How To Make An Incredible Kratom Smoothie

Kratom can have many beneficial effects. It’s good for pain relief, it can be good for mental health. On top of all that, it can get you feeling really good as well. But the big problem is how to take kratom, because let me tell you, it tastes bloody awful.

It’s really powdery, and difficult to consume because it’s not water-soluble (kratom is mostly fat soluble).

Kratom capsules can be hideously expensive, often twice the price of powder or more, which leaves people in an unpalatable situation (joke intended).

What I’ve done is develop simple recipes for incredible kratom smoothies. I’m going to present the best one to you here.

Smoothies can be really healthy, as long as you don’t stuff them full of sugary fruit. By using the recipe, I use, not only do they taste good, and disguise the powder, but you can get fat into them which helps the kratom to dissolve rather than sitting on the surface.

So let’s get to it, and in the next five minutes I’m going to deliver you the ultimate guide on making kratom smoothies that take away all of the issues with consuming kratom powder.


Let’s Just Go Over The Benefits Of Kratom

Before I dive into the guide on how to make kratom smoothies, let’s just go over the benefits of kratom again, so if you’re new to kratom you can see why so many people are starting to use it.


  1. Kratom delivers energy. At low doses of a few grams, especially white kratom and green kratom, can help you feel calm and chilled out, but still maintain, and even enhance your energy levels. That’s why white kratom is known as morning kratom, and green kratom is afternoon kratom in Southeast Asia where the kratom tree grows. They are good for keeping you calm but energized through the working day.


  1. Kratom deliver significant pain relief and chills you out. All kratom does it at high doses, red kratom is the best at lower doses (around six or 7 g and above). Almost total pain relief, and a deep feeling of calm and detachment can be obtained using good quality red kratom, and green kratom. Although white kratom can do it, you need a higher dose and it can give a bit of an overpowering energy rush which can make some people anxious and feel really high. That’s why red kratom is known as evening kratom in Southeast Asia, because they take it at the end of the day to chill out.


  1. Kratom can be good for mental health. It can stimulate you and make you feel positive and happy, and it can also calm you down. That makes it perfect for dealing with minor anxiety and depression symptoms. Now if you suffer from serious anxiety or depression, I’m not going to recommend kratom to you though, because it can produce those on its own if you are already struggling. But for chilling out, or getting you out of a funk, kratom can be really fantastic.


The Methods Of Consuming Kratom That Most People Use

Let’s quickly run through the usual ways that kratom is consumed.

First, you have the classic “toss and wash” method. That’s where you cup the loose kratom powder in your hand and throw it into your mouth, getting as far back as possible. You’ll then quickly choke it down with plenty of liquid. Water sometimes, but often something thicker and sweeter like orange juice to get rid of the taste and draw the powder down the throat.

The problem with toss and wash is you get the horrible tasteful in your mouth. Plus, all that powder hitting your throat can make some people gag, and even vomit. For me, toss and wash is insane. I did it once, never again.

The second method is to mix it in liquid. Some people kratom with water. That doesn’t work very well though, because kratom is mostly fat soluble. What you get is water with foul tasting scum on the top, as well as a green, powdery, mess to drink as well.

Some people make this more palatable my mixing it with fruit juice, or even milkshake. That thick and sweet liquid helps the passage of the powder down throat, but it doesn’t do much the taste and everything is still a green mess.

The third way of doing it is to wrap the kratom in thin paper, like cigarette paper. Two or three of those little bombs, and drink it down with water. In reality it’s a bit like capsules. However, they are tough to swallow, and it means that you get an uneven experience as they are released in the stomach.

The fourth way that people usually consume kratom is in proper vegetarian capsules, like medication capsules. The problem with this is expense. They cost two or three times more than the loose kratom powder if you buy them. You can make your own, you need a special little machine, and it takes a lot of time.


Kratom Smoothies Give You A Hit And Are Good For Your Health

I’ve perfected my vegetarian kratom smoothie recipe in response to finding it difficult to take kratom in a way that was palatable. Believe me, I tried all of the other methods, and none of them are great.

On top of that, vegetable smoothies are very good for your health. Packed with antioxidants, iron, vitamins, minerals, they can be very beneficial.

So what you’re getting is a good kratom experience, alongside hit of nutrients which not only helps your body to absorb the kratom better, but is good for your general health.

Plus, they get around the problem of powder completely. You won’t really taste it if it’s mixed properly into the smoothie recipe for kratom that I’m going to tell you about.


Kratom Smoothies Are Good For Recovering From Using…kratom

At the other end of the experience, kratom smoothies can also help you to recover from kratom use.

Kratom, just like alcohol and other substances, can remove nutrients from the body. It can also impact on levels of GABA, because kratom is a nervous system depressant like alcohol.

By ensuring you use things like spinach, and other sources of magnesium, you can give your body the fuel to produce higher levels of GABA.

