How To Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your House & Car

Let’s be brutal about this, cannabis is awesome, but it also stinks.

Even if you’re walking past a house where somebody smokes regularly, if the windows are open you can smell it from several yards away. It just has a very specific smell that because it’s mostly smoked, spreads rapidly.

But worse than that, it also gets trapped in various materials and surfaces really easily as well, making the smell pretty much permanent.

So let’s take a quick look at how to hide the smell of weed so that you can smoke wherever you want and know how to disguise that smell quickly.


The Places That Cannabis Odor Lingers And Get Trapped

 Cannabis odors tend to get stuck in materials. So curtains, carpets, furniture and clothing. So if you can avoid smoking near those then that’s the best way out of this, although that’s tough if you smoke at home, in fact pretty much anywhere other than in the middle of a field!

Also when you’re away from home, it can get trapped on your clothes, and in your hair. That’s where it really has a permanent smell that is really noticeable.

So you’re looking really at how you can avoid getting cannabis smells trapped in furniture, and keeping them away from you as much as possible.


Where To Smoke In The Home To Get Rid Of The Smell Quickly

 The obvious place to smoke cannabis to get rid of the smell quickly is in the garden, or outside somewhere.

The problem is that a lot of people don’t have that option because they don’t have a garden, or even a courtyard area. Some people resort to smoking in the garage or the shed, but the smell can still be trapped in anything porous, meaning when you open the shed door it stinks of weed.

One thing I want to tell you is to make sure you put your weed in an airtight container, two if possible. What I do is have the actual weed in a little sealable plastic pot, and then I put that and all the other paraphernalia in a larger sealable pot. That double layer protection means that you can’t smell it even in the same room.

If you have to smoke inside, the obvious place is the bathroom. That usually has the least amount of textiles in it that can trap the smell of cannabis. Smoking out of the bathroom window is obvious when doing this though, you don’t just sit in the room and puff away, because it rises to the ceiling and the smell gets trapped there.


Products You Can Use To Disguise The Smell Of Cannabis

 Unfortunately then, wherever you are in the home you going to get the smell of weed. So your best option is to use products and methods to get rid of it. These are some of the things you can do:

  • Wash curtains and bedding regularly
  • Use dry carpet cleaner and vacuum regularly
  • Used dry fabric cleaner and vacuum sofas regularly
  • Try chemical sprays like Febreze
  • Have scented candles handy
  • Use plug-in air fresheners

Unfortunately those are all temporary solutions. As soon as you smoke a few joints, the smell will penetrate everything you have cleaned.

Also guys, stay clear of having the home pumped full of chemical sprays. They may smell good, but they really aren’t good for your lungs, and it makes it absolutely obvious what you are using so much scent for.

If you’re going to go down that route, be traditional. Use essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint, or something like incense. They really do work, and they can be calming as well.

Another thing I’d advocate you do is to get yourself an aircon unit, or at the very least a dehumidifier. These draw air to get rid of the humidity, but they will also filter as well, and some can be loaded with scent. An aircon unit is better, because it cleanses the air and pumps warm air out through an exhaust.


What About Hiding The Smell Of Weed In Your Car?

 Now I’m not advocating that you smoke weed while you are driving. For me, that’s just not something that are responsible cannabis smoker should be doing.

However, you could have had a passenger smoking, or you could have just been driving with your stash in the car, and it just smells. That’s because the car is stuffed full of upholstery, it’s all over it.

Your options are the same as for upholstery at home and away. Use Febreze, or a similar fabric conditioner an oder destroyer.

Also, get your windows down, get the aircon blasting, and drive for a while like that. It will definitely help to get rid of the smell. Perhaps the ideal weed smokers car is a convertible.

The third thing you can do is to use an air freshener in the car. Those little ones you can pick up a gas stations, you hang from your mirror, or stick to the dashboard, or even slightly more clever ones that stick over the ventilation grills on your dashboard, all of those are good options to help get rid of the smell.


How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cannabis On Your Clothes

 When people talk about getting the smell of cannabis out of their clothes, they are also talking about the hair and their breath as well.

Let’s start with your breath. Mints, fruit sweets, chewing gum, anything which smells pleasant and helps to turn the saliva over in your mouth will help.

Also mouthwash and regular brushing will get rid of the cannabis that gets trapped between your teeth and in your gums as well. This can also be a great precaution if you think you might face an on the spot oral drug test as well, although sometimes you might need specialist products to pass.

In terms of your clothes, it’s simply a case of washing them regularly. If you have a joint, take them off and wash them with good quality washing detergent on a long cycle.

Also, you can protect yourself to any extreme you want. Some people really do use a plastic raincoat and plastic hair cover when they smoke weed, so that it keeps the smell off them completely. That’s drastic, but some people do it.

In terms of carrying weed. Get yourself a skunk bag. They are made from something or activated carbon, and they are so good at keeping smells in, that they have been shown to be able to stop police drug detection dogs from getting the scent.

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