as you only a moderate weed smoker, the detox drink on its own will be enough, as long as it’s a powerful enough formula.

A powerful detox drink will flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract. At the same time, it will keep your urine the same color, and replace lost nutrients, so your sample isn’t detected as altered in any way.

All you do is drink the detox drink a couple of hours before the drug test. Then you urinate a couple of times over the next hour, and go and submit the sample.

Once you have flushed the toxins out, you will have 3-5 hours, before your urine starts taking in toxins from your body for elimination again.

Now having said all that, there are only literally three top brands of detox drink that have a consistent track record in getting you through a drug test. I know, because I’ve used them all over the years, several times. I’ve also tested them using home drug test kits for the purposes of reviews. On top of that, my friends have also used these drinks with success as well.

  1. Ultra Eliminex

The most powerful detox drink on the market today is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. The formula is so powerful that it’s even strong enough of people over 200 lbs in weight, who are daily weed smokers.

It is not cheap, basically, it’s by far the most expensive detox drink on the market. But as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you are up for a serious urine sample drug test, then this is the perfect way to beat it, and it’s definitely one of the best ways to pass a drug test in one hour. UPDATE 2022: The formula has been changed, it’s not recommended anymore!

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse detox drink is a classic. It comes from the very well-established drug avoidance product company Clear Choice. It’s powerful, and also affordable.

Now it’s not as powerful as Ultra Eliminex. But it will certainly do the job if you are up for a drug test and you’re not hammering five joints a day. So if you’re a light user, it’s a great detox drink to have on standby, it’s also affordable, only $55 if you buy from the right seller.

  1. Mega Clean

Mega Clean is the third detox drink I recommend. There are only three because only these three are market leaders in terms of quality. You know that if you drink one, it’s going to do the job you paid it to do.

Mega Clean has been around for years. The formula isn’t quite as advanced, and it’s not quite as expensive because of that.

So again, if you’re not just a light user, you might struggle to flush out all the toxins. However, if you buy it from TestClear then you get six pre-rid pills as well, which you take the night before your drug test, and they help to boost the elimination of toxins, making Mega Clean incredibly effective a couple of hours before your test. For detailed instructions, check out my Mega Clean review.

The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test On Short Notice

If you want to know how to pass a drug test guaranteed, then there really is only one solution is synthetic urine. Passing a drug test even in 24 hours is doable, there is an excellent drug testing guide on, I highly recommend you to check it.

It’s the best way to pass a urine drug test on short notice, and it’s a surefire way of passing a urine drug test of pretty much any intensity.

Now let’s talk a bit about synthetic urine and a drug test. Nearly every drug test is unsupervised. That means you go behind the screen, or into a cubicle. You are not watched.

The only time you would be observed is if you are on probation, or being dealt with by the police. Now, I would never recommend using synthetic urine for an observed drug test.

There are devices you can use that simulate a male penis, obviously if you are male. The best one is called Monkey Dong, and it’s attached to a belt that you put the synthetic urine in. As a glance, it will look like a real penis, but God help you if you can’t operate the thing properly, or you get spotted.

So let’s talk about using synthetic urine for an unsupervised drug test, the massive bulk of which are low-quality pre-employment and during employment ones.

A good quality synthetic urine will have the following attributes:

  • At least 10 chemical markers a lab could use to check for a valid sample
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • It won’t contain biocide or artificial preservatives
  • It must foam when shaken
  • The color should be like urine, not synthetic green like some fake ones
  • It needs to smell like real urine

Now I’m telling you, that those bare minimum standards rule out 90% of the synthetic urine market. Most of it is absolute rubbish, and wouldn’t even pass the most basic of a drug test.

The absolute best synthetic urine brand on the market is Sub Solution. It’s not cheap, but it is absolutely brilliant quality, and you will never fail a test. It’s also now available in an improved version called Quick Luck.

The other great thing about Sub Solution and Quick Luck is that they both contain a heat activator powder, rather than a heating pad.

