How To Make Kratom Tea: Two Methods Which Is Best?

There are various ways that you can take kratom to get its beneficial effects, including pain relief, improve mood, reduction in anxiety, and focus. Learning how to make kratom tea can unlock those benefits in a gentle fashion.

You have to know how to make good kratom tea, and there are two methods to do it properly. One of those kratom tea recipes is slightly more involved than the other though.

So what I’m going to do here is talk you through what kratom tea is, whether kratom tea effects are different, and give you a pair of kratom tea recipes that you can try out.

The Various Methods Of Taking Kratom

When it comes to taking kratom, there are several ways that you can do it, depending on the type of kratom you have:

  1. The standard method with kratom powder is called “toss and wash”. That’s where you simply throw the kratom into your mouth, and then wash it down with water. But that tastes disgusting and can make you nauseous. This is even worse sometimes when the dry powder hits your throat.
  2. You can mix kratom with liquid. Some people use powder, but because kratom doesn’t mix well with water, you get a very bitter and powdery drink. A better idea is to mix it with a milkshake, plain milk, or fruit juice. Fruit juice is very good because it disguises the taste and potentiates the kratom (makes its effects more immediate and stronger).
  3. You can use kratom capsules. You can make these yourself, but they are very laborious. Alternatively, you can buy them, but they are slightly more expensive. They get around the problem of the taste of kratom completely, but at a cost.
  4. Some people mix kratom with fruit juice or other liquid and then freeze it. They then crush the ice up to make a slush drink, so basically a slight variation on using liquid.

But what I’m going to talk about here is kratom tea. What is kratom tea? Well, there are two methods for making it, and each is very different to the other, with inherent pros and cons. But at its heart, it’s mixing the kratom with water, but it’s warm water rather than cold.

dried kratom leaves

Can You Use Any Type Of Kratom To Make Tea?

I would advise you to use kratom extracts or ultra-enhanced kratom to make tea. You could, but you’d only use a very small amount, and it would basically just be water. Because it’s so little power to deal with, you’re better off mixing it with a small amount of juice and just downing it.

So for me, you’re looking at a few grams of high-quality kratom powder. Rich in alkaloids, and bought from a quality kratom vendor is ideal.

That way you’ll get plenty of alkaloids into the tea so that you benefit from it quickly.

Are Kratom Tea Effects Any Different?

The effects of drinking kratom in tea form are not really any different to any other method where you mix it with liquid.

I say that with one caveat. There are two methods of making kratom tea that I’m going to go through with you in a moment. One is more similar to just mixing the kratom powder with any liquid than the other.

For me, the second method, where you actually extract the alkaloids could be better because your body isn’t having to process the powder. The alkaloids are already in the liquid you drink.

Kratom Tea Recipe #1

So the first way to learn how to make kratom tea is the most basic kratom tea recipe out there.

All you are doing here is mixing kratom with hot water. You then have two options.

  1. The first is to sweeten it with something like honey or sugar, and then drink it with the kratom powder suspended in the warm water. So it’s basically just a warm and sweet version of drinking kratom with water.
  2. The second method is to let the kratom settle at the bottom of the cup, and then drink the warm liquid without disturbing it, or pouring the liquid off before drinking it. However, for me, that’s not a very effective way of doing things because a lot of the alkaloids in the kratom will be wasted because they won’t have time to get extracted.

Kratom Tea Recipe #2

For me, this is the best kratom tea recipe. If you want the best effects from kratom tea, then this is the way to go. I mentioned the other ways of doing it to get you educated fully, but if you want to learn how to make the best kratom tea, this is definitely the method to use.

First, you boil up some water in a saucepan. You then add a quantity of kratom powder. If you’re making 4 cups, pour 4 cups of water into the saucepan, and then add enough kratom to give four good doses.

You’ll then leave the kratom powder in the saucepan and let the water simmer for about 15 minutes. That allows the kratom time to give up its beautiful alkaloids in the water.

You’ll then turn off the heat and be left with a muddy hot liquid.

The next step is to prepare a jug. Cover the top loosely with a muslin cloth, and attach it to the sides of the jug with an elastic band. Then you gently and slowly pour the prepared kratom tea through this filter. That will leave the muddy slurry of kratom powder on the top, and the kratom tea will be filtered below.

Then all you have to do is remove the muslin cloth and dispose of the used powder.

Finally, you pour your kratom tea into four mugs and sweeten it with sugar or honey. My favorite is honey because it’s more subtle and natural.

This method ensures that you get the maximum alkaloids out of the kratom, and it also partly filters the powder and slurry, leaving you a far cleaner drink that is rich in alkaloids and easy to process in the stomach.


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