GABA is the primary central nervous system inhibitory neurotransmitter. The lack of it raises anxiety levels. That’s why many people who drink alcohol feel anxious the day afterwards, because GABA has been depleted and the central nervous system is overexcited.

By maintaining high levels of GABA through fueling its production with magnesium, as well as replacing other lost nutrients, you minimize your chances of feeling blue, anxious, or just physically and mentally down, after using kratom.


Here’s My Simple Kratom Smoothie Recipe That’s A Hit Every Time

Now we have talked about why making kratom smoothies can be a great way to consume kratom that is not only beneficial time, the benefits you more after the event, let’s talk about my simple kratom smoothie recipe that I’ve perfected over the past couple of years.

Here’s what you will need:

  • A really good quality food blender/smoothie maker
  • 2 L of cold freshwater
  • Around 250 g of fresh and washed spinach leaves
  • 150 g of fresh or frozen melon
  • 100 g of fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 150 g of fresh or frozen avocado
  • One small scoop of flavorless bulk protein powder
  • magnesium, zinc, and multivitamin hard tablets

Fresh kratom smoothie method:


  1. Pour in half the water and quickly chop up the spinach leaves in the blender. You might have to do this bit by bit, but you need to reduce the volume down so you can add the other ingredients.


  1. Add in the magnesium, zinc, and multivitamin tablets in a density you want. I usually put two of each into this mixture to produce 2 L of fresh smoothie.


  1. Give it a really good blend, around two minutes of high-power blending to really get it smooth.


  1. Then you throw in the fresh/frozen melon, blueberries, and avocado. Again, blend that for one or two minutes until it’s really smooth.


  1. The last step is to throw in the scoop of flavorless bulk protein powder. Always put in the bulk protein powder last, because it froths up, which can be problematic earlier in the process. Blend it very gently for about 30 seconds.


  1. Finally, top up to 2 L with fresh water, and blend on low power for 30 seconds to mix it in.


That’s the method, and as you can see it’s really simple. Let me quickly talk you through why each component is in the mix.

The melon is sweet, but not overpowering. Bananas and apples can be too strong in taste and sweetness, which is why a go for melon. Things like pineapple can also be too sour.

The avocado is crucial. The only does it smooth the consistency of the liquid, but it’s also very fatty. This helps to contain and dissolve the kratom powder when you put it in.

As I’ve already said, the nutrients and all of that, plus the magnesium, zinc, and multivitamin tablets, mean that you got a really good supply of everything your body needs in one small drink.

The bulk protein powder gives the drink a really rich smoothness. On top of that, it helps to make the drink thicker, which helps to disguise the kratom consistency. Most protein powders out there are flavored, but you can buy unflavored protein powder that doesn’t taste of anything.


How Much Kratom Powder Should You Put In Your Smoothie?

The kratom dosage you use will depend on the experience you want, which is unrelated to the smoothie, and also the amount of smoothie mixture making.

You’re unlikely to drink 2 L on your own. I’m guessing you’ll have half with someone else.

A good dose of kratom is 5 g. That’s the level at which you should get a low full-spectrum experience. Six or 7 g will give you an increasing experience.

The first time I’d make this, I would allocate 5 g of kratom powder for each person. Put it in after you have completed the smoothie mix, blend it on a low speed for 30 seconds, and then let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Then blend it again for 30 seconds to make sure everything is mixed again, and serve immediately. The reason you should leave it for about 15 minutes is it allows the kratom powder to soak and be absorbed by the other ingredients.

Then sit and smoothly drink what you have made over about 10 minutes. Don’t make it too long, otherwise the experience will be spread out. But around 10 minutes, just enough to enjoy it, but quick enough for it to mostly hits your stomach at the same time, will give you a wonderful rising and falling kratom experience.

If drinking a full liter of smoothie is too much, simply don’t top up with as much water again, so you make about 1 ½ L of liquid by volume instead.


Where You Should Be Buying High Quality Kratom To Use In Edibles

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward to make a rich kratom smoothie that absorbs the taste and consistency of the kratom, taste brilliant, and benefits the body during and after the experience of kratom.

10 minutes to make, 15 minutes to sit and mature, 10 minutes to consume, and up to 5 hours of feeling fantastic. For me, that’s a winning recipe.

I will finish here by saying that the best kratom smoothies can only be made with the highest quality kratom. If you don’t get good quality kratom then you’ll need lots of extra powder to get the same hit, which means a decreasing taste experience.

The Evergreen Tree is a fantastic place to buy fresh, high-quality kratom from. You can even choose the alkaloid content you want, from low, medium, or high strength, to get the experience you want.

If you’re making kratom smoothies, I’d go for high strength powder that contains the highest density of kratom alkaloids. That way, you’ll use less powder, which of course aids experience you’ll get consuming the kratom.

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