So you don’t have to mess around microwaves, or worrying that the heat pad will be inconsistent. In fact, right outside the testing lab, you can check the sample, and if it’s a bit cool, just add a bit more activator powder and watch the temperature rise. Sub Solution synthetic urine costs $85 and Quick Luck 100$.

If you can’t afford Sub Solution or Quick Luck, then two other affordable solutions that are about a third cheaper, which will still pass a basic pre-employment drug test, are Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz.

To read more detailed information about these brands of synthetic urine, and how to use them to successfully pass a drug test, check out my synthetic urine reviews.

best synthetic urine

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is one of the most difficult types of test to pass unless you take some drastic action. You’ll read about how you can shave your head. You’ll read about how you can shave all the hair on your body. But that’s just ridiculous.

All they will do is wait until your hair grows or just pass it back to the employer, or prospective employer, that you took evasive action to avoid the test. Either way, you’re toast. The other method that a lot of people recommend is called the Jerry G method. It uses a combination of household products to wash the hair and strip out the toxins in the hair shafts.

The problem with this method is that it’s incredibly invasive, and can ruin your hair. People have literally lost the hair on their head using the Jerry G method.

The only way I’ve ever found that truly works to pass a hair follicle drug test is the Macujo method. It is invasive, but it’s a far safer option than any of the others. It’s also expensive. It uses household products, plus a couple of specialist products, such as Zydot Ultra Clean and Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo.

What it does is it opens up the scales that cover each shaft of the hair, then flushes out the metabolites trapped inside, and then shuts the scales of each strand of hair up again. It’s quite an involved method, and you need to do it over several days before the hair follicle drug test. But it works a treat.

If you want to learn more about it and read detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Macujo method, then click here.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

The final type of drug test you are likely to face is a mouth swab drug test. This is where a sample is taken from the saliva in your mouth.

If you want to learn the fastest way to pass a drug test of this type, then there really are only two methods you can employ:

  1. If you are a very light user or marijuana smoker, and I mean like once a week, then you can brush your teeth a load of times the day before, and the day of the test, and use good quality mouthwash loads of times as well. Something like Listerine, or stronger.
  2. If it’s more serious than that, and you know you will fail, then the only way to pass a mouth swab drug test I’ve ever found is to use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

It’s a capsule of a special liquid that pops in your mouth. You swill the liquid for around 30 seconds and it neutralizes your saliva for up to 30 minutes.

It’s discreet, you can carry it on you at all times, then you pop it in your mouth, swill it around, and you will be clean for a short time. It’s very expensive stuff, but it could save your job.

Your other option is special saliva-neutralizing mouthwash. They can be bought in very small and discreet bottles, so again you can carry one on you at all times. The only downside is that you will need to be out of sight of other people to use them. For more info, check out my how to pass a mouth swab drug test post.

How to pass a mouth swab test

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test: Take Action Now

So that’s the ultimate guide on how to pass a drug test. Everything you need to know to get started down the road of creating your own insurance policy for the future.

The key point to make here at the end is that no matter what type of drug test you are facing, it is possible to pass it if you know how to, and you have the right products to hand. The best way to pass a drug test on short notice is simply to know how to evade it and have the tools to do that.

This means I would suggest that you buy the product you need. If you work for a company that does mouth swab drug tests, then buy yourself some Oral Clear. If you’re applying for jobs, get your hands on a bottle of high-quality detox drink, or some synthetic urine.

A bit of forwarding planning, some information, and some nerves of steel at the clinic, and like me, you can know you will never, ever be caught out by a drug test.



How long does it take for weed to leave your system?

How long weed stays in your system depends on who you are, and how much you smoke. If you’re a light smoker, with little body fat, then you could be clean in three days or less.

However, if you are a regular weed smoker, more days of the week than not, then it could take more than a week. If you have higher levels of body fat than normal, this could add another week or so to that time.

Some studies have shown that unlucky cannabis smokers can still have stray cannabis metabolites exiting the body up to 3 months after the last intake of cannabis.

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